LNG Exporter Downplays Emissions to Justify Expansion

A major exporter of U.S. liquefied natural gas is “seeking to greenwash” its operations in order to portray gas exports as a climate solution and clear the way for further expansion, according to a new report. Global demand for gas has soared in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine, sparking a scramble by U.S. […]

Reality Is Not What It Seems. And That Might Just Save the Climate.

By Clara Vondrich As the world gasped in wonder at the first images of our infant universe from the James Webb Space Telescope last month, we were reminded that human beings are still capable of acts that elevate us all and advance our collective potential. “[When] my grandchildren … look up at a star, point […]

‘Blue Hydrogen Cheerleader’: UK Government’s Choice of Hydrogen Champion Draws Criticism

UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng

The UK government has been accused of appointing a “cheerleader for climate-wrecking blue hydrogen” as its hydrogen champion while claiming to support clean energy. Jane Toogood was named as the new “hydrogen champion” by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng in July and will liaise between industry and government to “accelerate hydrogen production” to help the country […]

Sanders Says Senate Bill ‘Nowhere Near’ Enough as Dems, GOP Tank His Amendments

An older man with white hair and glasses sits in a suit on a stage holding a microphone and papers.

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams. Originally published on Common Dreams under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. After his amendments to expand Medicare and strip out giveaways to the fossil fuel industry were defeated in near-unanimous votes by Democrats and Republicans, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday supported final passage of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act but said it […]

Anti-Green Politicians Tipped for Top Roles in Truss Government

MPs with a history of casting doubt on climate science and opposing green policies are poised for cabinet positions under Tory leadership favourite Liz Truss, prompting fears over the UK’s climate ambitions. They include former Margaret Thatcher advisor, John Redwood, who has accused the BBC of “peddling climate alarmism” and Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg, […]

Top European Airlines Have Spent £4bn on Russian Jet Fuel Since Crimea Invasion

Ukrainian activists have criticised aviation companies for buying billions of pounds worth of jet fuel from Russia since Vladimir Putin’s 2014 annexation of Crimea. Last year, British Airways owner IAG spent an estimated £13.4 million on Russian-sourced kerosene, according to a new analysis of Europe’s ten largest airline companies. IAG – which also owns Spanish […]

Climate Protesters Delay Congressional Baseball Game

The Congressional Baseball Game is an annual tradition that dates back to 1909. It’s supposed to be a time for both sides of the political system to come together and join in a peaceful nine innings of the national pastime.  But this year’s game, held on Thursday, July 28 at the Washington Nationals’ ballpark in […]

When Extreme Weather Reigns, Disinformation Pours

Editor’s Note: This is part of a regular column, Gaslit, which navigates society’s dysfunctional relationship with fossil fuel disinformation. Have a tip or idea? Get in touch. Recent extreme weather across the globe is showing us how rapidly the climate is changing in an increasingly warming world. Heatwaves are scorching Europe, the United States, North Africa, Siberia, […]

Pennsylvania County Bans Fracking in Area Parks

Eight years after allowing a shale gas company to drill beneath Deer Lakes County Park for methane gas, the Pennsylvania county home to Pittsburgh has banned all industrial activity in the area’s eight other parks — despite a veto from the county executive. It’s the first such move at the county level in the state, […]