Major Polluters In ‘Ludicrous’ Push For Carbon Capture at Party Conferences

A trade group for contested carbon capture with close ties to major oil and gas companies is sponsoring over a dozen events at the Conservative and Labour conferences over the next fortnight.  Fossil fuel companies are using the technology as “a fig leaf” to pursue oil and gas drilling, campaigners have warned, as industry lobbyists […]

Climate Litigation Is Increasing as Government Action Falters

Despite its name, ambition was largely lacking at mid-September’s Climate Ambition Summit at the United Nations in New York. Secretary General António Guterres asked nations to arrive at the session with concrete commitments for phasing out fossil fuels, observing in his opening remarks that “humanity has opened the gates of hell.” But the event was […]

‘Embarrassingly Wrong’ Tufton Street Net Zero Report Gets Widespread Coverage

A report from the Tufton Street group Civitas on the supposed cost of net zero was featured in several major newspapers today despite serious data errors.  Authored by management consultant Ewen Stewart, the report claimed that achieving net zero emissions will cost the UK £4.5 trillion, or £6,000 per household per year, by 2050. The […]

A System of Secret Arbitration Tribunals Is Undercutting Climate Action Worldwide

Colorful photo of United Nations headquarters in New York City, taken in 2022

Investors in foreign development projects have “weaponized” a system of secretive tribunals, delaying progress on climate change and other environmental crises and having “enormous impacts on human rights,” according to a  new report by a United Nations expert. David R. Boyd, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights and the environment, concludes in the report […]

Youth Challenge 32 European Nations in ‘Truly Historic’ Climate Trial

After Portugal experienced massive wildfires and extreme heat waves this summer, six children and youth from the nation appeared in the European Court of Human Rights Wednesday for a landmark lawsuit against 32 European nations charged with violating their human rights due to the impacts of climate change. At the hearing in Strasbourg, France, lawyers […]

Hydrogen Lobby Sets Sights On Labour Party

Hydrogen lobbyists are targeting the Labour Party after betting on the opposition winning next year’s general election, DeSmog can reveal. Energy policy will be a major focus at the October conferences of both major parties, which fall weeks after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak dramatically announced plans to water down the UK’s green targets. Emails seen […]

One Billion People Will Die Without Oil Production, Kuwait Official Claims

Shaikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah

At a panel discussion held at the 24th World Petroleum Congress, Shaikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah, deputy chairman & CEO of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, estimated that more than a billion people will die if all new oil and gas investment is stopped.  Nawaf Al-Sabah made the comment during a discussion entitled “Building Partnerships in an Energy […]