McKinsey & Company 

McKinsey & Company  Background McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm headquartered in New York City. The company was formed in 1926 by University of Chicago professor James O. McKinsey. In 1959, it opened its first international office in London.2“History of our firm,” McKinsey & Company. […]

Canada Proud

Canada Proud Background Canada Proud is part of a network of conservative groups and social media pages initially founded by conservative activist Jeff Ballingall. According to its website, Canada Proud describes itself as “a grassroots group of Canadians working to defeat Justin Trudeau,” the liberal prime minister of Canada. “Since launching in September 2019, Canada […]

Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Macdonald-Laurier Institute Background The Macdonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy (MLI) is an Atlas Network partner based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. MLI describes itself as “Canada’s only truly national public policy think tank” and claims to be “rigorously independent and non-partisan.”2“Who We Are,” MLI. Archived […]

First Nations LNG Alliance

First Nations LNG Alliance Background The First Nations LNG Alliance describes itself as a “collective of First Nations who are participating in, and supportive of, sustainable and responsible LNG development” in British Columbia, Canada.”About,” First Nations LNG Alliance. Archived May 3, 2022. Archive URL: “First Nations” refers to the Indigenous peoples of Canada whose […]

Canadians for Affordable Energy

Canadians for Affordable Energy

Canadians for Affordable Energy (CAE) Background Canadians for Affordable Energy (CAE) is a fossil fuel advocacy group launched in 2016 by New Brunswick Member of Parliament and conservative movement activist John Williamson. The group frames its pro-fossil fuels arguments as […]

Fuelling Canada

Fuelling Canada Background Fuelling Canada is a campaign launched by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) that describes itself as a “resource hub […]

Canadian Energy Centre (CEC)

Image screenshot of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s announcement of the Energy War Room from video coverage by CBC Calgary. Those present include Oil Sands Strong founder Robbie Picard and Vivian Krause. Canadian Energy Centre Background The Canadian Energy Centre (CEC) is an Alberta provincial government corporation formed to promote the province’s fossil fuel industry, in […] Background was founded by Troy Lanigan and Mark Milke in 2017. In 2018 it obtained the seed funding to hire its president, Colin Craig and was publicly launched in February 2019, “After a short period of capacity building that included development of a student internship program,” its 2022 “Case for Support” and annual […]

Net Zero Scrutiny Group

Background The Net Zero Scrutiny Group (NZSG) is made up of backbench Conservative MPs, including former government ministers, and opposes many of the government’s net zero policies. The NZSG was formed in 2021 ahead of the UN COP26 climate summit, hosted by the UK in Glasgow, Scotland, and publicly launched in January 2022. The NZSG […]

The Steamboat Institute

The Steamboat Institute Background The Steamboat Institute is a conservative 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on March 4, 2008. According to its website, the group was founded  “out of genuine concern […]