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Two girls sit in chairs on the flooded lakefront of Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain in August 2017.
Two girls sit on Lake Pontchartrain’s flooded lakefront in Mandeville, Louisiana, after winds from Harvey, downgraded to a tropical storm, pushed water into the streets on August 30, 2017.

A family of four peak out the window of a bus sent to evacuate them from Hurricane Harvey's flooding in Vidor, Texas
A family waits on a bus helping evacuees escape from Vidor, Texas, as waters continued to rise following Hurricane Harvey. 

A home in Texas flooded up to its roof after Hurricane Harvey
A home in Vidor, Texas, flooded up to its roof from Hurricane Harvey’s extreme rainfall. 

A flooded Mobil gas station in Texas after Hurricane Harvey
A Mobil gas station in Vidor, Texas, overwhelmed by Hurricane Harvey’s excessive rainfall. 

Flare at a refinery in Deerpark, Texas, restarting after Hurricane Harvey
A flare at a Deerpark, Texas, refinery as it struggles to come back online after shutting down due to Hurricane Harvey. This process generally causes spikes in local air pollution.

Flooded Motiva refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey
Standing water remains on the grounds of Motiva’s refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, days after Hurricane Harvey flooded the area.  

A woman examines her flooded living room in Houston after Hurricane Harvey
Inside the Purcell family’s home on the west side of Houston, Texas, on September 1, 2017. Here, Hurricane Harvey’s flooding was compounded when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began releasing water from the Addicks Dam, which had already started to overflow. 

Environmental justice advocate Hilton Kelley and his wife Marie embrace in their flood-damaged kitchen after Hurricane Harvey
Environmental activist Hilton Kelley and his wife Marie returned to their home and business for the first time since evacuating near Port Arthur, Texas, due to Hurricane Harvey. 

Tami Thomas-Pinkney and her daughter in front of their house across from a Hurricane Harvey debris temporary dump
Tami Thomas-Pinkney with her daughter Trinity Handy on their front lawn in Port Arthur, Texas, across from one of the city’s temporary dump sites for sorting debris from Hurricane Harvey. Hilton Kelley fought to have the site shut down due to concerns the dump affecting the health of the nearby African American community. The site did eventually close earlier than expected. 

A Port Arthur, Texas, resident points to her flood-damaged walls after Hurricane Harvey
On October 13, 2017, Angela Andgelle pointing out the mold growing in her apartment in the Prince Hall housing complex in Port Arthur, Texas, which was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. 

Gavin Coal Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio
The Gavin Coal Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio, looms over nearby homes.

A girl rides her bike past trailer homes and the John Amos coal plant in Raymond, West Virginia.
A girl rides her bike in front of trailer homes near the John Amos coal-fired power plant in Raymond, West Virginia.

Louisiana activist Cherri Foytlin with anti-Bayou Bridge pipeline signs by land she bought that is in the pipeline's path
Activist Cherri Foytlin at the entrance to her new land in Louisiana which the Bayou Bridge pipeline is slated to cross. 

Rescue boat near a fire on the Clovelly oil and gas storage platform on Lake Pontchartrain near Kenner, Louisiana.
A rescue boat at the base of an oil and gas storage platform owned by Clovelly Oil in Lake Pontchartrain. The platform was in flames after an explosion October 15, 2017 near Kenner, Louisiana. Seven crewmembers were rescued and one person is missing.

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