Koch Network Database

In DeSmog’s Koch Network Database, you can browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations linked to Charles Koch or other members of the Koch family, Koch Industries, and related entities.

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Koch Industries, Inc.
James Mahoney
60 Plus Association
Aegis Strategic
American Commitment
American Encore
American Energy Alliance (AEA)
American Enterprise Institute
American Future Fund
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
American Petroleum Institute
Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Tax Reform
Atlas Network
Lawson Bader
Bill of Rights Institute
Cato Institute
Coalition to Protect Patients’ Rights
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Concerned Veterans for America
Council for a Competitive Economy
CRC Advisors
Donors Capital Fund
Joni Ernst
Federalist Society
Chris Fink
Foundation for Economic Education
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
Freedom Partners
Generation Opportunity
Kevin Gentry
George Mason University
Heritage Foundation
Mark Holden
Brian Hooks
In Pursuit Of
Independent Women’s Forum
James Inhofe
Institute for Energy Research
Institute for Free Speech
Institute for Humane Studies
John Birch Society
Drew Johnson
Daniel Jorjani
Judicial Crisis Network
Phil Kerpen
David Koch
Charles Koch
Koch Family Foundations
James Lankford
Corey Lewandowski
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Mitch McConnell
Mercatus Center
Mont Pelerin Society
Michael Morgan
National Association of Manufacturers
Sean Noble
Pacific Research Institute
George Pearson
Nancy Pfotenhauer
Philanthropy Roundtable
Tim Phillips
Mike Pompeo
Property and Environment Research Center
Reason Foundation
Seminar Network
Stand Together
State Policy Network
Talent Market
Texas Public Policy Foundation
The Daily Caller
Trees of Liberty
US Chamber of Commerce
Sterling Varner
Washington Legal Foundation