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The Daily Caller is an online media outlet founded by conservative TV commentator and journalist Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former chief policy advisor to Vice President Cheny. Launched on January 11, 2010, The Daily Caller positioned itself as a conservative alternative to The Huffington Post. [1], [2]

DeSmog and the Washington Post reported $3 million in funding for The Daily Caller came from climate change denier and GOP supporter Foster Friess, who had reportedly found sponsorship from a range of organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Mining Association, and Southern Company, all major opponents of meaningful action to curb climate change. [4], [5]

Writing at the Washington Post, Howard Kurtz reported that “Carlson insists this won’t be a right-wing site” and quotes Carlson saying “we’re not enforcing any kind of ideological orthodoxy on anyone.”

However, Kurtz added that “When he announced the Daily Caller last spring, Carlson was more explicit about its ideology, telling Human Events the site would be ‘opposed to what’s going on’ under President Obama – ‘a radical increase in federal power […] a version of socialism.’”[5]

DeSmog also noted that The Daily Caller‘s appointment of former RNC press secretary Moira Bagley to the position of opinion editor called into question Carlson’s statement that the site wouldn’t cater to the right-wing crowd. [4]

The Daily Caller is home to reporter Michael Bastasch, who has regularly promoted the views of climate change deniers such as Richard Lindzen, Anthony Watts, Andrew Montford, Judith Curry, and many others. 

Tax disclosures revealed The Daily Caller’s nonprofit received $960,000 from the Charles Koch Foundation in 2017 and another $20,000 from the Charles Koch Institute. In the prior year, the two combined gave a total of $958,000, amounting to 83 percent of The Daily Caller News Foundation’s annual budget. When combined with the approximately $150,000 given by the Trump campaign in 2016, the total represented 97% of the group’s budget that year. [45]

Nonprofit Status Questioned

While The Daily Caller describes itself as a “for-profit, independent news outlet” that generates revenue through advertising, it runs alongside its 501(c)(3) non-profit counterpart, The Daily Caller News Foundation, also founded by Carlson and Patel. Public 990 tax forms reveal that The Daily Caller News Foundation, which distributes content “without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience,” receives significant funding from foundations backed and directed by the Koch and Scaife families (see “funding” section below). [1], [3]

In 2017, an investigation by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) examined the relationship between The Daily Caller and its connected nonprofit. That relationship “raises significant questions about whether the (c)(3) is operating for private benefit instead of for a charitable or educational purpose consistent with its tax-exempt status,” according to Elizabeth Kingsley, a nonprofit tax expert at the D.C. law firm of Harmon, Curran, Spielberg + Eisenberg. [43]

CMD also found that, through the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson rented out an email list to the Donald Trump campaign for president for an estimated $150,000. While it is unclear how much of that value went to Carlson himself, he never disclosed this campaign funding in relation to his coverage of the presidential race at FOX News. News of the CMD investigation also broke at The Washington Post. [44]

While The Daily Caller’s nonprofit arm described itself as a “consumer research educational organization” whose goal is to provide “consumer news and research” to “mainstream consumers,” CMD‘s investigation found “one of the Daily Caller News Foundation’s primary activities is to provide The Daily Caller Inc. with a steady stream of content for its for-profit news website.” The Daily Caller promoted this in its materials for advertisers, as excerpted below:  [43]

“The Daily Caller News Foundation has an advantage that most new media outlets do not: access to millions of views. Reporting created by The Foundation is automatically sent for consideration to the for-profit Daily Caller.”

Tucker Carlson’s Alleged “Misogynistic and Perverted Comments”

In March 2019, Media Matters for America released audio in which they suggest Tucker Carlson made “numerous misogynistic and perverted comments” during his appearances on the radio program Bubba the Love Sponge between 2006 and 2011. Audio below: [46]

The Media Matters analysis claims Carlson “used sexist language to talk about women, including then-co-workers at NBC and public figures. He referred to Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis Stewart as ‘cunty,’ called journalist Arianna Huffington a ‘pig,’ and labeled Britney Spears and Paris Hilton ‘the biggest white whores in America.’ He also said that women enjoy being told to ‘be quiet and kind of do what you’re told’ and that they are ‘extremely primitive.’”

In one audio clip, Carlson “said underage marriage is not ‘the same thing exactly as pulling a child from a bus stop and sexually assaulting that child. … The rapist in this case has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of the person so it is a little different.” [46]

Partial transcript via Media Matters:

CARLSON: Look, just to make it absolutely clear. I am not defending underage marriage at all. I just don’t think it’s the same thing exactly as pulling a child from a bus stop and sexually assaulting that child.

COHOST: Yeah, it’s – you know what it is? It’s much more planned out and plotted.

THE LOVE SPONGE: Yeah, it should be almost – you almost should put a premeditation –

CARLSON: Wait, wait! Hold on a second. The rapist, in this case, has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of the person, so it is a little different. I mean, let’s me honest about it.

COHOST: That’s twisted.

CARLSON: I’m sorry, I don’t know how I –

COHOST: That’s demented.

CARLSON: I got myself in a position that seem like I’m defending it, because I am against that.”

In another sample of audio, “Bubba the Love Sponge” described underage girls sexually experimenting at boarding school, to which Carlson responded “If it weren’t my daughter I would love that scenario”: [46]

THE LOVE SPONGE: Let me just give you an example, OK? When she’s laying her head in your bed at night, you know who the hell’s in her bedroom and what they’re doing. Nobody, just her. Well, when she’s in a dormitory-type setting and these little girls start experiment around, next thing you know, you know, you got a lesbian on your hands.

CARLSON: I don’t think – I don’t think that’s likely.

COHOST: Next thing you know, boom.

CARLSON: I don’t think that’s –

THE LOVE SPONGE: Boom. Next thing you know –

COHOST: Lesbian.

CARLSON: I don’t think that’s likely. I just don’t see it.

THE LOVE SPONGE: Next thing you know, [inaudible], what’s going on in the [inaudible] dormitory? Nothing. I don’t got a PSP to play, I ain’t got nothing going on, I ain’t got my mom and dad here telling me that they love me and tuck me in bed. So, here’s Trixie, she wants to explore my body a little bit, so hey, let’s go crazy.

COHOST: Wow. You’re a sicko.

CARLSON: If it weren’t my daughter I would love that scenario.

COHOST: That’s one theory.

THE LOVE SPONGE: Well I mean it’s a – Manson, Manson, can you tell him –

CARLSON: But I just can’t. And I just think that’s pretty unlikely –

THE LOVE SPONGE: As outlandish as that is, how old is your daughter?

CARLSON: 14.” [46]

Stance on Climate Change

Michael Bastasch is The Daily Caller‘s primary reporter on climate change and energy. Among other debunked arguments, Bastasch has repeatedly promoted the idea that there is a “global warming pause” or “hiatus.” Below is a full list of Bastasch’s articles in 2017 where the headline includes either “global warming” or “climate.”

View the attached spreadsheet for a complete list of Michael Bastasch’s publications (.xlsx) that can be filtered by title keyword.


The Center for Media and Democracy reported in 2017 that The Daily Caller had rented out an email list to the Donald Trump campaign for president for an estimated $150,000. News of the CMD investigation also broke at The Washington Post. [43][44]

“While other for-profit news outlets do sell advertising to political campaigns, The Daily Caller’s arrangement with the Trump campaign was unusual, in that it permitted the campaign to send co-branded emails to Daily Caller followers that were not visible to the general public, even as the outlet claimed to be independent and relentlessly attacked Clinton and pushed stories that aided or echoed the Trump campaign,” CMD reported. [43]

CMD reported its methodology for reaching the $150,000 funding figure: [43]

“As 2017, The Daily Caller’s email list was said to include 400,000 opt-in names, and was offered to advertisers at a rate of $6,000 per email. Whether that was the same rate charged for the frequent emails sent by the Trump campaign before the presidential election is not known, but it serves as a baseline for the estimated value of the list.

“At an un-tiered market price as of 2017, the 25 Trump campaign emails would have amounted to $150,000 dollars in advertising revenue for The Daily Caller, with an untold amount contributing to Carlson’s salary, bonuses, or profit-sharing.” [43]

Tax disclosures revealed in 2018 that, for the 2017 tax year, The Daily Caller’s nonprofit arm received $960,000 from the Charles Koch Foundation and another $20,000 from the Charles Koch Institute. In the prior year, the two combined gave a total of $958,000, amounting to 83 percent of The Daily Caller News Foundation’s annual budget.[45]

As reported at Daily KOS, the Daily Caller was one of the main beneficiaries of climate change denial funding through Koch foundations, and “also seems to be the final destination of sorts for the conservative media pipeline.” [6]

Desmog reported in 2014 that the Daily Caller News Foundation (the non-profit arm of the Daily Caller website) took in $106,248 in two donations from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. The  DonorsTrust, a key funding arm for climate science denial groups, also contributed $60,000 to the Daily Caller in 2014. [7]

Climate science denier and Republican supporter Foster Friess helped bankroll the Daily Caller with a $3 million donation before it was launched in January 2010. [4]

Media Matters reported that Friess was also a major Koch donor and regular attendee of the Koch’s annual summits. The Daily Caller News Foundation was also formerly listed as a “Partner Organization” of the Charles Koch Institute. [8], [9]

Below is a summary of funding, from archived funding data at Conservative Transparency and from publicly available 990 records. View the attached spreadsheet for details on The Daily Caller News Foundation’s funding by year (.xlsx). [10]

Donor2012201320142015201620172018Grand Total
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation$11,064$50,000$106,248$610,302$946,127$959,502$746,250$3,429,493
Searle Freedom Trust  $80,000$180,000$80,000  $340,000
Sarah Scaife Foundation    $250,000  $250,000
Diana Davis Spencer Foundation   $150,000   $150,000
Donors Trust  $60,000$70,000   $130,000
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation  $100,000    $100,000
Charles Koch Institute  $30,000$18,200$12,000$20,000 $80,200
Legett Foundation   $5,000$5,000$5,000 $15,000
Kickapoo Springs Foundation   $5,000$5,000  $10,000
Grand Total$11,064$50,000$376,248$1,038,502$1,298,127$984,502$746,250$4,504,693

990 Forms (The Daily Caller News Foundation)

Key People

Daily Caller

The following people have been listed on The Daily Caller website:

Editorial Staff

Jim TreacherYYYYYBlogger
Mike PiccioneYYYYYGuns and Gear Editor
Paul ConnerYYYYYExecutive Editor
Vince CoglianeseYYYYYEditorial Director
Betsy Rothstein YYYYMedia Columnist
Chuck Ross YYYYReporter
Eric Owens YYYYEducation Editor
Scott Greer YYYYDeputy Editor
Christian Datoc  YYYEngagement and Breaking News Editor
Derek Draplin  YYYAssociate Editor
Derek Hunter  YYYReporter
Kerry Picket  YYYReporter
Alex Pfeiffer   YYWhite House Correspondent
David Hookstead   YYHead of Security, Sports Reporter
Heather Hunter   YYReporter
Peter Hasson   YYAssociate Editor
Amber Athey    YMedia and Breaking News Reporter
Ford Springer    YEntertainment/Sports Reporter
Geoff Ingersoll    YEditor in Chief
Katie Jerkovich    YEntertainment Reporter
Richie McGinniss    YChief Video Editor
Robert Mariani    YOpinion Editor  
Alex PappasYYYY Senior Reporter
Ginni ThomasYYYY Special Correspondent
Jamie WeinsteinYYYY Senior Editor
Matt LewisYYYY Columnist
Jordan Bloom YYY Opinion Editor 
Evan Gahr  YY Reporter
Kaitlan Collins  YY Entertainment Editor
Christopher BedfordYY Y Editor-in-Chief
Steve Guest   Y Reporter
Grae StaffordYYY  Multimedia Producer
Matt LabashYYY  Columnist
Heather Smith YY  Reporter
Patrick Howley YY  Reporter
Al Weaver  Y  Reporter
Alex Griswold  Y  Reporter
Emma Colton  Y  Network Editor
Katie Frates  Y  Associate Editor
Mickey KausYY   Columnist
Neil MunroYY   White House Correspondent
Brendan Bordelon Y   Reporter
Giuseppe Macri Y   Tech Editor
Rachel Stoltzfoos Y   Senior Reporter, Politics, Immigration, Abortion
Sarah Hurtubise Y   Reporter
Tristyn Bloom Y   Reporter
Alexis LevinsonY    Reporter
Caroline MayY    Reporter
David MartoskoY    Executive Editor
Jeff PoorY    Reporter
Josh PetersonY    Tech Editor
Mary Katherine HamY    Special Correspondent
Matthew BoyleY    Reporter
Michelle FieldsY    Video Reporter
Nicholas BallasyY    Senior Video Reporter
Peter TucciY    Opinion Editor
Sarah HofmannY    Videographer
Sean RaineyY    Multimedia Producer
Steven NelsonY    Associate Editor
Taylor BiglerY    Entertainment Editor
Will RahnY    Deputy Editor

Corporate Staff

Brian DanzaYYYYYChief Technology Officer
Patrick KuoYYYYYInfrastructure and Hosting Specialist
Neil Stevens YYYYWeb Developer
Matt Appleman   YYMarketing Strategist
Reverend Billy Cerveny   YYChaplain
Margaret Crilley    YExecutive Director
Kelsey Greissing  YY Director of Operations and Public Relations (Contact to book reporters for media appearances)
Jack Kocsis   Y Director of Commerce & Affiliate Partnerships
The Reverend Billy Cerveny YY  Chaplain
Henry Palermo  Y  King of the Interns
Vanessa Webb  Y  Web Developer
Jeremy FreedmanYY   Web Developer
Al Weaver Y   Reporter
McKenzie Vaughn Y   Director of Operations and Public Relations (Contact to book reporters for media appearances)
Aaron FinleyY    Vice President of Sales
Alex TreadwayY    Chief Revenue Officer
Billy CervenyY    College Buddy
Caroline GrayY    Sales Associate
Caroline WearnY    Office Assistant
Chad BradyY    Director of Programmatic & Advertising Operations
Krista StaleyY    Senior Vice President of Sales
Nicole RoebergY    Director of Communications and Public Affairs
Patrick McMahonY    Deputy Director of Communications

Advertising Staff

Jack Kocsis   YDirector of Commerce & Affiliate Partnerships
Alex TreadwayY  YChief Revenue Officer
Chad BradyYYYYDirector of Programmatic & Advertising Operations
Nancy Murphy   YMarketing and Sales Associate
Lauren PattersonYY  Sales Associate
Jake BerubeYYY Senior Advertising Accounts Executive
Krista Staley  YYSenior Vice President of Sales
Joe Corbe YY Senior Vice President of Sales
Stuart Keating Y  Vice President, National Brand Sales

Daily Caller News Foundation

The Daily Caller News Foundation—which maintains a separate website from The Daily Caller listed the following people on its website: [3]

Foundation Staff

Neil PatelPresident
Tucker CarlsonChairman
Carter DeWittSenior Vice President of Development
Margaret CrilleyExecutive Director

Editorial Staff

Christopher BedfordEditor-in-Chief
Mark TapscottExecutive Editor/Chief of the Investigative Group
Geoffrey IngersollManaging Editor
Emma ColtonNetwork Editor
Dave BrooksEditor
Holmes LybrandEditor, Fact-Check
Rebekah JorgensenEditor
Richard PollockSenior Investigative Reporter
Michael BastaschSenior Reporter, Energy, Climate and the Environment
Rachel StoltzfoosSenior Reporter, Politics, Immigration, Abortion
Ethan BartonInvestigative Reporter
Luke RosiakInvestigative Reporter
David SivakReporter, Fact-Check
Kush DesaiReporter, Fact-Check
Steve BirrReporter, Vice, District of Columbia
Jonah BennettReporter, Veterans Affairs
Juliegrace BrufkeReporter,  Politics
Jacob BojessonReporter,  Europe
Andrew FollettReporter, Space, Energy
Russ ReadReporter, Foreign Affairs
Chris WhiteReporter, Energy, Transportation, Climate, the Environment
Saagar EnjetiReporter, Foreign Affairs
Eric LiebermanReporter, Law-Enforcement, Tech, Cyber Surveillance
Amber RandallReporter, Civil Rights, Education
Ted GoodmanReporter, Labor
Phillip StuckyReporter, Politics
Kevin DaleyReporter, Courts, Rome, Bureau of Land Management
Thomas PhippenReporter, Government Contracts, Agriculture, Welfare
Robert DonachieReporter, Finance, Health Care
Ryan PickrellReporter, China, Trade
Rob ShimshockReporter, Education
Will RackeDepartment of State, Foreign Affairs
Grace CarrReporter, Feminism
Jack CroweReporter, Politics, Transportation
Gabrielle OkunReporter
Henry RodgersReporter, Politics
Joshua GillReporter, Religion
Anders HagstromReporter, Justice, Crime, Punishment
Nick GivasReporter, Television
Timothy PearceReporter, Interior
Will RicciardellaMedia Critic


The Daily Caller joined the White House press pool in 2010: [11]

“We’re excited about it,” said Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson. “The goal is to get more facts out there. This helps us do that.”

A DeSmog investigation on the funding of several conservative outlets that reject the risks of human-caused climate change found that several Daily Caller staff had previously spent time at partisan think tanks.  DeSmog wrote:

Investigative reporter Katie Watson spent three years at the Franklin Center’s Watchdog project, reporter Connor Wolf was an associate at the Charles Koch Institute, environment writer Michael Bastasch was a Koch intern, editor in chief Christopher Bedford was an associate at the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, and managing editor Paul Connor and reporter Casey Harper both spent time at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Journalism Center (NJC).


April 17, 2019

Facebook announced it was adding The Daily Caller’s factchecking arm to its list of certified content reviewers, Axios first reported. [47]

Some established factcheckers, such as, have distanced themselves from Facebook’s program, calling it ineffective. Journalists have also said they have lost confidence in the platform. [48], [49]

As noted by The Guardian, The Daily Caller had recently been accused of running “false and offensive content” including a fake photo of congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in January. [50]

July 5, 2017

Michael Bastasch promoted a study at The Daily Caller claiming that “adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years ‘are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.’” [12]

While Bastasch asserts the study is peer reviewed, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) reviewed the document, and notes that the study “points almost exclusively to dataset sources, ignoring virtually all peer-reviewed studies that examine the issues that they raise.” [13]

Snopes also evaluated the claim that “A peer-reviewed study has found evidence that nearly all of global warming has been fabricated by climate scientists” and found it to be “false.” Snopes notes the study was not published in a formal journal, but rather a WordPress blog of one of the co-authors, and that it did not fit the traditional definition of peer review. [14]

UCS senior climate scientist Rachel Licker wrote:

“There were so many egregious errors and unsubstantiated claims in this document, that I cringed with discomfort that this could be mistaken as a peer-reviewed scientific study.”  [14]

June 14, 2017

Writing at The Daily Caller, Michael Bastasch claimed a new study “debunked science the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has used to justify imposing costly regulations on U.S. industries.” The study looked at the association between air quality and acute deaths, for which it found “little evidence.” [15]

Bastasch notes that the study, published by statistician Stan Young three years ago, faced challenges in getting published in a journal. It was finally accepted by the journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology after being rejected in July 2015 by the journal PLOS One, which said that the EPA‘s position was already settled: [15]

EPA and other regulatory bodies have long since concluded these associations are causal so I don’t think there is much point in going over this again and again,” the PLOS One editor wrote to Young. [15]

March 14, 2017

Bastasch wrote an article in The Daily Caller discussing Scott Pruitt’s statement’s that “ I would not agree that [CO2 is] a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.” Bastasch highlights defenses of Pruitt’s statements by noted climate change deniers Judith CurryRoy Spencer, and Roger Pielke, Sr. [16]

In my opinion, this is correct and is a healthy position for both the science and policy debates,” Curry had written of Pruitt’s statement on her blog. [16]

February 23, 2017

The Daily Caller was one of several media outlets including Fox News and The Hill which promoted a petition organized by Richard Lindzen of the Cato Institute urging President Donald Trump to pull the United States out of the United Nations international convention on climate change (UNFCCC). [17], [18], [19]

In just a few weeks, more than 300 eminent scientists and other qualified individuals from around the world have signed the petition below,” Lindzen wrote in the letter. 

DeSmog investigated the list, and found that only a small handful of the signatories could be considered “even remotely ‘qualified’ or ‘eminent’ — but not in the field of climate science.” The list included individuals “interested in climate,” and one signatory who only identified as an “emailer who wished to sign the petition” while some signers provided no affiliation or address whatsoever. [20]

February 21, 2017

Writing at The Daily Caller, Michael Bastasch promoted a research report by climate change denier Judith Curry, who had written the report a month prior for the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). Notably, Curry wrote her report for the noted climate change denial organization shortly after she decided to leave her academic position at Georgia Tech. [21], [22]

Climate models show twice as much warming during the 21st Century than what’s actually been observed, according to a new report highlighting the limitations of global climate models, or GCMs,” Bastasch wrote. [22]

The report, titled “Climate Models for the Layman” argues climate models are unreliable and “not fit for the purpose of identifying with high confidence the proportion of the 20th century warming that was human-caused as opposed to natural.” [21]

December 14, 2016

Bastasch claims a study co-authored by climate change deniers Anthony Watts and Willis Eschenbach is enough to call the IPCC‘s predictions of global warming into question, as he wrote in The Daily Caller under an article titled “New Study Casts Doubt On A Key Metric For Predicting Global Warming.” [23]

This study was entirely serendipitous, the result came about from pure curiosity, nothing else,” Watts told The Daily Caller News Foundation[23]

Other skeptics cited by Bastasch in the article include Pat Michaels and Chip Knappenberger of the fossil-fuel funded Cato Institute.  [23]

Going forward we should expect less warming from future greenhouse gas emissions than climate models are projecting,” Michaels and Knappenberger wrote of the study. They also described it as the “’death blow’ to global warming hysteria.” [23]

April 25, 2016

Bastasch cited a report by Andrew Montford at the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) claiming there is no connection between droughts and heat waves and global warming. [24]

Climate scientists and environmentalists have claimed for years droughts and heatwaves were getting worse because of man-made global warming, but those predictions have not come true, according to a new study,” Bastasch wrote in The Daily Caller. [25]

December 4, 2015

Prior to his testimony before congress, organized by senator Ted Cruz, climate science denier Mark Steyn appeared in an interview with Michael Bastasch at The Daily Caller. “Steyn is prepared for Democrat attacks on his credibility and lack of a climate science degree,” Bastasch wrote. [26][27]

That’s a fair enough question because I’m not a scientist,” Steyn told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “If some Democrat on that committee wants to take the hockey stick to me and beat me to a pulp, I don’t mind that.

I look at all these people bloviating in Paris. Barack Obama and the Prince of Wales aren’t scientists either,” Steyn says. “Since I’ve been sued by Michael Mann I’ve been spending more time than I thought on the science.”

Science-wise I can hold my own with ‘climate experts,’” he added. [27]

February, 2015

Bastasch wrote two pieces in The Daily Caller highlighting the work of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE). The first was titled “Study Predicts Decades Of Global Cooling Ahead” and quotes EIKE‘s Jürgen Langeheine: [28]

The stagnation of temperature since 1998 was caused by decreasing solar activity since 1998,” Langeheine had said. [28]

Bastasch wrote another piece in the Daily Caller where he claimed Langeheine’s research proved that temperatures were falling globally due to a decline in solar activity. [29]

January 28, 2015

Michael Bastasch wrote at the Daily Caller that “solar radiation has been melting Siberian ice for 7,000 years,” evidence that “global warming is nothing new.” Bastasch was pointing to research from Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute and published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Before Bastasch, the study had also been mentioned by Anthony Watts’s Watts Up With That, which had also republished portions of the paper’s original press release. [30][31]

ThinkProgress reported that “the Daily Caller is using the research to reinforce a common trope among climate deniers: that the climate has always been changing, and humans therefore have no effect.” However, ThinkProgress also notes there is a problem: the research Bastasch cited “does not say any of that. It does not show that Siberian ice is “melting,” and certainly does not show that ‘solar radiation’ is the cause.” [32]

ThinkProgress contacted Dr. Thomas Laepple, one of the study’s authors. Laepple said while the wording looked “very close” to his press release, “subtle changes were made” to make it seem like “the climate always warmed and therefore the human impact would not be important.” [32]

Laepple told ThinkProgress that The Daily Caller’s claim that “global warming is nothing new” was “misleading,” as it “attempts to equate a global phenomenon with a seasonal, regional, long-term trend.” In reality, he said, global warming occurs “in all seasons at a pace that is faster than anything we experienced during the last millennia.” [32]

March, 2014

The Daily Caller‘s Education Editor, Eric Owens, was one of several individuals and news outlets to inaccurately claim that philosopher and Rochester Institute of Technology assistant professor Lawrence Torcello “wants to send people who disagree with him about global warming to jail.” [33]

Torcello had written an article at The Conversation suggesting that there was “good reason to consider” that “the funding of climate denial” was morally and criminally negligent. In response, Torcello had received hundreds of email threats, such as “DIE you maggot,” or “Fortunately, your kind will be marched to the wall with all the other leftist detritus,” Desmog reported. [34]

In a statement responding to conservative media, including FoxNation, The Drudge Report, Breitbart and The Daily Caller, who had claimed Torcello had called for contrarian scientists to be jailed, the Rochester Institute of Technology said: [34]

“The search for truth is the animating force of a university, and it behooves those who support open and respectful discussion of controversial issues to get the facts right. Recently the views expressed by a member of our community, Professor Lawrence Torcello, have been misrepresented by some in the media. The misrepresentation follows a pattern similar to other incidents of misrepresentation involving academics that work on topics related to climate change.”

The statement encouraged people to read Torcello’s original story in The Conversation, and added: [35]

“The Institute wishes to acknowledge, with Professor Torcello, that a strong scientific consensus exists in support of anthropogenic global warming.”

June, 2012

After Bastasch wrote a Daily Caller story claiming that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) had “nothing to do” with Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” (SYG)/”Castle Doctrine” law. Bastasch said the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) had made the claim that ALEC “drafted” the law. CMD responded that “we did not make that claim.” [36]

Had Bastasch done any original research about CMD‘s actual original reporting on SYG, he would have seen that CMD is the research organization that documented how ALEC “ratified” the Florida SYG bill after it was signed into law […]” Lisa Graves wrote at CMD. “Bastasch’s piece raises a question about how Daily Caller fact-checks its stories. If undocumented assertions like those about CMD are passed off as news, the Daily Caller could be said to be acting with reckless disregard for the truth,” she adds. [36]

Graves also notes that Bastasch does not disclose his past internship with ALEC in his piece. “Of course, Bastasch conveniently omits ALEC‘s well-documented role supporting the proliferation of ‘Stand Your Ground”/”Castle Doctrine’ laws across the country, which is not the same as having absolutely nothing to do with these laws,” she also noted. [36]


David Martosko, former executive editor of The Daily Caller, admitted in court that he had posed as a “dope-smoking commie” and used a fake Facebook account to gain information on animal rights activists, Mother Jones reported. The following is an excerpt from Martosko’s 2011 deposition: [37]

Q: Okay. Well, have you ever used a Facebook name that was not your own?

Martosko: Yes.

Q: And what name was that?

Martosko: I believe it was Preston Davis.

Q: And was that the only Facebook name you’ve used?

Martosko: Other than my own?

Q: Other than your own.

Martosko: Yes.

Q: Okay. What about Gregory Davis or Greg Davis?

Martosko: Ah. That was—I think that was originally—forgive me. That was originally the name of the same account, and then that name was changed.

Q: Okay. And you had used that to friend activists, I guess that you were wanting to learn more information about; is that correct?

Martosko: That’s correct.

Martosko’s hiring was controversial, given his previous challenges with the law. However, The Daily Caller’s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson defended the hiring initially: [38]

“Yes, I knew about it,” Carlson said in an email to Adweek. “In fact it’s one of the reasons I hired him. People who’ve been shamed in public tend to know themselves better, something I learned on Dancing with the Stars. David’s not the only person in this office who’s been arrested, by the way, and I’ve made it clear to the staff that anyone who judges him for it can leave. Nobody has. Incidentally, David, like me, doesn’t drink any more. So we’ve got that in common.” [38]

November 13, 2011

During a video chat with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas,  Lord Christopher Monckton claimed that environmental groups “hate humanity” and that the goal of the United Nations process of climate change negotiations was to  “set-up a world government,” DeSmog reported. [39], [40]

During the interview, Monckton also told Thomas that the cleanest form of energy is coal:

“The fact is that if we allow our fossil fuels to be interfered with or priced out of the market, so as to subside futile, bird-killing, bat-slicing windmills, or these ridiculous solar panels, then all we do is cut of our nose to spite our face”  [39]

DeSmog has noted that several Daily Caller staff have spent time at other organizations analyzed by DeSmog, particularly those with connections to Koch Family Foundations. [41]

For example, Investigative reporter Katie Watson spent three years at the Franklin Center’s Watchdog project, reporter Connor Wolf was an associate at the Charles Koch Institute, environment writer Michael Bastasch was a Koch intern, editor in chief Christopher Bedford was an associate at the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, and managing editor Paul Connor and reporter Casey Harper both spent time at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Journalism Center (NJC). [41]

Contact & Address

The Daily Caller and the Daily Caller News Foundation share the following address: [42]

The Daily Caller
1050 17th Street NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 506-2027

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