Mont Pelerin Society

The Mont Pelerin Society (MPS)


The Mont Pelerin Society (MPS) was created in 1947 by the free market economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek and advocates “classical liberalism,” an ideology classified by small government and minimal regulation of business. It was named after the location of the group’s first meeting in Switzerland, and the group’s subsequent annual meetings have spanned the globe including Galapagos Islands, Prague (former Czech president Vaclav Klaus is a member), New York, Morocco, Tokyo, Sydney, Buenos Aires, and Stockholm. American economist Milton Friedman was also one of the founding members of the Society.1Eamonn Butler. “A Short History of the Mont Pelerin Society” (PDF), Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog. 2George Monbiot. “How the neoliberals stitched up the wealth of nations for themselves,” The Guardian, August 28, 2007. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

The 1995 book by the Liberty Fund, A History of the Mont Pelerin Society, describes the group as having “no demonstrably proven role in world affairs.” According to a short history of the MPS written by the group’s Vice President Eamonn Butler, it has “no official views, formulates no policies, publishes no manifestos, aligns itself with no party, and accepts no political or public funding.” Butler adds that it engages primarily in what he describes as the “battle of ideas,” and that it “has done more than just keep liberal ideas alive; it has expanded and deepened liberal philosophy and spread liberal thought across the globe.”3Eamonn Butler. “A Short History of the Mont Pelerin Society” (PDF), Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog. The Road from Mont Pelerin (Harvard University Press, 2009) describes MPS as a “directory of organized neoliberalism.” 4Philip Mirowski and Dieter Plehwe (2009). The Road from Mont Pelerin. London, England. Harvard University Press.

Given this abstract “battle of ideas,” it can be difficult to accurately gauge the precise influence of the Mont Pelerin Society on policy. However, the group’s influence can be seen by the overlap between many of its members and their affiliation with some of the largest conservative think tank across the United States, and around the world. DeSmog research found that Mont Pelerin Society members are affiliated with over 100 organizations that also appear on the membership list of the Atlas Network,5Global Directory,” Atlas Network. Accessed July 8, 2017. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog a group SourceWatch describes as “The Johnny Appleseed of antiregulation groups.”6Atlas Network,” SourceWatch. Accessed July 10, 2017. URL: Antony Fisher, a former Mont Pelerin Society Member, established both the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in Europe, and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. IEA’s other co-founder, Arthur Seldon, was formerly vice president of the MPS. 7Andrew Simms. “Rewrite the aims of the economic revolution – word for word,” The Guardian, December 3, 2013. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

The Atlas Society, not to be confused with the Atlas Network, also includes individuals with affiliations to MPS. According to DeSmog research, Mont Pelerin members have ties to a wide range of conservative think tanks, many which have consistently denied the human influence on climate change. Some of the top groups tied to MPS through affiliations of its members include the Cato Institute, The Hoover Institution, the Heritage Foundation, the Reason Foundation, the Foundation for Economic Education, the American Enterprise Institute, the Centre for the New Europe, George Mason University, Fraser Institute, Mercatus Center (George Mason University), and the Heartland Institute.

Membership lists obtained by DeSmog dating to 2010 and, more recently, 2013 show that organizations represented by the MPS have deep ties to the Koch network. Charles Koch himself is a long-standing member of the Society. DeSmog dug into individual member affiliations, and found that Koch foundations have poured more than $100 million into at least 54 groups connected to individual MPS members.8Mont Pelerin Society A Window Into Ideological Heart Of Kochtopus Climate Denial,” DeSmog, January 27, 2014.

Stance on Climate Change

Some sources have connected the proliferation of climate change denial organizations and think tanks with neoliberalism. A 2013 issue of the not-for-profit magazine Overland put it as follows:9Philip Mirowski, Jeremy Walker, and Antoinette Abboud. “Beyond Denial,” Overland, Autumn 2013. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

“Neoliberalism is a coherent political movement embodied in the institutional history of the global network of think tanks: the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Institute of Public Affairs (the key Australian node of the network) and their dedicated spin-off counter-science think tanks. All can be traced back to the Mont Pelerin Society, the central think tank of the neoliberal counter-revolution, founded in 1947 by Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman.”10Philip Mirowski, Jeremy Walker, and Antoinette Abboud. “Beyond Denial,” Overland, Autumn 2013. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

Overland also equates the tactics of climate science denialism with that of the tobacco industry.11Philip Mirowski, Jeremy Walker, and Antoinette Abboud. “Beyond Denial,” Overland, Autumn 2013. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

“Each component of the neoliberal response is firmly grounded in neoliberal economic doctrine and has its own special function. Similar to the strategies of tobacco companies, science denialism is intended to quash immediate impulses to respond to the crisis, thus buying time for commercial interests to find a way to profit. The think tanks behind the denial of climate change don’t seriously believe they will, in the long run, win the war of ideas within academic science. But bashing pointy-headed elites lends them a certain populist cachet, while protecting the commercial interests of the oil companies, coal miners and gas drillers.

The project to institute markets in emission permits is a neoliberal mid-range strategy, better attuned to appeal to centrist governments, NGOs and the educated segments of the populace, as well as to the financial sector. […]”12Philip Mirowski, Jeremy Walker, and Antoinette Abboud. “Beyond Denial,” Overland, Autumn 2013. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

Writing at DeSmog, Graham Readfearn has noted that the Mont Pelerin Society has long been home to some of the most ardent supporters of climate change denial.13Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

September 2008

Vaclav Klaus, a Mont Pelerin Society member and long-time climate change denier, described climate change as an important part of the Mont Pelerin Society’s “agenda” during a MPS general meeting speech in Tokyo:14Current Global Warming Alarmism and the Mont Pelerin Society’s Long Term Agenda,”, September 8, 2008. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

“We should explain that the current world-wide dispute is not about temperature or C02. It is another variant of the old, well-known debate: freedom and free markets vs. dirigism, political control and regulation, or in other words, spontaneous evolution vs. the masterminding of human activity from above,” Klaus said. “It is again the old Misesian and Hayekian dilemma asking what is and what should be dominant: human action or human design.”

“ I consider environmentalism and its currently strongest version – climate alarmism – to be, at the beginning of the 21st century, the most effective and, therefore, the most dangerous vehicle for advocating, drafting and implementing large scale government intervention and for an unprecedented suppression of human freedom,” he added.15Current Global Warming Alarmism and the Mont Pelerin Society’s Long Term Agenda,”, September 8, 2008. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:


While the Mont Pelerin Society itself claims that it “accepts no political or public funding,” organizations that its members are affiliated with have accepted large donations from conservative organizations including Koch family foundations – the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation and the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation.16Eamonn Butler. “A Short History of the Mont Pelerin Society” (PDF), Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.

Data from publicly available 990s and the Conservative Transparency Database reveal a number of the Mont Pelerin Society’s donors. Note that not all individual values have been verified by DeSmog.17Mont Pelerin Society,” Conservative Transparency. Accessed July 10, 2017. Data on file at DeSmog.

View the attached spreadsheet for details on the Mont Pelerin Society’s direct funding by year (.xlsx).

Pierre F. and Enid Goodrich Foundation$580,000
Earhart Foundation$485,642
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation$261,500
Aequus Institute$208,924
The Roe Foundation$155,000
Sarah Scaife Foundation$100,000
John M. Olin Foundation$83,000
The Carthage Foundation$35,000
Chase Foundation of Virginia$15,500
John Templeton Foundation$5,000
Neal and Jane Freeman Foundation$5,000
The Rodney Fund$5,000
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation$1,000
William E. Simon Foundation$1,000
Grand Total$1,944,566

DonorsTrust Funding

George Monbiot, writing atThe Guardian in 2013, noted that the Mont Pelerin Society was on the list of recipients from Donors Trust/Donors Capital Fund, two sister organizations that had financed 102 organizations either dismissing climate change or downplaying the need to take action.18George Monbiot. “The educational charities that do PR for the rightwing ultra-rich,” The Guardian, February 18, 2013. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

Key People

Board of Directors


Pedro Schwartz Giron Y
Peter J. Boettke Y


Eamonn Butler Y Y


J.R. Clark (Jeff) Y Y

Vice President

Gerhard Schwarz Y
Pedro Schwartz Giron Y


Allan Meltzer Y Y
Gabriel Calzada Y Y
Jeff Bennett Y Y
Jiri Schwarz Y
Johan Norberg Y
John Taylor Y Y
Kevin Murphy Y
Linda Whetstone Y
Margaret Tse Y Y
Nils Karlson Y
Richard Wong Y
Ruth Richardson Y
Yuko Arayama Y Y

Executive Committee

Eamonn Butler Y Y
J.R. Clark (Jeff) Y Y
Pedro Schwartz Giron Y Y
Peter J. Boettke Y

Past Presidents19Past Presidents,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

F. A. von HayekUnited Kingdom1947-61
Herbert GierschGermany1986-88
Wilhelm RopkeSwitzerland1961-62
Antonio MartinoItaly1988-90
John JewkesUnited Kingdom1962-64
Gary BeckerUnited States1990-92
Friedrich LutzGermany1964-67
Max HartwellUnited Kingdom1992-94
Bruno LeoniItaly1967-68
Pascal SalinFrance1994-96
Günter SchmöldersGermany1968-70
Edwin J. FeulnerUnited States1996-98
Milton FriedmanUnited States1970-72
Ramon P. DiazUruguay1998-00
Arthur ShenfieldUnited Kingdom1972-74
Christian WatrinGermany2000-02
Gaston LeducFrance1974-76
Leonard P. LiggioUnited States2002-04
George StiglerUnited States1976-78
Victoria Curzon-PriceSwitzerland2004-06
Manuel AyauGuatemala1978-80
Greg LindsayAustralia2006-08
Chiaki NishiyamaJapan1980-82
Deepak LalUnited States2008-10
Lord Harris of High CrossUnited Kingdom1982-84
Kenneth MinogueUnited Kingdom2010-12
James BuchananUnited States1984-86
Allen H. MeltzerUnited States2012-14
Pedro Schwartz GirónSpain2014-16
Peter J. BoettkeUnited States2016-18

Membership Documents

2013 Membership Listing

View the most recent MPS membership list, dated 2013, obtained by DeSmog here. This list includes members listed in 2010 documents below, plus new members and with recently deceased members removed. Identifying information has been redacted to protect individual members’ privacy.20“Mont Pelerin Society Directory – 2013” (PDF), PDF created November 13, 2013. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.

2010 Membership List

In 2014, DeSmog obtained and analyzed a 2010 membership list including nearly 500 people from 52 countries, including notable names like Charles Koch who has been a member since 1970. That list also included a range of people representing think tanks pushing for climate change skepticism.21Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014. At the time, at least 12 of the groups represented on the MPS list had accepted funding from one of the three Koch family foundations – the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation and the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation.22Graham Readfearn. “Mont Pelerin Society A Window Into Ideological Heart Of Kochtopus Climate Denial,” DeSmog, January 27, 2014.

In Australia, Mont Pelerin Society members include John Roskam, executive director of the Institute of Public Affairs; Greg Lindsay, executive director of the Centre for Independent Studies; and mining magnate Ron Manners, executive director of the pro-mining think tank the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation.23Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

In addition to Charles Koch, U.S. representatives included representatives from groups his family foundations have helped to fund such as the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, the Acton Institute, the Reason Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.24Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

Other members include Wall Street Journal editor and columnist Mary O’Grady and John O’Sullivan, a columnist with the conservative National Review.25Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

In the UK, MPS representatives included people from The Adam Smith Institute, CIVITAS and the Institute of Economic Affairs have also gained membership with the Mont Pelerin Society. Noted climate change denier Julian Morris is also listed as a member.26Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

Another UK member is Linda Whetstone, the daughter of Antony Fisher who founded the influential UK neo-liberal think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs. Antony Fisher established the Atlas Economic Research Foundation – a vast network of about 400 think tanks around the world that share the ideals of limiting the power of government. Alejandro Chafuen, the current president of Atlas, is also listed as a 2010 Mont Pelerin Society member.27Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

Mont Pelerin Society Members

Below is the listing of members from the 2010 directory, and new names as of 2013 membership documents:

1Lifetime Member
2Former President

NameDirectory 2010New in 2013 DirectoryMembership Year
A. James Meigs1Y 1971
A. Lawrence ChickeringY 1984
Adolfo Gutierrez Y2011
Adrian MooreY 2007
Adrian Ravier Y2011
Agustin NavarroY 1976
Alain Mathieu Y2011
Alan Charles Kors Y2011
Alan L. OlmsteadY 2002
Alan Moran Y2011
Alan ReynoldsY 1974
Alan Rufus Waters1Y 1976
Alan T. GibbsY 1990
Alberto Benegas – Lynch, Jr.Y 1978
Alberto del Corral, Sr.1Y 1965
Alberto Mingardi Y2011
Alejandro A. ChafuenY 1980
Alex Robson Y2010
Alfred Bosch1Y 1962
Alfredo Bullard Y2011
Allan H. Meltzer (1928-2017)1Y 1990
Alvin RabushkaY 1974
Alvino-Mario Fantin Y2012
Amir Khan Y2011
Amity ShlaesY 2008
Amy Sturgis Y2011
Amy Willis Y2011
Andre Azevedo Alves Y2011
Andrei IllarionovY 2004
Andres Mejia Vergnaud Y2011
Andrew Haldenby Y2011
Andrew J RettenmaierY 2004
Andrew MorrissY 2008
Andrew NortonY 2004
Andrzej Brzeski1Y 1974
Angel Soto Y2011
Angelo M. Petroni1Y 1988
Angelo Santagostino Y2012
Anja Kluever-MerzY 2000
Annelise AndersonY 1980
Annette Godartvan der KroonY 1996
Anthony (Terry) EastonY 2007
Anthony de Jasay1Y 1988
Anthony Randazzo Y2012
Antonio ArgandonaY 1984
Antonio Martino2Y 1976
Armeane Choksi Y2010
Armen A. Alchian (1914-2013)Y 1957
Arnold C. HarbergerY 1994
Artur Woll1Y 1971
Ashok V DesaiY 2004
Atilla YaylaY 1998
Barbara DluhoschY 2002
Barbara KolmY 2004
Barbara Lal Y2010
Barry Bracewell-Milnes1Y 1973
Barry Russell MaleyY 2000
Barun S. MitraY 2002
Ben RastY 2008
Benedikt KoehlerY 2007
Benito Solis Mendoza Y2012
Benjamin Klein1Y 1972
Benjamin PowellY 2007
Benjamin ZycherY 2004
Bernhard FeldererY 1988
Bertrand JacquillatY 1986
Bertrand LemennicierY 1992
Beryl W. Sprinkel (1923-2009)1Y 1978
Beverly DanielsonY 2007
Bibek DebroyY 2004
Blazej Moder Y2011
Bob Day Y2012
Boudewijn R.A. BouckaertY 1984
Brad Lips Y2011
Bradley K. Hobbs Y2010
Brett Schaefer Y2012
Brian BenfieldY 2004
Brian Lee CrowleyY 2002
Brian WesburyY 2008
Bridgett WagnerY 2002
Bruce BensonY 2007
Bruce Caldwell Y2010
Bruce N. Ames1Y 1990
Bryce Derek WilkinsonY 2000
Burkhard KochY 2002
Byeong-­Ho GongY 1998
C. Bradley Thompson Y2012
C. K. RowleyY 1971
C. Marcel Guarnizo Y2010
Candido Jose Mendes PrunesY 2004
Carl-Johan WestholmY 1980
Carlos A. BallY 1986
Carlos F. CaceresY 1981
Carlos Rodriguez BraunY 1996
Carlos SabinoY 2000
Carlos Zuloaga Y2012
Carolina de BolivarY 1987
Caroline MuhlfenzlY 1998
Carroll Rodriguez Y2010
Casper Hunnerup Dahl Y2012
Catherine M. Blight1Y 1988
Cecile Philippe Y2012
Charles BlankartY 1990
Charles C. CoxY 1984
Charles G. KochY 1970
Charles H. Brunie (1930-2017)Y 1978
Charles Moore Y2011
Charles MurrayY 2000
Charles PlottY 1986
Charles W. BairdY 1986
Chen SunY 1988
Chiaki Nishiyama1,2Y 1965
Chien-Sheng Shih1Y 1964
Chris Berg Y2011
Chris L. TalleyY 2004
Christian Larroulet VignauY 1996
Christian Sandstrom Y2012
Christian Watrin1,2Y 1967
Christine HendersonY 2008
Christof Zellenberg Y2012
Christoph KrausY 1994
Christoph WatrinY 1998
Christopher LingleY 2000
Clark Judge Y2012
Claudia RosettY 1988
Colin D. Campbell1Y 1971
Colleen DybleY 2008
Colleen Haight Y2011
Cotton Lindsay (1940-2015)Y 1969
D. Bruce JohnsenY 1996
Dalibor Rohac Y2011
Dan GrossmanY 2008
Daniel CordovaY 2007
Daniel DoronY 1994
Daniel Green Y2012
Daniel KleinY 2008
Daniel MitchellY 2002
Daniel OliverY 1986
Daniel S. PetersY 1998
Daniel Wagniere Y2010
Danny J. BoggsY 1971
Darryn Jensen Y2012
David Addington Y2012
David Archibald Y2011
David B. Kennedy1Y 1994
David BoazY 1998
David C. RoseY 2004
David Coltart MP Y2011
David E. GayY 1984
David FriedmanY 1974
David G. GreenY 1992
David I. FandY 1988
David I. Meiselman (1924-2014)1Y 1968
David Keyston (1925-2016)1Y 1971
David Levy Y2012
David Macpherson Y2010
David MorrisonY 2004
David NottY 2004
David O’Mahony1Y 1976
David R. HendersonY 1980
David Sanz Bas Y2012
David Tuerck Y2011
Debi Ghate Y2012
Deepak LalY 1986
Deirdre Mccloskey Y2011
Dennis E. LogueY 1984
Dennis L. BarkY 1972
Derwood S. Chase Jr.Y 2004
Detmar DoeringY 1996
Diana Denman Y2012
Dick Larry1Y 1976
Digby AndersonY 1982
Dominique Lazanski Y2012
Donald House Sr. Y2010
Donald J. DevineY 1976
Dora de AmpueroY 2000
Douglas B. RasmussenY 2007
Douglas H. GinsburgY 1996
Douglas J. Den UylY 2004
Douglas K. AdieY 1976
Douglas L. Bandow1Y 2004
Dragan LakicevicY 2002
Dusan Triska Y2012
Dwight R. LeeY 1984
E. Heuss1Y 1965
Eamonn ButlerY 1984
Eduard J. BomhoffY 1990
Eduardo A. MayoraY 1996
Eduardo Abril Y2012
Eduardo HelgueraY 1988
Eduardo MartyY 2004
Eduardo Stordeur Y2012
Edward H. CraneY 1986
Edward Lopez Y2011
Edward Rule Y2010
Edward StringhamY 2007
Edwin J. Feulner2Y 1972
Edwin Meese, III1Y 1980
Edwin Van De Haar Y2011
Ekkehard WengerY 1990
Elena LeontjevaY 2004
Emilio PachecoY 1998
EmilXMaria ClaassenY 1990
Emmanuel Martin Y2011
Enrique AltamiranoMadrizY 1968
Enrique GhersiY 1994
Enrique S. SanchezY 1968
Ephraim Gildor Y2012
Eric Crampton Y2010
Erich WeedeY 1992
ErnstJoachim Mestmaecker1Y 1962
Esserrhini Farissi Y2011
Esteban F. ThomsenY 1988
Eustace G. Davie1Y 1984
F. William Ballou1Y 1969
Federico Salazar Y2011
Felix R. Montes1Y 1976
Fernando Linares BeltranenaY 1976
Fernando MonterrosoY 1994
Flavia Santinoni Vera Y2012
Florin AftalionY 1990
Francisco CabrilloY 1990
Francisco Garces G.1Y 1998
Francisco Perez de AntonY 1980
Frank H. EasterbrookY 1986
Frank van DunY 1984
Franz Schellhorn Y2012
Fred Aftalion1Y 1971
Fred Mcmahon Y2011
Fred R. Glahe1Y 1976
Fred S. McChesneyY 1996
Fred Smith Jr. Y2012
Fred YoungY 2007
Frederic FransenY 2007
Fredrik BergstromY 2004
Fritz ThomasY 2007
Gabriel Calzada Y2012
Gabriel RothY 2002
Gabriel SteinY 2004
Gareth Malcolm Bloor Y2011
Gary D. LibecapY 1992
Gary S. Becker (1930-2014)2Y 1969
Gary SturgessY 1996
Geld HabermanY 2000
Geoffrey BrennanY 1987
Geoffrey Hogbin Y2011
George H. PearsonY 1971
George Koether (1907-2006)1Y 1959
George L. PriestY 1994
George Reisman1Y 1986
George ShultzY 1978
George Szasz1Y 1972
George W. Hilton1Y 1962
Gerald Dwyer Y2010
Gerald H. FickenscherY 2004
Gerald P. O’Driscoll, Jr.Y 1976
Gerard BramoulleY 1998
Gerardo BongiovanniY 2007
Gerhard SchwarzY 1986
German Concha Y2011
Gerrit MeijerY 1988
Gerry OhrstromY 2007
Giancarlo Ibarguen S. (1963-2016)Y 1998
Gilles Saint-paul Y2011
Giuseppe Marzano Y2011
Gonzalo Melian Marrero Y2012
Gordon L. BradyY 1994
Gordon St. Angelo (1927-2011)Y 1980
Gordon Tullock (1922-2014)Y 1962
Greg Lindsay AO2Y 1982
Gregory ChristainsenY 1988
Guido Pincione Y2012
Guillermo Cabieses Y2011
Guillermo Lousteau Y2012
Guillermo M. YeattsY 1998
Guity NashatY 1988
Gustav E. Grisard1Y 1990
Gustav Von Hertzen (1930-2013) Y2012
Guy Plunier1Y 1982
H. C. Erich Hoppmann (1923-2007)1Y 1969
H. Joachim Maitre1Y 1980
H.G. MonissenY 1980
Hakan G. GergilsY 1998
Hanne JanesY 1990
Hannes H. GissurarsonY 1984
Hans Otto Lenel (1917-2016)1Y 1964
Hans Willgerodt1Y 1959
Hardy BouillonY 1992
Harold Demsetz1Y 1965
Harry Teasley, Jr.1Y 1998
Hartmut KliemtY 1990
Hector Siracusano1Y 1994
Heinrich TreichlY 1996
Heinrich W. UrsprungY 1990
Hendrik Heinze Y2011
Henri ChazanY 2008
Henri LepageY 1978
Henrik Jordahl Y2010
Henry GailliotY 2002
Henry Maksoud (1929-2014)1Y 1978
Henry Manne (1928-2015)1Y 1968
Henry N. ButlerY 1996
Herbert Grubel1Y 1988
Herman J. Obermayer (1924-2016)Y 2000
Hermann May1Y 1994
Hilton RootY 2000
Hisashi YamadaY 2000
Holger SchmiedingY 1992
Hubertus von WelckY 2007
Hugo J. van ReijenY 2007
Ian VasquezY 2000
Ignacio Ibanez Ferrandiz Y2012
Inchul Kim Y2010
Ingrid GreggY 2002
Isaac EhrlichY 1998
Isabel Muehlfenzl1Y 1982
Israel M. Kirzner1Y 1967
Itaru ShimazuY 1996
Ivan AlonsoY 2008
Ivan SvejnaY 2002
J. Clayburn LaForceY 1976
Jacques GarelloY 1982
Jacques RaimanY 1990
Jagadeesh Gokhale Y2010
James A. DornY 1990
James A. Sadowsk1Y 1984
James Allan Y2010
James Cox PSM Y2011
James GwartneyY 1986
James Lawson Y2011
James M. Buchanan1,2Y 1957
James OttesonY 2008
James PieresonY 2000
James Q. WhitakerY 2005
James R. LothianY 1982
James ShikwatiY 2005
James T. BennettY 1982
James TooleyY 2002
Jameson Campaigne, Jr.Y 1971
Jan BrzeskiY 2007
Jan Lombard1Y 1978
Jan Pavlik Y2010
Jan Winiecki (1938-2016)Y 1992
Janet Albrechttsen Y2011
Jargalsaikhan DambadarjaaY 2008
Jason Potts Y2011
JeanLuc MigueY 2000
JeanPierre CentiY 1992
JeanXJacques RosaY 1992
Jeff BennettY 2008
Jeff R. ClarkY 1996
Jeff SandeferY 2004
Jeffrey Rogers HummelY 2007
Jennifer Roback MorseY 1988
Jenny Lindsay Y2010
Jerry L. JordanY 1988
Jesus Huerta de SotoY 1982
Jiri SchwarzY 1994
Jiri Weigl Y2012
Jo Ann KwongY 1996
Joachim StarbattyY 2004
Joaquin P. TrigoY 1992
Joel M. SternY 1996
Johan NorbergY 2002
John A. BadenY 1988
John B. EggerY 1976
John BarryY 2008
John Blundell (1952-2014)Y 1990
John Chisholm Y2012
John Exter (1910-2006)1Y 1974
John G. GreenwoodY 1978
John Garen Y2010
John GoodmanY 1988
John H. HaringY 2002
John H. MooreY 1969
John Howard Y2010
John Humphreys Y2011
John L. McCormackY 2004
John Lee Y2010
John MalekY 2008
John O’SullivanY 1971
John RaisianY 1992
John RoskamY 2008
John StoneY 2008
John Sullivan Y2012
John TaylorY 2008
John Van Huyck Y2010
Jonathan Crowe Y2011
Jonathan H. AdlerY 2004
Jonathan R. MaceyY 1998
Jorge Selume ZarorY 2004
Jose L. CarvalhoY 2000
Jose Luis SardonY 2008
Jose Manuel MoreiraY 1996
Jose Osvaldo de Meira Penna1Y 1994
Jose Rene ScullY 1998
Jose T. RagaY 1984
Joseph Aschheim1Y 1959
Joshua Hall Y2011
Juan CouyoumdjianY 2008
Juan Garrido Y2011
Juan Hidalgo Y2012
Juan RosellY 2002
Juan TorrasY 1990
Juel Briggs Y2011
Julian MorrisY 2002
Juliane Bernholz CavalliY 1996
Julie Novak Y2011
Julio PascualY 1974
Karen HornY 2000
Karl Peter SchwarzY 2002
Ken SchoollandY 2008
Kenji Komatsu1Y 1978
Kenneth LehnY 1986
Kenneth Minogue (1930-2013)1Y 1998
Kenneth Sheffer Y2012
Kenneth W. ClarksonY 1982
Kevin MurphyY 2008
Khalil Ahmad Y2011
Krassen Stanchev S. Y2010
Larry P. ArnnY 1996
Lars Christensen Y2012
Lars Nordbakken Y2011
Lars P. FeldY 2008
Lawrence H. WhiteY 2004
Lawrence Mone Y2011
Lawrence Reed Y2011
Leland B. Yeager1Y 1957
Lenore Hawkins Y2011
Leon Gomez Rivas M. Y2011
Leon M. LouwY 1978
Leonard P. Liggio (1933-2014)1,2Y 1984
Leonid Nikonov Y2011
Leonidas ZelmanovitzY 2004
Linda WhetstoneY 1976
Ljubo Sirc (1920-2016)1Y 1965
Lorenzo Bernaldo De Quiros Y2011
Louis De Alessi1Y 1984
Lovett C. Peters1Y 1984
Lowell C. Smith (1921-2016)1Y 1988
Luis A. Pazoz de la TorreY 1982
Luis Larraín ArroyoY 2004
Luis ReigY 1965
Lydia OrtegaY 2004
Lynne Kiesling Y2012
M.A.G Van Meerhaeghe1Y 1988
Madsen PirieY 1976
Mahesh P. Bhatt1Y 1980
Maja Drakic Grgur Y2012
Mamadou Koulibaly Y2010
Manfred E. StreitY 1986
Manuel SanchezY 2002
Marc Cools Y2012
Marc Sidwell Y2012
Márcio Chalegre CoimbraY 2007
Margaret TseY 2008
Maria de Los Angeles Murillo PenarandaY 2004
Maria Gabriela MradY 2002
Marian Tupy Y2012
Marilyn FlowersY 1984
Mario Villarreal Y2012
Marjorie Seldon1Y 1990
Mark A. SkousenY 2002
Mark Littlewood Y2011
Mark PenningtonY 2008
Markus RothkopfY 2004
Marsha ArdY 1990
Mart LaarY 2007
Martin Anderson (1936-2015)Y 1965
Martin JanssenY 1987
Martin KrauseY 2000
Martin Simonetta Y2011
Martin WassellY 1978
Marty ZupanY 2008
Mary Bennett Peterson1Y 1968
Mary O’GradyY 2008
Massimiliano Neri Y2012
Mathieu Laine Y2012
Mats Johansson (1951-2017)Y 1990
Matt Kibbe Y2010
Maurice L. Newman ACY 1976
Meinolf DierkesY 1980
Meir Zylberberg1Y 1969
Mercedes Pizarro Santos Y2011
Micah FrankelY 2007
Michael Boeheim Y2012
Michael DarlingY 2007
Michael De AlessiY 2000
Michael Folie Y2011
Michael J. Novak, Jr. (1933-2017)1Y 1992
Michael ParkinY 1986
Michael R. DarbyY 1976
Michael WalkerY 1982
Michael WohlgemuthY 2007
Michael ZoellerY 1992
Michel Kelly GagnonY 2004
Michelle Vachris Y2012
Milica Vukotic Y2010
Milorad Katnic Y2011
Mohit Satyanand Y2011
Montgomery Brown Y2010
Morton C. BlackwellY 2007
Motoo Kaji1Y 1976
N. Raymond EvansY 1988
Nand Kishore Singh Y2011
Naomi Moldofsky1Y 1976
Neera Badhwar Y2010
Neville KennardY 2007
Niall Ferguson Y2011
Niclas BerggrenY 2004
Nicolas HerreraY 2007
Nicolas Marques Y2012
Nigel Ashford Y2010
Nikolai Wenzel Y2011
Nils KarlsonY 1998
NilsXEric SandbergY 1988
Nobuyuki NakaharaY 1970
Nouh Harmouzi Y2011
Oliver Knipping Y2012
Oliver Marc Hartwich Y2010
Orlando de SolaY 1982
Oscar E. SchnellY 1992
Otto BronsPetersenY 1996
Otto von Habsburg (1912-2011)1Y 1960
Owen R. SmithY 2000
Pablo MartinezY 2004
Parth ShahY 2000
Pascal Salin2Y 1980
Patrick J. Parker1Y 1971
Patrick WelterY 1998
Paul A. Hatry1Y 1969
Paul Aligica Dragos Y2012
Paul BelienY 1996
Paul de Valensart SchoenmaeckersY 1984
Paul H. RubinY 2004
Paul L. Poirot1Y 1966
Paul Oslington Y2011
Paul W. McCrackenY 1968
Pauline Dixon Y2011
Pawel Lisiewicz Y2012
Pedro Schwartz GironY 1979
Petar IvanovicY 2007
Peter Bernholz1Y 1976
Peter HolleY 2007
Peter J. BoettkeY 1996
Peter J. Boxall AO Y2011
Peter J. Duignan (1926-2012)Y 1982
Peter J. HillY 1992
Peter Jungen Y2010
Peter KaznacheevY 2004
Peter KurrildKlitgaardY 1998
Peter LewinY 2007
Peter Mentzel Y2011
Peter SteinY 1990
Peter Whybrow Y2011
Petri Kajander Y2011
Philip BoothY 2008
Philippe Nemo Y2012
Phillip N. TruluckY 1990
Phillipp Bagus Y2012
Pierre BessardY 2007
Pierre GarelloY 2000
Pramit Pal ChaudhuriY 2004
Pythagoras Petratos Y2012
R. H. Coase1Y 1948
Rakesh WadhwaY 2004
Ralph Raico (1936-2016)Y 1996
Ramiro Alfaro1Y 1982
Ramon P. Diaz (1926-2017)1,2Y 1969
Ramon Parellada Y2011
Randall HolcombeY 2007
Randy E. BarnettY 1998
Ray BallY 1986
Razeen Sally Y2011
Reed Larson1Y 1978
Rhodes Boyson (1925-2012)1Y 1974
Ricardo Zuloaga (1919-2011)1Y 1976
Richard A. Bilas1Y 1976
Richard A. Ware1Y 1970
Richard ArmeyY 1998
Richard B. BleibergY 1988
Richard EbelingY 1998
Richard EpsteinY 1990
Richard L. StroupY 1986
Richard Lanham Y2011
Richard ShieldsY 2008
Richard W. DuesenbergY 1986
Richard W. RahnY 1984
Richard YueChim WongY 1992
Richard Zundritsch Y2012
Rita Ricardo-Campbell1Y 1959
Riyad Hammad Y2011
Robert A. LawsonY 2004
Robert A. SiricoY 1990
Robert Carling Y2011
Robert E. LeuY 1990
Robert FormainiY 2004
Robert Ian Mcewin Y2010
Robert J. BarroY 1990
Robert L. Schuettinger1Y 1964
Robert M. Gaylord, Jr. (1916-2006)1Y 1969
Robert Nef NyffelerY 2000
Robert Poole, Jr.Y 1988
Robert ReillyY 1984
Robert SauerY 2007
Robert W. VivianY 2002
Roberto C. Rios1Y 1976
Roberto Perez Y2011
Roberto Salinas-LeonY 1992
Roberto Salinas­PriceY 1982
Rocio Guijarro Y2011
Roger BateY 2002
Roger Douglas1Y 1998
Roger FoxY 2007
Roger Garrison Y2011
Roger L. Kerr (1945-2011)Y 1986
Roger Ream Y2012
Roland Baader (1940-2012)Y 1996
Roland TichyY 2002
Roland VaubelY 1978
Romulo Lopez Y2011
Romulo Lopez-SabandoY 2000
Ronald A. CassY 1992
Ronald Brown Manners1Y 1998
Ronald HamowyY 1964
Ronald JonesY 2000
Ronald Kitching1Y 1978
Ronald L. Trowbridge1Y 1980
Roszell HunterY 2000
Roy E. CordatoY 2004
Roy MardenY 1998
Russell S. SobelY 2007
Ruta Vainiene Y2012
Ruth RichardsonY 1996
Sally PipesY 1986
Sam PeltzmanY 1969
Saminathan S. AiyarY 2004
Samuel GreggY 2004
Samuel H. Husbands, Jr.1Y 1969
Sandra Peart Y2012
Sayo Kaji1Y 1974
Scott Beaulier Y2011
Sergio Ricossa (1927-2016)1Y 1960
Serguey BraguinskyY 2000
Seth G. AtwoodY 1972
Shinichi IchimuraY 1971
Shoichi ItoY 2007
Siegfried Herzog Y2011
Sinclair Davidson Y2011
Stan Liebowitz Y2011
Stefan Kolev Y2012
Stephen Davies Y2011
Stephen Kirchner Y2010
Stephen Klimczuk Y2012
Stephen LittlechildY 1976
Steven CheungY 1977
Steven G. HorwitzY 1996
Steven Kates Y2011
Steven Schwartz Y2010
Stuart ButlerY 1992
Sture Eskilsson (1930-2016)1Y 1982
Suri RatnapalaY 1998
Surjit BhallaY 2004
Surse Pierpoint Y2012
T. Alan RussellY 1994
Tanveer Ahmed Y2011
Teizo TayaY 1988
Temba NolutshunguY 2004
Terence Kealey Y2010
Terry AndersonY 1988
Terry Anker Y2011
The Lord Howe Of Aberavon1Y 1969
Theresa Kibbe Y2010
Thomas Borcherding (1939-2014)Y 1986
Thomas C. Stevens1Y 1968
Thomas DiLorenzoY 1990
Thomas Gale MooreY 2007
Thomas HazlettY 1990
Thomas R. Saving1Y 1972
Thomas SowellY 1982
Thor Bang1Y 1982
Tibor R. Machan (1939-2016)Y 1980
Tim Congdon CBE Y2010
Tim Wilson Y2012
Timothy BrowneY 2002
Timothy EvansY 2007
Timothy GoodmanY 2004
Ting-An Chen1Y 1988
Tom G. PalmerY 2002
Toshio MurataY 1974
Ulrich Van LithY 1990
Uwe JohannenY 2007
Vaclav KlausY 1990
Vernon L. Smith1Y 1978
Veronique de RugyY 2002
Veselin VukoticY 2002
Victoria Curzon-Price2Y 1980
Viktor VanbergY 1988
Vladimir ChelminskiY 1998
W. Duncan ReekieY 1990
W. Lee HoskinsY 1990
W. Michael CoxY 2007
W. Russell Lewis1Y 1971
W.C. Stubblebine1Y 1970
Walter BlockY 1984
Walter Castro Y2011
Walter E. Williams1Y 1980
Walter Hamm1Y 1969
Walter R. Livingston1Y 1966
Wan Saiful Wan Jan Y2011
Warren L. CoatsY 1976
Wayne K. Adams1Y 1986
Wernhard MoeschelY 1988
William BeachY 2002
William Breit (1933-2011)1Y 1968
William Easterly Y2011
William F. CampbellY 1974
William H. Adams1Y 1978
William H. Mellor, IIIY 1996
William H. Peterson (1921-2012)1Y 1968
William Niskanen (1933-2011)1Y 1990
William SumnerY 1998
William W. CaruthY 2004
Wolfgang KasperY 1988
Wolfgang Muller1Y 2008
Wolfram Fischer1Y 1982
Yaron Brook Y2011
Yasushi OgasawaraY 2007
Yevgeny VolkY 2004
Yoichi MasuzoeY 2002
Yoshinori ShimizuY 1994
Yoshio Suzuki1Y 1982
Yuan li WuY 1970
Yuji ShimanakaY 1988
Yuko ArayamaY 2007
Zoran DjikanovicY 2008

Representation by Organization

Methodology for Affiliations: Listed organization affiliations range from high ranking positions like “Director” or “President” of a group to lesser affiliations like fellowships and study authors. All information on affiliations has been retrieved from a combination of original Mont Pelerin Society membership documents, SourceWatch, ExxonSecrets, or easily verified web records. Note that not all SourceWatch or ExxonSecrets records have had original sources verified by DeSmog.

Organization# of Individuals with MPS Affiliations
Cato Institute55
The Hoover Institution24
The Independent Institute23
Institute of Economic Affairs22
Heritage Foundation18
Reason Foundation18
Foundation for Economic Education17
American Enterprise Institute16
Atlas Network16
Centre for the New Europe14
George Mason University14
Fraser Institute13
Mercatus Center12
Heartland Institute12
Institute of Public Affairs12
Acton Institute9
Reagan Administration8
Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University8
Property and Environment Research Center8
Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow8
Cash for Comments Economists Network8
Pacific Research Institute7
Philadelphia Society7
Competitive Enterprise Institute7
Institute for Free Enterprise6
Centre for Independent Studies6
Ludwig von Mises Institute6
Manhattan Institute5
International Policy Network5
Virginia Institute for Public Policy5
American Council on Science and Health4
State Policy Network4
Frontier Centre for Public Policy4
Centre for Policy Studies4
The Free Market Foundation4
Adam Smith Institute4
National Center for Policy Analysis4
Instituto Juan de Mariana4
Institute for Justice4
Social Affairs Unit3
Capital Research Center3
Tax Payers Alliance3
Philanthropy Roundtable3
Liberal Party of Australia3
E.G. West Centre3
Public Choice Society3
The Adam Smith Institute3
Liberty Institute3
American Council for Capital Formation3
The Rand Corporation3
James Madison Institute3
Samuel Griffith Society3
Initiative for Public Policy Analysis3
Consumer Alert2
International Climate Science Coalition2
European Institute for Climate and Energy2
Locke Institute2
Center for International Private Enterprise2
Center for the Study of Public Choice2
Council for National Policy2
Mackinac Center for Public Policy2
Instituto Liberdade2
George Marshall Institute2
American Friends of the Institute for Economic Affairs2
Menzies Research Centre2
Free Market Foundation2
American Legislative Exchange Council2
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation2
National Bureau of Economic Research2
America’s Future Foundation2
Global Warming Policy Foundation2
Texas Public Policy Foundation2
Alexis de Tocqueville Institution2
The Earhart Foundation2
Australian Broadcasting Corporation2
American Conservative Union2
Claremont Institute2
The Locke Institute2
Australian Libertarian Society2
Tobacco Institute2
Committee on Taxation and Economic Growth2
Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions2
Hudson Institute2
Renewable Energy Foundation1
Montreal Economic Institute1
Underdog Ventures1
Australian Taxpayers Alliance1
Claude R. Lambe Foundation1
Earhart Foundation1
The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition1
Aspen Institute Italia1
Environmental Literacy Council1
National Tax Limitation Committee1
Eurasian Council on Foreign Affairs1
Atlantic Partnership1
Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision1
Students for Liberty1
European Science and Environment Forum1
Council on Foreign Relations1
Federalist Society1
Working Families for Wal-Mart1
Ford Foundation1
Media Research Center1
Ford Motor Company1
National Federation of Independent Business1
Ayn Rand Institute1
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development1
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education1
Foundation for the Future1
RAND Corporation1
Beacon Hill Institute1
Search for Common Ground1
Bechtel Group, Inc.1
Tech Central Station1
Free Africa Foundation1
Council for Excellence in Government1
Free Congress Foundation1
The Ohrstrom Foundation1
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs1
Freedom Association1
Freedom Works1
Associates for Research in the Science of Enjoyment (ARISE)1
Charles Koch Foundation1
Freeman-Spogli Institute1
Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation1
Belle Haven Consultants1
National Review1
Frontiers of Freedom1
New York City Partnership1
Fund for American Studies1
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies1
Fundacion Libertad1
Philip Morris1
General Motors1
Progress and Freedom Foundation1
Berlin Manhattan Institute1
Queensland Chamber of Commerce1
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions1
Aequus Foundation1
Georgia Public Policy Foundation1
Committee on the Present Danger1
Global Strategic Council1
Common Good1
Brookings Institution1
Tax Foundation1
Globalisation Institute1
The Acton Institute1
Grocery Manufacturers of America1
Australian Climate Science Coalition1
Hayek Society1
Alliance for Retirement Prosperity1
Bruges Group1
The Leadership Institute1
Helen Suzman Foundation1
Discovery Institute1
Alternate Solutions Institute1
US Asia Pacific Council1
Hispanic American Center for Economic Research1
White House Writers Group1
HR Nicholls Society1
Center for the Study of Social and Political Change1
World Growth1
Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe1
Business & Media Institute1
Maine Heritage Policy Center1
Media Institute1
Independent Commission on Environmental Education1
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation1
Independent Contractors of Australia1
MISES Center1
Individual Rights Foundation1
National Association of Manufacturers1
Business Roundtable1
CIVITAS: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society1
Institute for Contemporary Studies1
National Policy Forum1
Institute for Energy Research1
National Security Council1
California Institute for Integral Studies1
Natl. Right to Work Committee1
Institute for Humane Studies – Europe1
New Zealand Climate Science Coalition1
Campaign for New American Policy on Iran1
Pacific Legal Foundation1
American Foreign Policy Council1
Pfizer, Inc.1
Institute for New Economic Thinking1
Carbon Sense Coalition1
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research1
Institute for the Study of Earth and Man1
Principia Scientific International1
Africa Fighting Malaria1
Commentary Magazine1
Institute of Policy Innovation1
Public Diplomacy Council1
American Institutions of Democracy1
Queensland Investment Corporation1
Institute of World Politics1
Committee for the Liberation of Iraq1
Center for Dissemination of Economic Knowledge1
Instituto Liberal1
Royal Institute of International Affairs1
Center for Global Economic Growth1
Save Iraqi Christians1
Inter Region Economic Network1
Searle Freedom Trust1
Intercollegiate Studies Institute1
American Council for Kosovo1
International Center for Economic Growth1
Task Force on the United Nations1
Center for Individual Rights1
Confederation of British Industry1
International Economic Alliance1
Conference Board1
International Freedom Center1
Conservative Party1
International Institute of Economic Research1
The Atlantic Bridge1
Africa Growth Initiative1
The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE)1
International Republican Institute1
The Great Australian Dream Project1
Intl. Chamber of Commerce1
The House of Lords1
Istituto Bruno Leoni1
The Institute of World Politics1
James Lawson Institute1
Center for Security Policy/National Security Advisory Council1
The Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research1
John Locke Foundation1
Donors Capital Fund1
John M. Olin Center for Policy1
University of Buckingham1
John Templeton Foundation1
US Chamber of Commerce1
Lavoisier Group1
Washington Legal Foundation1
Center for the Study of Popular Culture1
William E. Simon Foundation1
Liberty Alliance1
Dow Chemical Co.1
Americans for Tax Reform1
Human Rights Foundation1

Annual Mont Pelerin Society Meetings

The Mont Pelerin Society holds annual meetings at a variety of locations worldwide. An inventory of MPS meetings from 1947 to 1998 is also available.28Mont Pèlerin Society (1947-…),” Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.

The following past meetings are listed on the MPS website: 29Past Meetings,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

Founding Meeting

  • Mont Pelerin, Switzerland, 1947

General Meetings

  • Seelisberg, Switzerland, 1949
  • Bloemendaal, Holland, 1950
  • Beauvallon, France, 1951
  • Seelisberg, Switzerland, 1953
  • Venice, Italy, 1954
  • Berlin, Germany, 1956
  • St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1957
  • Princeton, USA, 1958
  • Oxford, England, 1959
  • Kassel, Germany, 1960
  • Turin, Italy, 1961
  • Knokke, Belgium, 1962
  • Semmering, Austria, 1964
  • Stresa, Italy, 1965
  • Vichy, France, 1967
  • Aviemore, Scotland, 1968
  • Munich, Germany, 1970
  • Montreux, Switzerland, 1972
  • Brussels, Belgium, 1974
  • St. Andrews, Scotland, 1976
  • Hong Kong, 1978
  • Stanford, USA, 1980
  • Berlin, Germany, 1982
  • Cambridge, England, 1984
  • St. Vincent, Italy, 1986
  • Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan, 1988
  • Munich, Germany, 1990
  • Vancouver, Canada, 1992
  • Cannes, France, 1994
  • Vienna, Austria, 1996
  • Washington, D.C., USA, 1998
  • Santiago, Chile, 2000
  • London, England, 2002
  • Salt Lake City, USA, 2004
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2006
  • Tokyo, Japan, 2008
  • Sydney, Australia, 2010
  • Prague, Czech Republic, 2012
  • Hong Kong, China, 2014
  • Miami, Florida, USA, 2016

Regional Meetings

  • Tokyo, Japan , 1966
  • Caracas, Venezuela, 1969
  • Rockford, USA, 1971
  • Salzburg, Austria, 1973
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala, 1973
  • Hillsdale, USA, 1975
  • Paris, France, 1977
  • Amsterdam, Holland, 1977
  • Madrid, Spain, 1979
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 1981
  • Vina del Mar, Chile, 1981
  • Vancouver, Canada, 1983
  • Paris, France, 1984
  • Sydney, Australia, 1985
  • Indianapolis, USA, 1987
  • Christchurch, New Zealand, 1989
  • Antigua, Guatemala, 1990
  • Big Sky, Montana, USA, 1991
  • Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1991
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1993
  • Cape Town, South Africa, 1995
  • Cancun, Mexico, 1996
  • Barcelona, Spain, 1997
  • Vancouver, Canada, 1999
  • Potsdam, Germany, 1999
  • Bratislava, Slovakia, 2001
  • Chattanooga, USA, 2003
  • Hamburg, Germany, 2004
  • Reykjavik, Iceland, 2005
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 2009
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011
  • New Delhi, India, 2011
  • Lima, Peru, 2015
  • Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2017

Special Meetings

  • Taipei, Taiwan , 1978
  • Taipei, Taiwan, 1988
  • Mont Pelerin, Switzerland, 1997
  • Bali, Indonesia, 1999
  • Goa, India, 2002
  • Sri Lanka, 2004
  • Nairobi, Kenya, 2007
  • New York, USA, 2009
  • Istanbul, Turkey, 2011
  • Fez, Morocco, 2012
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, 2013


November 2–5, 2017

The Mont Pelerin Society’s 2017 Special Meeting is scheduled for Stockholm Sweden and titled “The Populist Threats to the Free Society and the Reconstruction of the Liberal Project.” Listed speakers, as of July 2017, included the following:30The Populist Threats to the Free Society and the Reconstruction of the Liberal Project,” Archived July 12, 2017. URL: 31People,” Archived July 12, 2017. URL:

  • Leszek Balcerowicz
  • Peter Boettke
  • Diane Coyle
  • Lars P Feld
  • Karen Horn
  • Timur Kuran
  • Jacob T Levy
  • Amichai Magen
  • Deirdre McCloskey
  • Johan Norberg
  • Benjamin Powell
  • David Schmidtz
  • John Tomasi
  • Luigi Zingales
  • Anders Åslund

May 7–10, 2017

The MPS held a regional meeting in Seoul, Korea titled “Economic Freedom: Roads to Prosperity.” View speakers and papers below.322017 Seoul Regional Meeting Papers,” Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

Presidential Address:
“Economic Policy of a Free Society” by Prof. Peter J. Boettke

Keynote Speech:
“New Threats that the MPS Should Deal With” by Dr. Vaclav Klaus

Session 1:
“Thoughts for Tigers” by Prof. Pedro Schwartz Giron
“Regulations and Economic Freedom” by Prof. Herbert Grubel

Session 2:
“Go Beyond GDP: A Breakthrough in Macroeconomics” by Dr. Mark Skousen
“Statecraft and Liberal Reform in Western Democracies” by Dr. Nils Karlson
“How the Campaign Against Economic Inequality Undermines Political Equality” by Dr. Yaron Brook

Luncheon Speech:
“Advancing Freedom: Key To Ensuring South Korea’s Greater Future” by Dr. Edwin J. Feulner

Session 3:
“Freedom and Welfare: Taxation in the Liberal Tradition” by Prof. Robert Lawson
“Freedom & Welfare: Minimizing Taxation in a Minimal State” by Dr. Benjamin Powell

Dinner Speech:
“Laissez Evoluer” by Mr. Geoil Bok

Session 5:
“Remarks on central banking in times of change” by Dr. Jacob A. Frenkel
“Monetary Policy for a Post-Crisis World” by Prof. John B. Taylor
“Lessons in Managing Fiat Currencies” by Dr. Jerry Jordan

Session 6:
“Ethics of Pure Entrepreneurship : An Austrian Economics Perspective” by Prof. Israel Kirzner
“Uncertainty in Economic Analysis and the Economic Analysis of Uncertainty” by Prof. Lars Peter Hansen
“Adam Smith on Moral Sentiments and the Wealth of Nations: Trust Games; Emergence of Property; Wealth Creation” by Prof. Vernon Smith

Luncheon Speech:
“Entrepreneurial Inspiration” by Prof. Israel Kirzner

Session 7:
“South Korea’s National Security and Unification” by Gen. (Ret.) Hee Sang Kim

Session 8:
“Korea’s Economic Miracle: Government-led or Market-driven?” by Dr. Randall Jones
“Evaluating the Korean Growth Model: Implications for Developing Economies in the 21st Century” byProf. Deepak Lal
“Korea’s Trade Relations and FTA Policy” by Prof. Tae-Ho Bark

Session 9:
“Market Economy and Economic Democratization in Korea” by Dr. Jin Kwon Hyun
“Economic Growth and the Role of a National Leader” by Prof. Jae Wook Ahn
“Labor Reform in Korea” by Prof. Ki Seong Park

Young Scholar Session:
“Deposit Insurance and Growth” by Thomas L. Hogan
“Banning Bitcoin” by Prof. William J. Luther

The full speakers list was published on the 2017 Seoul meeting’s website and included the following: 33Speaker Bios,” Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

September 18–23, 2016

The Mont Pelerin Society’s 2016 General Meeting took place in Miami, Florida, and was titled “The Battle for Freedom: Where We Stand, Roads for Progress.” Speakers and available documents below.342016 Miami Biennial Congress Papers,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

Session 1: Economic Freedom

Session 2: The Rule of Law

Session 3: Welfare State and Redistributive Factions

Session 4: Government Spending

Session 5: History as the Fulcrum of Liberty

Session 6: Moral Foundations of the Free Society

Session 7: The Security of the Free Society

Session 8: The Battle for the Free Society in the Academy and in the World of Think Tanks

The full speakers list was published on the 2016 general meeting’s website and included the following:35Speaker Bios,” Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

August 31–September 5, 2014

The Mont Pelerin Society’s 2014 General Meeting took place in Hong Kong, China, and was titled “Emerging Asia and the Future of Liberty.” Speakers and available documents below.362014 Hong Kong General Meeting Papers,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

Session 1: Prospects Liberal Reforms in Asia
“Japan – Money Matters’ Reconfirmed: ‘Abenomics’ and Japan’s Experience in the Last Quarter Century” by Yoshinori Shimizu
“Korea: ROK’s Deregulation Policy Faces Numerous Obstacles” by Inchul Kim
“The Indian Economy: From Growth to Stagflation” by Deepak Lal

Luncheon Lecture
“Careless Opening Up of Countries (without Keeping the Anchor of the Nation-state) Leads either to Anarchy or to Global Governance: The Lessons of the European Experience” by Vaclav Klaus

Session 3: Prospects for Liberal Reforms in China
“The Power of Ideas and Leadership in China’s Transition to a Liberal Society” by Weiying Zhang

Session 4: Erosion of the Rule of Law and Corruption
“Why the Debate on Freedom in Development Fails to Happen” by William Easterly

Session 5: On Ronald Coase: His Work and Consequence
Coase on China: Property Rights and Transaction Costs Revisited” by Pedro Schwartz
“Ronald Coase, Firms and Markets” by George Priest

Session 6: Intergenerational Inequality and the Middle Class
“The Fate of America’s Middle-Class, 1975 to Present: Face and Fiction” by Donald Boudreaux

Session 7: The Coming Inflation Threat
“The Coming Inflation Threat” by Pascal Salin
“What would Milton Freidman Have Thought of Market Monetarism?” by Scott Summer
“The Future of Inflation” by Edward Lazear

Session 8: China and the World
“China: Some Strategic Considerations” by Edward Luttwak

Session 9: Social Engineering and Demography in China
“Demographics and Entrepreneurship” by James Jian-Zhang Liang
“The Impact of China’s On Child Policy and Prospects for Change in China” By Andrea Den Boer

Session 10: The Past and Future of Liberalism
“The Slow and Hidden Road to Serfdom” by Peter Bernholz

The 2014 conference website lists a full list of speakers37Speakers,” The Mont Pelerin Society General Meeting 2014. Archived July 11, 2017. URL: and a detailed conference program. The full speakers list was as follows:38Conference Program,” The Mont Pelerin Society General Meeting 2014. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

Speaker NameLocationDescription
Timothy BeardsonHong KongChairman, Ilex Partners
Peter BernholzSwitzerlandRetired Full Professor, Department of Economics and Business (WWZ), Universitaet Basel
Surjit Singh BhallaIndiaChairman, Oxus Investments Pvt. Ltd.
Donald BoudreauxUSAProfessor of Economics, George Mason University
Zhiwu ChenUSAProfessor of Finance, Yale School of Management
Den BoerCanadaSenior Lecturer in International Relations, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent (UK)
William EasterlyUSAProfessor of Economics, Co-director of Development Research Institute, New York University
Inchul KimSouth KoreaProfessor, Department of Economics, Sung Kyun Kwan University
Vaclav KlausCzech RepublicVaclav Klaus Institute, Former President of Czech Republic
Mark KlugmannEl SalvadorCo-Chairman, Permanent Commission of the ZEDE, LEAP Jurisdiction of Honduras
Deepak LalUKJames S Coleman Professor Emeritus of International Development Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
Edward LazearUSAProfessor, Grad School of Business and Hoover Institution – Stanford University
James Jian Zhang LiangChinaResearch Professor, Peking University
Edward LuttwakUSASr Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Roderick MacfarquharUSALeroy B. Williams Research Professor of History and Political Science, Harvard University
Deidre MccloskeyUSADistinguished Professor of Economics, History, English, and Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago
Kevin MurphyUSAGeorge J. Stigler Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, The University of Chicago
George PriestUSAEdward J. Phelps Professor of Law and Economics and Kauffman, Yale University
Pascal SalinFranceProfessor Emeritus of Economics, University Paris-Dauphine
Pedro SchwartzSpainFundacion del Pino Reasearch Professor, Faculty of Economics, San Pablo University in Madrid
Yoshinori ShimizuJapanProfessor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University
Scott SumnerUSAProfessor, Economics Department, Bentley University
John TaylorUSAMary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Chee-Hwa TungHong KongFirst Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government, Vice Chairman of the Twelfth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
R. Bin WongUSADistinguished Professor, History; Director of the UCLA Asia Institute, Center for Chinese Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
Chenggang XuHong KongQuoin Professor in Economic Development, School of Economics and Finance, The University of Hong Kong
Weiying ZhangChinaSinar Mas Chair Professor of Economics, National School of Development, Peking University
Luigi ZingalesUSARobert C. McCormack Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, The University of Chicago Booth, School of Business

June 22–29, 2013

The MPS held a “special meeting” in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. The meeting was titled “Evolution, the Human Sciences and Liberty” and speakers were listed as follows:39The Speakers,” Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

September 2–7, 2012

The Mont Pelerin Society’s 2012 General Meeting took place in Prague, and was titled “New Space for Competition.” Speakers and documents below.40Prague 2012 Papers,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

“Economic downturn and socialist reengineering”
Sam Peltzman (USA)
Jesús Huerta de Soto (Spain)
Allan Meltzer (USA)

“Welfare states versus capitalism”
Peter Boettke (USA)
Lars Feld (Germany)
Lars Christensen (Denmark)

“Milton Friedman at 100”
Kevin Murphy (USA)
Rolf Lüders (Chile)

“Regional integration – end of nation states”
Roland Vaubel (Germany)
Boris Begovic (Serbia)
Jiri Weigl (Czech Republic)

“Contribution of the euro to the European crisis”
George Selgin (USA)
Otmar Issing (Germany)
Mojmir Hampl (Czech Republic)

“Ludwig von Mises – original thinker and co-founder of the Mont Pelerin Society”
Richard Ebeling (USA)
Guido Hülsmann (Germany, France)
Josef Sima (Czech Republic)

“New directions in liberalism”
Niclas Berggren (Sweden)
Jan Oravec (Slovakia)
Hardy Bouillon (Germany)

“How much government involvement in the 21st century education?”
John O´Sullivan (USA)
James Tooley (UK)
Michal Semin (Czech Republic)

“European fiscal harmonization”
Enrico Colombatto (Italy)
Hans Olaf Henkel (Germany)

“Rise of new –isms and classical liberalism”
Vaclav Klaus (Czech Republic)
Gerhard Schwarz (Switzerland)

“The continuing financial crisis”
Robert Barro (USA)


In 2010, when members held a meeting in Australia, Perth-based mining magnate and member Ron Manners extended an invitation to those making the trip.41Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

A 2010 Mont Pelerin Society newsletter obtained by DeSmog explained how Manners, whose think tank has hosted climate science denier Christopher Monckton, had organised a “fascinating tour” of mining and energy sites including a day tour of the remote Pilbara region described as the “ground zero” of the mining boom.42Graham Readfearn. “Exclusive: Mont Pelerin Society Revealed As Home To Leading Pushers Of Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, January 14, 2014.

March, 2009

The MPS held a “special meeting” in New York titled “The End of Globalizing Capitalism? Classical Liberal Responses to the Global Financial Crisis.” View speakers and papers below.43New York City 2009 Papers,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

“The Historical and International Context”
Prof. Niall Ferguson
Prof. Arnold Harberger
Martin Wolf
Prof. Richard Cooper

“Theoretical Perspectives”
Prof. Axel Leijonhufvud
Prof. Peter Boettke
Prof. Tim Congdon

“The US Crisis: Origins and Outcomes”
Anna Schwartz
Prof. John Taylor
Prof. Henry Manne
Holger Schmieding

Steve Forbes
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“International Responses”
Prof. Justin Lin
Antonio Martino
John Greenwood
Prof. Hannes Gissurarson
Greg Lindsay

“Whither the US?”
Prof. Harold Demsetz
Amity Shlaes
Rod Hunter

September, 2008

During the MPS general meeting in Tokyo, Vaclav Klaus outlined what he believed should be the group’s “long term agenda” to deal with “current global warming alarmistm.” Klaus spoke in Session 1 on “Global Warming, Environment and Free Markets” along with Kevin M. Murphy and Edward L. Glaeser. View documents below.44Tokyo 2008 Papers,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

“Global Warming, Environment and Free Markets”
Vaclav Klaus
Kevin M. Murphy
Edward L. Glaeser

“Biotechnology, Ethics and Free Markets”
Raphael Vicuna
Angelo M. Petroni
Julian Savulescu

“Healthcare in Free Markets”
Edward P. Lazear
William A. Niskanen
John C. Goodman

“Impact of Information Technology on Freedom and Communication”
Myron S. Scholes
Pedro Schwartz
Tony Curzon Price

“Asian Economic Growth: How Important Were Free Markets?”
Junichi Ujiie
Richard Wong
Kaushik Basu

“International Spread of Technology”
Francisco Gil Diaz
Yoshinori Shimizu
Naushad Forbes

“Digital Divide: Poverty, Income Inequality and Education”
Pascal Salin
Gary S. Becker

August, 2008

A former member of the Mont Pelerin Society, Paul Craig Roberts announced that he would be resigning from the group.45Paul Craig Roberts. “I Resign From the Mont Pelerin Society,”, August 21, 2008. Archived July 10, 2017. URL:

“I have come to the conclusion that the Mont Pelerin Society is no longer an effective force for freedom, becoming instead another tool in behalf of US hegemony, ringing Russia with US military bases and puppet governments in the name of ‘supporting democracy’,” Roberts wrote. “I don’t see how the society can function in behalf of liberty when its long-time Treasurer is so closely associated with the Republican Party, now thoroughly neoconized,” he added.

February, 2007

The MPS held a “special meeting” in Nairobi, Kenya titled “The Institutional Framework for Freedom in Africa.” View speakers and papers below.46Kenya 2007 Papers,” The Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

“Why not Freedom Everywhere in Africa”
President’s Opening Address
Greg Lindsay

“Is Botswana Exportable?”
Scott Beaulier

“20 Myths About Markets”
Tom Palmer

“What is the Rule of Law?”
Leon Louw

“The Rule of Law: Leapfrogging Corrupt Courts through Cyberspace”
Doug Ginsberg

“Secure Property Rights –– The Foundation of Prosperity and Freedom in Africa”
Wolfgang Kasper

“Paths to Property: Creating Property Rights in Africa”
Karol Boudreaux

“The Role of Government”
Suri Ratnapala
Ayanda Khumalo

August, 2005

The MPS held a regional meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland titled “Liberty and Property in the 21st Century.” View speakers and papers below.47Iceland 2005 Papers,” Mont Pelerin Society. Archived July 11, 2017. URL:

“The Importance of Liberty and Property in Africa”
Dr. Roger Bate

“Iceland Challenges and Opportunities”
The Hon. David Oddsson

“Antitrust Law: Lessons from the US”
Judge Douglas H Ginsburg

Tolerance and Free Trade: The Case of Switzerland
Prof. Victoria Curzon-Price

Order Without Government: The Icelandic Commonwealth of 930-1262
Prof. Birgir Thor Runolfsson

Testing Economics of Institutions in Iceland
Prof. Thrainn Eggertsson

Barbed Wireless and the Vertical Structure of Property Rights
Dr. Thomas W Hazlett

Property Rights Quality and Economic Efficiency
Prof. Ragnar Arnason

Science, Sanctions, and Cetaceans: Who Should Own the Whales
Michael De Alessi

Do We Need a Government
Prof. David Friedman

As Seen from a Post Communist Country Situated in Predominantly Post Democratic Europe
Vaclav Klas

The Privatization of the Oceans
Prof. Rognvaldur Hannesson
Prof. Hannes H. Gissurarson

The State in Liberal Theory
Prof. Boudewijn Bouckaert

Atlas Network (Formerly Atlas Economic Research Foundation)

MPS society member Antony Fisher went on to establish a wide range of think tanks including the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in Europe, and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. A 1995 issue of The Executive Intelligence Review outlined a number of initial “Mont Pelerin Society front groups established through the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.”48“Mont Pelerin Society’s fascist international” (PDF), IER, Vol. 22 No. 8 (February 17, 1995). Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.

As of 2017, The Atlas Network had grown to over 479 organizations worldwide. Of those, over 100 Atlas members are also connected to individuals who are members of the Mont Pelerin Society (see table below).49Global Directory,” Atlas Network. Accessed July 8, 2017. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog

* Note that the individual affiliations used to cross-reference this list were obtained from SourceWatch, ExxonSecrets, and web searches. Not all original sources have been verified by DeSmog. The full list may be larger if all aliases are accounted for.

Cato Institute
The Hoover Institution
The Independent Institute
Institute of Economic Affairs
Heritage Foundation
Reason Foundation
Foundation for Economic Education
American Enterprise Institute
George Mason University
Fraser Institute
Institute of Public Affairs
Mercatus Center
Heartland Institute
Acton Institute
Property and Environment Research Center
Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University
Pacific Research Institute
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Philadelphia Society
Institute for Free Enterprise
Centre for Independent Studies
Liberty Fund
Virginia Institute for Public Policy
Manhattan Institute
Universidad Francisco Marroquin
National Center for Policy Analysis
The Free Market Foundation
State Policy Network
Institute for Justice
Frontier Centre for Public Policy
Centre for Policy Studies
Adam Smith Institute
Instituto Juan de Mariana
E.G. West Centre
Philanthropy Roundtable
James Madison Institute
The Adam Smith Institute
Liberty Institute
Capital Research Center
Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
Libertad y Desarrollo
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Free Market Foundation
American Conservative Union
Australian Libertarian Society
Friedrich August v. Hayek Institute
The Ratio Institute
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
America’s Future Foundation
Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism
Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions
American Friends of the Institute for Economic Affairs
American Legislative Exchange Council
Claremont Institute
Instituto Liberdade
Hudson Institute
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Berlin Manhattan Institute
Hispanic American Center for Economic Research
Fundación Internacional por la Libertad
Institute of Policy Innovation
Tax Foundation
Federalist Society
The Leadership Institute
Americans for Tax Reform
Network for a Free Society
Instituto Liberal
Ayn Rand Institute
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Hayek Society
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
CIVITAS: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society
Istituto Bruno Leoni
Human Rights Foundation
Association for Liberal Thinking
Institute for Economic Studies (Europe)
John Locke Foundation
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions
Liberal Institute (Prague)
Pacific Legal Foundation
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Fundacion Libertad
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
Freedom Association
Globalisation Institute
Lithuanian Free Market Institute
Students for Liberty
Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe
Centro de Investigaciones sobre la libre Empresa
The F.A. Hayek Foundation
Maine Heritage Policy Center
Barry Goldwater Institute for Public Policy Research
Center for Political Studies
The Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress
Mannkal Economic Education Foundation
The Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
Media Research Center
Beacon Hill Institute
Alternate Solutions Institute
Walter Eucken Institut
Montreal Economic Institute
Fund for American Studies

Contact & Address

The Mont Pelerin Society50“Frequently Asked Questions” (PDF),, Jun 13, 2017. Archived .pdf on file at Desmog.
c/o Probasco Distinguished Chair of Free Enterprise
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
313 Fletcher Hall, Dept. 6106
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598
United States

Voice 1-423-425-4118 (inside the U.S.)
Voice +01- 423-425-4118 (outside the U.S.)
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Fax +01-423-425-5218 (outside the U.S.)
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