Brian Hooks

Brian Hooks


  • B.A., Political Science, University of Michigan (1996 – 2000). [1]


Brian Hooks became president of the Charles Koch Foundation as of July 1, 2014. Prior to working at the Charles Koch Foundation, Hooks was the chief operating officer and executive director of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University where he “led strategy and oversaw all programs and operations.” [2]

Hooks is also president of the Charles Koch Institute and chairman of the Seminar Network, a group of Koch-affiliated groups. He is also chairman of Stand Together, a “venture philanthropy” 501(c)(3) organization also controlled by the Kochs. [3], [4]

As of 2018, Hooks had spent almost 20 years working in various capacities in the Koch network and had become one of Charles Koch’s top deputies, according to a Politico Magazine article outlining the future of the Koch network. [5]

In May 2019, the Koch operation announced that the Seminar Network would be reorganizing under a new name, Stand Together, with Brian Hooks continuing to lead the new organization on a daily basis. [13]

Stance on Climate Change

In his position as president of both the Charles Koch Foundation and the Charles Koch Institute, Hooks has helped distribute large portions of the more than-$127 million dollars that has gone from Koch Family Foundations to groups trying to weaken climate change science and policy since 1997. [6]

The Mercatus Center has also released studies questioning the evidence for man-made climate change, while itself receiving more than $9 million from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation over the years. [7]

Key Quotes

May 2019

Following the Koch announcement that the Seminar Network would be reorganizing under a new name, Stand Together, Brian Hooks said: [13]

For too many years, we’ve let people define us. Going forward, we’re going to define ourselves. This is really about helping to better define who we are. It’s a reflection of who we’ve become.”

June 15, 2014

Hooks spoke at a seminar “Leverage Science and the Universities”: (Emphasis added) [8]

“Universities can have a major influence on the national conversation, but it doesn’t happen by accident. So as strategists, most of the research and teaching that’s done at universities throughout the country really does have an impact. And so as Ryan said, we’re outnumbered. Our job is to make sure that we’ve got a strategy for our work to have a disproportionate impact.”

Hooks added how the Mercatus Center could be used to publish its own reports useable by the “network”: (Emphasis added): [8]

“And so where I work, The Mercatus Center at George Mason University, just for example, we put together a collection – the largest collection, in fact, of free market faculty that exists anywhere at any university anywhere in the world. What that means is that that these guys are producing research that groups in this network can rely on to advance economic freedom every single day. In practical terms, we put out about 1,600 relevant studies […]”

He added that, through network funding, they are applying that strategy to embed free market centers inside universities across the country: [8]

‘Now, thanks in large part to the investment that this network has made, we have founded new university research centers around the country. We can take that model and expand economic freedom […] the freedom movement […]”


“The Koch family is among the most generous in the long tradition of American philanthropists who have helped ensure a thriving and dynamic civil society in our country,” Hooks said in a statement when it was announced he would be the Charles Koch Foundations’ next president. [2]

Key Deeds

April 3, 2019

Hooks spoke alongside Charles Koch at the 2019 Global Philanthropy Forum Conference. Video below: [9]

Alliance magazine‘s Patrick Alley noted the distinct lack of mention of climate change at the session. [10]

“Jane Wales’ neatly put question on the subject was enthusiastically leapt upon by Hooks, and immediately kicked into some very long grass, never to reappear,” Alley wrote. 

June 15, 2014

Hooks spoke at a seminar “Leverage Science and the Universities” where he outlined the strategy of the Mercatus Center, using funding from the “network,” to create free market groups embedded in universities across the country. The goal would be to have a “disproportionate impact” and use those groups to publish “research that groups in this network can rely on.” [8]


Social Media


Brian Hooks does not appear to regularly publish in any journals or papers.


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Profile image screenshot of April 2-19 Global Philanthropy Forum presentation, via YouTube.

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