Pesticide Giant Criticised for ‘Greenwashing’ Partnership with French Influencer

Bayer, the world’s second largest crop chemicals company, sponsored a French influencer to create and share pro-pesticides content with over 300,000 followers on her Instagram account, an investigation has revealed. Jenny Letellier – one of France’s biggest YouTubers with nearly 4 million subscribers – has come under fire for the sponsored content, which was broadcasted […]

Conservative MP Set to Pocket £153,600 from Fossil Fuel-Linked Firms

Tory MP for The Wrekin, Mark Pritchard, stands to earn £153,600 in the next 12 months from three jobs with companies that have an interest in fossil fuels.  A new update to Pritchard’s register of interest shows that the MP has accepted a £46,800 a year role with the Texas-based Focal Point Energy LLP, an […]

DeBunked: Spiked’s Ella Whelan on Oil and Renewables

Ella Whelan on BBC Question Time

First posted on Twitter on 17 February 2023. This version is expanded. Spiked columnist Ella Whelan made misleading claims about North Sea oil and renewable energy on a recent BBC Question Time. Here is the evidence for why she’s wrong – and Spiked’s record of climate science denial and fossil fuel funding. Spiked was introduced […]

DeBunked: FairFuelUK’s Howard Cox on Electric Vehicles

Howard Cox GB News

First posted on Twitter on 30 January 2023 ‘Fair fuel’ lobbyist Howard Cox made several false and misleading claims about electric vehicles (EVs) in a recent column in The Sun. Here’s the evidence for why Cox is wrong about EVs – and his links to climate science denial. Cox claims “there will be insufficient power” […]

DeBunked: Matt Ridley on Nature and Climate Change

First posted on Twitter on 12 January 2023 Author Matt Ridley made several misleading claims in The Times and Daily Mail about climate change impacts. Here’s the evidence for why he’s wrong – and more on his record of downplaying climate change. Matt Ridley claimed in The Times that walruses are “thriving” and dismissed as […]

DeBunked: Claims about Fracking, Net Zero and Renewables vs Food

2022 saw a wave of false climate claims.

First posted on Twitter on 20 December 2022 This year we’ve seen a wave of false claims from opponents of climate action exploiting the Ukraine war and energy crisis to push fossil fuels. Here are the top six bogus climate claims of 2022 – and the evidence for why they’re wrong. 1. Net Zero Climate […]

DeBunked: Lord Frost on the Global Warming Policy Foundation

Lord David Frost

First posted on Twitter on 9 November 2022 Lord David Frost has joined the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) as a trustee during the UN COP27 climate summit. Frost claims the GWPF gives an “objective view” of climate change. In fact, it is a climate science denial group with a pro-fossil fuel agenda. Here’s the […]

DeBunked: Julia Hartley-Brewer on Climate Forecasts and Heatwaves

Julia Hartley-Brewer on BBC Question Time

First posted on Twitter on 4 November 2022 TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer made several claims about climate change on a recent BBC Question Time.  Here’s the evidence for why she’s wrong – and more on her record of rejecting climate science. Hartley-Brewer’s claim that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) climate models have […]

Liquid Gas Industry Fights to Weaken EU Climate Plans Ahead of Key Vote

This story is part of a DeSmog series on the influence wielded by the gas lobby in Europe and was developed with the support of Liquid gas companies are casting themselves as champions of rural communities in a bid to weaken proposals to slash the carbon emissions produced by heating Europe’s buildings, according to […]

Fossil Fuel Linked Donors Gift Half a Million to Conservative Party

The Conservative Party has received more than £632,000 in new donations from individuals and firms tied to polluting industries, DeSmog can reveal.  New Electoral Commission records released today show that the bulk of the fossil-fuel linked funds came from Christopher Harborne, who donated £500,000 in the final quarter of 2022 – the joint-largest donation registered […]