Leading ‘Sustainable’ Investment Funds Backing Fossil Fuels, Research Finds

Major investment funds available to UK consumers are marketing themselves as “sustainable” and “ethical” while financing fossil fuel companies, research has found. Numerous asset managers are using “green” terms in their branding despite investing in oil giants, with the worst performer being a fund managed by BlackRock, a report by the Ethical Consumer magazine shows. […]

Fenceline Community Groups in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley Celebrate Mounting Victories

Three men and a women lead a march with banners, flags, and signs

“We decided to fight in courts instead of on the streets,” Sharon Lavigne, founder of RISE St. James, explained to me on a call, describing her faith-based community organization’s latest legal victory. The decisive free speech win follows other recent notable milestones for environmental justice advocates in the petrochemical and refinery-lined river parishes between Baton […]

Judge Deals Latest Blow to Big Oil in DC Climate Fraud Case

Street view of the beige stone exterior, with rows of multi-story vertical windows, of the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse. A man and woman walk left under a leafy green tree

In recent years, communities across the United States increasingly have turned to the courts to hold oil and gas companies accountable for alleged fraud — which has worsened the climate crisis — and now those lawsuits are inching towards trial. Despite dogged attempts from industry lawyers to force the litigation into federal courts, where they […]

UAE Promotes Its State Oil Company at COP27

The United Arab Emirates has been criticised for promoting oil and gas as a clean source of energy, and for backing “false solutions” such as carbon capture technology, at the UN COP27 climate summit in Egypt, ahead of hosting the event next year.  The Gulf petrostate’s pavilion features displays touting its “decarbonisation efforts” and its […]

Big Ag Delegates More Than Double at COP27

The number of delegates representing big agribusiness has more than doubled at the UN climate talks since last year, leading to concerns from campaigners at access enjoyed by high-carbon companies attending the Egypt summit.  DeSmog counted the number of registered COP27 delegates who were either directly linked to the world’s largest agribusiness firms – such […]

At COP27, US and Partners Announce More Funds for ‘Efficient’ Fertilizer as Industry Reports Massive Profits

While the world’s top fertilizer producers report record profits and farmers worldwide face ongoing price spikes for chemical inputs, the agrochemical industry is touting innovation and increased efficiency as its solution to the economic and environmental impacts of its products.  It is a narrative that senior government officials, including those from the United States and […]

Canadian Oil Companies ‘Lying’ About Their Net-Zero Targets, Says COP27 Delegate

For the past two weeks, delegates from Canada’s tar sands have been spreading a deceptively reassuring message at the United Nations COP27 climate talks in Egypt: the oil and gas producers responsible for causing the climate crisis are also capable of fixing it. “There’s a recognition that there’s a massive decarbonization challenge ahead of us […]

COP27 Coverage

DeSmog is on the ground at the United Nations climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, and will be bringing you news throughout the two-week conference.