The following individuals and groups, who have historically focused on denying or downplaying the risk of man-made global warming, have turned their attention to the COVID-19 crisis.

This set of examples looks at those who have used the coronavirus as an excuse to promote fossil fuels over renewable energy going forward.

These examples are taken out of a larger body of evidence DeSmog has gathered on COVID denial.

Alex Epstein

Power Hour: 4 Ideas About COVID-19 You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else,” via Alex Epstein on SoundCloud, March 18. Note that this episode seems to have been since removed from SoundCloud, however is still available at Apple Podcasts.

Alex Epstein: [00:02:05] Our biggest ally in the fight against Coronavirus is the fossil fuel industry.

Life:Powered/ Texas Public Policy Foundation

April 2, 2020 (Via TPPF/Life: Powered Newsletter, on file at DeSmog: “Facts: Powered — Surviving Coronavirus? Thank Fossil Fuels)

If you’re surviving the coronavirus, you have fossil fuels to thank. After the coronavirus subsides, our politicians’ priorities when it comes to energy must change.

Mark Mathis

Steve Milloy