Joseph W. Moeller

Joseph W. Moeller


Joseph W. Moeller has been employed by Koch Industries, Inc. since 1966.  Moeller graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in petroleum marketing.  He has held a number of positions at Koch Industries, most recently as chairman and CEO of the Georgia-Pacific Corporation.  He has also served as president and COO of Koch Industries.  Moeller has been a member of Koch’s board of directors since 1986.

Moeller and the GMA Ethanol Smear Campaign

Joe Moeller is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).  In 2008, it was revealed that the GMA had spearheaded a public-relations smear campaign on ethanol fuels.  The GMA teamed with public relations firm the Glover Park Group to take an aggressive public relations campaign to Capitol Hill.  The aim of the campaign was to repeal the ethanol mandates passed in the 2007 Energy Bill. It sought to “change perceptions about the benefits of biofuels and the mandate [of the Energy Bill].”