Paul Chesser

Paul Chesser


  • Paul Chesser specializes in investigative journalism and opinion writing.1Paul Chesser,”, November 28, 2005. Archived January 27, 2012.


According to his website, Chesser “specializes in opinion writing, investigative journalism and reporting on state government issues.”2Paul Chesser,”, November 28, 2005. Archived January 27, 2012.

Chesser is affiliated with numerous right-wing think tanks. He is the director of Climate Strategies Watch (which is organized by the John Locke Foundation, which he is also a director of), executive director of the American Tradition Institute, senior fellow of the commonwealth foundation, associate fellow to the National Legal and Policy Center, as well as a “special correspondent” for the Heartland Institute.

He came to the John Locke Foundation in 2001 after serving as editor for two weekly community newspapers. Chesser’s articles have appeared many U.S. newspapers, and he is a regular contributor to the American Spectator Online and the Cooler Heads Coalition. Chesser has also appeared on NBC’s ‘The Today Show’ and numerous other talk radio shows.3Paul Chesser: 6th International Conference on Climate Change,” The Heartland Institute.

Stance on Climate Change

“The truth is, read any legitimate scientific study on climate – including IPCC’s – that suggests human influence is the dominant cause for global warming, and you will discover dozens of qualifiers like ‘could,’ ‘possibly,’ ‘potentially,’ and ‘may.’ For all the certainty and consensus that global warming fear-mongers assert, those sound a lot like weasel words.”4Newsweek: Alarmed by Deniers,” The American Spectator, August 9, 2007.

Key Quotes

“Scientists see no temperature increase (on average) in the oceans or on the surface of the Earth over the last decade. That hasn’t stopped an activist group from infiltrating high schools with the panicky message that we are on the verge of a “planetary emergency” due to global warming.”5Paul Chesser: Global warming propaganda infiltrates schools,” The Washington Examiner, September 18, 2009.

Key Deeds

June 30–July 1, 2011

Chesser was a moderator at the Heartland Institute‘s Sixth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC6.) He was a moderator for Session 4: Public Policy Realities which featured Allen Carlin, Chris Horner, and Marc Morano.


In 2009, Chesser declared that he “exposed the mission” of the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), a California-based non-profit that gives presentations on climate change and inspires young people to action.

Chesser accused them of “infiltrating schools [with] global warming propaganda,” and he accused Michael Haas, creator of Alliance for Climate Education, of acting in an attempt to profit off of the government subsidies that “climate change-driven energy policies would bring.”6ExxonSecrets Factsheet: Paul Chesser. 7Paul Chesser: Global warming propaganda infiltrates schools,” The Washington Examiner, September 18, 2009.

May 2008

Chesser was a speaker at the Heartland Institute‘s First International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC1) where he gave a speech titled “The Deceptive Agenda of Center for Climate Strategies in the State Legislatures.”


The Heartland Institute describes Chesser’s role as “an information and research resource for media across the country, as well as for conservative/libertarian think tanks,” and as “a liaison for the media and think tanks with economics researchers such as the Beacon Hill Institute and climate researchers such as the Science & Public Policy Institute, creating marriages in which they co-publish research on climate policies and then helps promote with his vast media contacts within their states.”10Paul Chesser,” ClimateWiki.

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Paul Chesser does not appear to have a background in science.

Chesser maintains a blog at the National Legal and Policy Center. A full list of Chesser’s publications is available at

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