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Petr Chylek is a former adjunct professor of physics and atmospheric science at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Chylek is more recently an adjunct professor at the NMSU Physics Department and a senior fellow at the Heartland Institute.5PETR CHYLEK,” Heartland Institute. Archived May 7, 2019. URL:

Chylek believes that climate change is due to natural variability rather than caused by man.

Stance on Climate Change

“A common view on the current climate change (global warming) is that it is a result of fossil fuel burning and the following increase in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. In reality there are several factors that produce the current climate change. Some of the most important are:6Petr Chylek: Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science,” Dalhousie University. Accessed December 2, 2011.

– natural climate variability

– variability of the incoming solar radiation

– increrase [ibid] in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide

– increase in atmospheric concentration of other greenhouse gases, especially methane”7Petr Chylek: Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science,” Dalhousie University. Accessed December 2, 2011.

Key Quotes

“Thus, two of the three pillars of the global warming and carbon dioxide paradigm are open to reinvestigation.The damage has been done. The public trust in climate science has been eroded. At least a part of the IPCC 2007 report has been put in question. We cannot blame it on a few irresponsible individuals. The entire esteemed climate research community has to take responsibility. Yes, there always will be a few deniers and obstructionists.”8Petr Chylek: Open Letter to the Climate Research Community,” The Global Warming Policy Foundation, December 5, 2009.

Key Deeds

February 5-10, 2017

Petr Chylek was the Chair of the Fourth Santa Fe Conference on Global & Regional Climate Change. According to the conference program (PDF), he also gave a speech titled “Hiatus Observation and CMIP5 models: Existence, Causes and Future Prospects” on February 8.9Fourth Santa Fe Conference on Global & Regional Climate Change,” Archived February 16, 2017. URL: 10“Program: Fourth Santa Fe Conference on Global and Regional Climate Change” (PDF), February 3, 2017. Retrieved from Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.

According to the an excerpt from the abstract provided by Petr Chylek, et al. (.docx), “According to the regression model the current warming slowdown should last till about 2045, after that a faster warming is expected to resume.”11Petr Chylek, James Klett, and Manvendra Dubey. “Hiatus: Existence, Causes, and Future Temperature Projections” (.docx), January 10, 2017. Retrieved from Archived .docx on file at DeSmog.

The Fourth Santa Fe Conference was sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Center for Earth and Space Science and co-sponsored by American Meteorological Society.12Fourth Santa Fe Conference on Global & Regional Climate Change,” Archived February 16, 2017. URL:

It was the fourth in a series of conferences with the stated purpose of bringing together researchers “with varied interpretations of current and past global and regional climate change, to present the latest research results (observations, modeling and analysis), and to provide speaking and listening opportunities to top climate experts and students.” The first conference took place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2001. Both the second and the third were in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2006 and 2011 respectively.13Fourth Santa Fe Conference on Global & Regional Climate Change,” Archived February 16, 2017. URL:

April 2015

Petr Chylek was listed on the “Panel” of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)’s “International Temperature Data Review Project.” The GWPF described the project as a ”major inquiry into the integrity of the official global surface temperature records.” The group is chaired by the GWPF’s Terence Kealey.14Inquiry Launched Into Global Temperature Data Integrity” (Press Release), Global Warming Policy Foundation, April 25, 2015. Archived August 17, 2015. 15The Commissioners,” The International Temperature Data Review Project. Archived August 17, 2015.

December 2009

Chylek authored an open letter regarding the e-mails leaked by the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU), popularly known as “Climategate.”

In the open letter, Chylek writes that the IPCC has “substituted the search for truth with an attempt at proving one point of view” and that the response to Climategate should be to “drastically modify or temporarily discontinue the IPCC.”

April 2006

Chylek was a signatory of a 2006 open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The letter, titled “Open Kyoto to Debate,” urged inaction on climate policy while debating the existence of climate change.

July 2006

Chylek serves as the chairman and main organizer for the International Conference on Global Warming and the Next Ice Age. The conference convenes every five years, with the most recent being in 2006 (which included a two-day workshop on “climate prediction uncertainties”).16The Second International Conference on Global warming and the Next Ice Age Conference Proceedings (PDF) by Charlie Zender, Chris Folland, Manvendra Dubey, and Petr Chylek.

In a summary of the first conference, Chylek claims its purpose is to “promote open discussion” regarding climate issues. Chylek’s summary suggests that global warming is a natural process and possibly even “a blessing.” He also includes suggestions for policymakers, one of which describes how reducing greenhouse gas emissions would “not by itself be an effective tool in producing a sustainable environment.”

Numerous climate skeptics have attended the conference including Fred Singer, Chris De Freitas and Patrick Michaels. Roger Pielke Sr. and Ross McKitrick were also among the attendees of the 2006 conference.



According to a search of 22,000 academic journals, Chylek has published over 100 research articles in peer-reviewed journals.

A list of his recent publications until 2000 is available on Chlek’s profile at Dalhousie University. Few of his peer-reviewed articles appear to directly contradict the theory of man-made climate change.

One of Chylek’s articles is published by the Fraser Institute. The Fraser Institute has received funding from several tobacco companies including Rothman’s, British American Tobacco and Phillip Morris. It has also received funding from Exxonmobil to work on “climate change.”

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