US Republicans at Dubai Climate Summit Have Accepted $11 Million in Fossil Fuel Donations

DUBAI, LONDON — Republican lawmakers with a presence at the international climate summit in Dubai   — known as COP28 —  have received over $11 million in fossil fuel donations, DeSmog can reveal. DeSmog’s review of three Congressional COP28 delegations comprising dozens of senators and representatives has found that of the 36 Republican lawmakers involved, […]

Why the Belief That Carbon Capture Technologies Can Work at Gigaton-Scale Is a Gigantic Gamble

A new report shows that fossil fuel production by 2030 is set to exceed the level that would be compatible with limiting warming to 1.5°C by more than 110 percent. A second just-released report reveals that to mitigate that growth, the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies would have to reach gigaton scale in less than 10 years, which might not be possible. 

Climate Litigation Is Increasing as Government Action Falters

Despite its name, ambition was largely lacking at mid-September’s Climate Ambition Summit at the United Nations in New York. Secretary General António Guterres asked nations to arrive at the session with concrete commitments for phasing out fossil fuels, observing in his opening remarks that “humanity has opened the gates of hell.” But the event was […]