The 100 Year Letter Project: David Kirk Gwozdz

We asked friends of DeSmogBlog to write a letter to their great, great grandchildren about their vision and hopes for their world in 100 years, in the context of global warming. Here’s what DeSmogBlog reader David Kirk Gwozdz said:

This is David Kirk Gwozdz,

The date is December 5th, 2007 and I am living in Toledo, Ohio. I am only 22 years old but even I have noticed that our weather is a little off in our time period compared to the past, so i can only imagine what it is like 100+ years from now.

To begin I will relate to you some stories I have heard from my grandma Ernestine Eleanor Gwozdz(who lived to be 79 years old, just so you future genealogists know). In the 1970’s there was a massive snow storm which dropped 2-5 feet of snow. This was so much that it buried the nearby garage in a snow drift that was at least 8-10 feet high.

My Dad(David Alan Gwozdz) and Uncle (Edmund Silvester Gwozdz,who lived to be 50) were able to stand on the roof. Also the Army supposedly drove a tank through the streets to try and clear the streets.

Now as for me I remember some snow storms when I was younger and how I would always get days off of school because of them (which me and my brother Jeffery Nathan Gwozdz loved lol (look up lol if you don’t know it rofl:)) Anyway these storms where big (12 inches deep or so) to me but not nearly as big as past snow storms and I haven’t even seen half a foot of snow in the last 5 years or so.

So there you have it the climate has already changed a bit in my lifetime.

I would assume there will still be some relatives living in Toledo 100 years from now since my grandmas and grandpas have been here for at least 50-100+ years and I think my great grand parents where also here for a good while.

Hopefully you are doing well in you semi-tropic environment. Also good luck to the family branches that are still in the old world (Poland,Scotland, and Ireland) since when the ocean currents switch you will need all the luck you can get!).

So in short good luck to the future from the past:)