The 100 Year Letter Project: David Sassoon

We asked friends of DeSmogBlog to write a letter to their great, great grandchildren about their vision and hopes for their world in 100 years, in the context of global warming. Here’s what blogger David Sassoon said:

Dearest Great, Great Grandchildren

Greetings from Brooklyn, New York just after the turn of the 21st century. It’s December of 2007 to be precise, and we’re suffering through the last year-and-change of the worst presidency in American history. You know the score but in our day, anyway, it’s really hard for people to come out and just say so. (Is public relations still a profession?)

We’re in the final decades of the fossil fuel era and witnessing the last stand of the rich and powerful owners of a dying economic system.  The way I figure it, this is the fourth great transformation in American history, and we’re living through it right now.

First was the American Revolution. Then the Civil War. And after that, the New Deal.  Every 75 or 80 years or so, we seem to come to a crossroads when true democracy asserts itself and we chart a new course. Now is one of those times. The shameless greed and heartlessness that’s afoot is way beyond tolerable and most common, decent folk are ready to fight for a big change.

Me included. I’m helping to make history by working hard and doing what I can to help usher in the clean energy economy that I hope you are now enjoying. That’s what we are calling it anyway – the clean energy economy. I can’t imagine what you call it. I wonder, have you ever had the chance to sit around a campfire? Are there still bloggers? Maybe somebody tried to take ownership of sunshine, G-d forbid?

I wrote you all into my will even though none of you were born yet. I wonder, did the things I left behind manage to reach your hands?  My collection of long-playing records? My portable manual typewriter? My Leicas – those gorgeous still cameras? The portrait that your great, great grandmother, Stephanie, my wife from forever, a fabulous artist, did of me in oil paint? My special recipes for latkes and beef bhoona? You do still have potatoes, don’t you?

All for now. I’ll write again soon. In the meantime, make sure you add unto our good name! And write your own letters to your own great, great grandchildren!

With inexpressible love,
Your double great grandpa, David.