The 100 Year Letter Project: Shannon Moore

We asked friends of DeSmogBlog to write a letter to their great, great grandchildren about their vision and hopes for their world in 100 years, in the context of global warming. Here’s what blogger Shannon Moore said:

My Dearest Descendants,

Most of all I want to tell you I am sorry for how short-sighted we were. I thought I was doing all that I could to leave a good world for you to inherit, but it turns out I could have done more.

Some of us foresaw the global food shortages and the coming refugee crisis. We saw the possibility of war throughout the world. We fought a good fight, but we were afraid to unleash our full power and light or risk our security for a better world.

Every moment begins anew. In every life there is a chance to live as a bright and shining light for yourself and for the world. That chance is not gone. I can not give you the past. But the future belongs to you.

Love Your Great-Great Grandmother,