2015 In Review: A Great Year For The Environment

Environmental victories are rare. Even with mounting scientific evidence that reckless human activities are endangering our future, politicians and corporations have continued to run roughshod over the planet, destroying the very home that sustains our lives. For too long, environmentalists were seen as a small part of a political movement that focused on an issue that […]

Ten Huge Climate Change Moments of 2015

This is a guest post by DeSmog UK contributor Victoria Seabrook It’s been a big year for the climate. We saw Uruguay go green and the UK go back to black. Global temperatures rose and Shell dropped Arctic drilling. Here’s DeSmog UK’s round-up of ten key events from 2015 that stoked the fire of the climate change debate. […]

From Northumberland to Paris: DeSmog UK’s Best Stories of 2015

It’s been quite a year. From the UK general election and unexpected green policy cuts, to the Paris climate conference and unprecedented average global temperatures. We’ll forgive you if you haven’t been able to keep up with everything that’s happened. So before you ring in the New Year why not catch up on some of our biggest […]

"Miracle of American Oil": Continental Resources Courted Corporate Media to Sell Oil Exports

A document published by the Public Relations Society of America, discovered by DeSmog, reveals that from the onset of its public relations campaign, the oil industry courted mainstream media reporters to help it sell the idea of lifting the ban on crude oil exports to the American public and policymakers. Calling its campaign the “Miracle of American Oil,” the […]

Just How Hot Will 2016 Be? UK Met Office Forecasts Record-Breaking Global Temperatures

So you thought December was unusually warm? Well, ditch that sweater because 2016 is forecast to be the hottest year ever recorded. According to the UK Met Office, the global average temperature for next year is expected to be between 0.72°C and 0.96°C above the long-term (between 1961–1990) average of 14°C. The Met Office said there is […]

Climate Change Threatens Louisiana’s Isle de Jean Charles, But Doesn’t Dampen Holiday Cheer

Members of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe who live on Isle de Jean Charles in southern Louisiana are destined to become some of the first climate change refugees in the United States. But that doesn’t stop a lifelong resident Chris Burnet from enjoying every day he has left.  Chris Burnet on his deck on Isle de Jean Charles. ©2015 Julie Dermansky Aerial view of Isle de Jean […]