ExxonMobil Urges EU to Remove ‘Policy Hurdles’ Slowing Oil Industry’s Hydrogen Plans

ExxonMobil Corp. and other fossil fuel companies are urging the European Union to relax targets to boost climate-friendly “green” hydrogen, hoping to win greater support for projects to manufacture the fuel using natural gas.   The United States-based oil major’s willingness to publicly throw down the gauntlet to policy-makers underscores the stakes for the fossil fuel […]

Pierre Poilievre Voted Against Environment and Climate 400 Times, Records Show

Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre

Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has voted against the environment and climate nearly 400 times during his 20-year career as a Member of Parliament, according to House of Commons voting records analyzed by DeSmog.  That includes voting “nay” to bills crafted to hold mining companies accountable for environmental damage, move Canada closer towards achieving its […]

Canada’s Bitumen Boosters Want Us to Forget About Norway

Norway's energy minister Terje Aasland

Why can’t Alberta have nice things, like the $2.23 trillion Norwegian sovereign wealth fund? Alberta bills itself as an energy superpower and produces about 70 percent more petroleum in total than Norway, which has roughly the same population and enjoys some of the most generous public services in the world.  So why is Alberta billions […]

What Abandoning Fossil Fuels Could Look Like in the Arab World

Women in colorful Muslim headscarves standing together on a street and holding hands

This story was originally co-published by Grist and The Public Source, and is published here as part of the global journalism collaboration Covering Climate Now. For the second year in a row, world leaders met in the Arab world to negotiate the future of the planet. As a backdrop to the United Nations climate conference […]

Give Climate Change the Name It Deserves: Fossil-Fueled Destruction

This article by Capital & Main is published here as part of the global journalism collaboration Covering Climate Now. There’s always a lag between a rupture of the status quo and settling on a word for it. The planet is heating at a life-threatening pace. And yet the two words we use to describe this rupture […]

US Republicans at Dubai Climate Summit Have Accepted $11 Million in Fossil Fuel Donations

DUBAI, LONDON — Republican lawmakers with a presence at the international climate summit in Dubai   — known as COP28 —  have received over $11 million in fossil fuel donations, DeSmog can reveal. DeSmog’s review of three Congressional COP28 delegations comprising dozens of senators and representatives has found that of the 36 Republican lawmakers involved, […]

California enacts far-reaching climate disclosure laws

This article by Grist is published here as part of the global journalism collaboration Covering Climate Now. On October 7, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a sweeping series of climate and environmental laws into effect, cementing the Golden State’s reputation as a leader in climate action. The laws establish some of the country’s most robust […]

Climate Litigation Is Increasing as Government Action Falters

Despite its name, ambition was largely lacking at mid-September’s Climate Ambition Summit at the United Nations in New York. Secretary General António Guterres asked nations to arrive at the session with concrete commitments for phasing out fossil fuels, observing in his opening remarks that “humanity has opened the gates of hell.” But the event was […]

A System of Secret Arbitration Tribunals Is Undercutting Climate Action Worldwide

Colorful photo of United Nations headquarters in New York City, taken in 2022

Investors in foreign development projects have “weaponized” a system of secretive tribunals, delaying progress on climate change and other environmental crises and having “enormous impacts on human rights,” according to a  new report by a United Nations expert. David R. Boyd, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights and the environment, concludes in the report […]