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John Redwood is a Conservative Party politician and has been the MP for Wokingham since 1987. Between 1993 and 1995, Redwood held the position of Secretary of State for Wales under John Major, before resigning from the cabinet to stand against Major in the Conservative Party leadership election of June 1995. Redwood lost, but stood again in the leadership election following the resignation of Major in 1997, where he was again unsuccessful. [4]

A long-serving Eurosceptic, Redwood wrote in 2011 that it would be best for the Eurozone to “break up,” and since the Referendum has become a member of hard Brexit campaign group Leave Means Leave. Other members include Jacob Rees-Mogg and Owen Paterson, the latter being connected to climate science denial organisation the Global Warming Policy Foundation through Matt Ridley, his brother-in-law. [5], [6], [7]

The links between Redwood and hardline Brexit organisations, as well as climate science denial organisations, are not hard to find. Global Vision, a pro-Brexit group founded by euro- and climate sceptic Ruth Lea, lists Redwood as one of its “Parliamentary Friends.” Global Vision is one of the organisations resident at 55 Tufton Street, the heart of the network of climate science denial and pro-Brexit lobby groups. [8]

Stance on Climate Change

According to an analysis by Campaign Against Climate Change, Redwood has voted “a mixture of for and against” laws to combat climate change. [9]

Francis Irving, a freedom of information activist, wrote of Redwood that “he is a climate change denier, but that he isn’t very confident about it. He doesn’t want to admit it in public, then find out he was wrong later in life.” [10]

February 11, 2014

In a debate on Sky News about flooding and climate change, Redwood claimed that natural variability, and not man-made emissions, is to blame for the climate changing: [11]

“What we’ve got to do in Britain—a relatively small, but relatively prosperous country—is to make sure that we spend our money wisely and adapt to the conditions as they change.

Climate is always changing, and we had extreme floods apparently along these lines over 100 years ago until 300 years ago. So these extreme events do occur from time to time.”


“The climate changes for all sorts of reasons, I mean volcanic activity, the jet stream, water vapour in the atmosphere, cloud formation and the sun’s cycles as well as man-made carbon dioxide, which some people seem to think is the only driver of it.”

Key Quotes

November 29, 2012

On a blog post for Redwood’s website, he referred to climate change as “global warming theory.” In response to a comment on the same blog post, Redwood wrote: [12]

If you assume the worst then there is absolutely no point in spending any money trying to prevent inevitable climate change.”

April 10, 2008

Redwood wrote at his blog: [13]

“Al Gore and The BBC climate change propoganda [sic] machine tell us the science of climate change is settled – all sensible scientists believe in global warming, and think the major cause is human produced CO2.

“This reveals an ignorance of the way science works. Science is never settled. “


“I was pleased to hear a BBC programme on Sunday pointing out that adaptation to climate change was a sensible response in addition to or rather than trying to cut carbon emissions.”

April 7, 2008

In a blog post, Redwood declared: [14]

I look out of my window to see my garden frozen solid, covered in frost and snow. It is April 7th, and I have just turned the heating up […] Will the government please give us some accurate figures of temperature trends over the last 100 years, given the disputes we read about over the very simple question ‘Has it been getting warmer or not?’”

June 13, 2011

In a blog post at his website, Redwood wrote: [15]

“ I was pleased to hear today that a government adviser is thinking of proposing that global warming is removed as part of the national curriculum.”

Key Deeds

May 2016

Redwood’s signature was one of many on a letter to then-energy secretary Amber Rudd, arguing that the UK setting “radical” climate targets would not reduce overall emissions for Europe, since other countries in the EU would just take less action. [16]

As DeSmog UK reported, the majority of signatories were part of the small and influential network of Eurosceptic and climate science denial groups. [17]

October 2, 2013

Redwood blamed rising energy prices on the climate policies of then-climate change secretary Ed Miliband. He also writes that the future of energy for Britain should include more oil and gas and less “heavily subsidised and very dear” wind energy. [18]

July 2012

In an open letter to the Director General of the BBC, Redwood attacked the broadcasting company for “institutional bias” in matters of the EU and climate change. Redwood claimed that pro-EU opinions are given preference in airtime and were interrupted less, and believed the same was true for those who are concerned about climate change. [19]

October 2010

Redwood was among a small group of politicians who met with climate sceptics on “Climate Fools Day,” hosted by Sammy Wilson MP. [20]

The event was intended to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Climate Change Act of 2008. Prominent climate sceptic blog Watts Up With That described it as a “small enthusiastic, slightly eccentric“ gathering of about seventy people. [21]


  • The Selsdon Group  President. [22]
  • The Bow Group Senior Patron. [1]
  • Global VisionFormerly listed as a “Parliamentary Friend.” [8]
  • All Soul’s College — Distinguished Fellow (since 2007). [2]
  • Pan Asset — Chairman since 2007. [2]
  • Economic Competitiveness Review for the Opposition — Chairman since 2005. [2]
  • Concentric PLC — Chairman since 2003. [2]
  • Shadow Deregulation Secretary of State — 2003 to 2005. [2]
  • Shadow Secretary of State, Department of Trade and Industry —1997 to 1999. [2]
  • Secretary of State for Wales —1993 to 1995. [2]
  • Minister of State for Local Government and Inner Cities — 1992 to 1993. [2]
  • Minister of State, Department of Trade and Industry — 1990 to 1992. [2]
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Corporate Affairs — 1989 to 1990. [2]
  • Norcros PLC — Director, then Chairman (1985 to 1989). [2]
  • NM Rothschild And Son — Director (1985 to 1989). [2]
  • All Souls College — Fifty-Pound Fellow (1980 to 1987). [2]
  • Head, Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, 10 Downing Street — 1983 to 1985. [2]
  • NM Rothschild Asset Management — Manager, then Director, Head of Investment Research (1977 to 1983). [2]
  • Robert Fleming And Co.  — Investment Analyst (1974 to 1977). [2]

Social Media


Redwood has written repeatedly on climate change at his blog. For example:

Some of Redwood’s selected publications, listed at All Souls College Oxford, include: [23]

  • After the Credit Crunch No More Boom and Bust (Middlesex University Press, 2009), 192pp
  • I Want to Make a Difference – But I don’t Like Politics (Methuen, 2006), 244pp
  • Superpower Struggles: Mighty America, Faltering Europe, Rising Asia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), 194pp
  • Third Way – Which Way?: How Should We Pay For Public Services? (Middlesex University Press, 2002), 192pp
  • Stars and Strife: The Coming Conflicts between the USA and the European Union (Palgrave, 2001)
  • The Death of Britain: The UK‘s Constitutional Crisis (Macmillan, 1999)
  • The Global Marketplace: Capitalism and its Future (Harper Collins Publishers, 1993)
  • Popular Capitalism (Routledge, 1988)
  • Public Enterprise in Crisis: The Future of the Nationalised Industries (Basil Blackwell, 1980)
  • Reason, Ridicule and Religion: The Age of Enlightenment in England 1660–1750 (Thames and Hudson, 1976)


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