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Nigel Farage is a GB News presenter and the former leader and co-founder of the Brexit Party, which he set up ahead of the European Parliament elections in May 2019 to express “anger” over the fact that Britain had not yet withdrawn from the EU and to “change politics for good.”2Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party ahead of European elections,” BBC News, April 12, 2019. Archived April 16, 2019. Archive URL The Brexit Party became Reform UK in January 2021, when the UK officially withdrew from the European Union.3Sinead Wilson. “Who is Reform UK leader Richard Tice?,” BBC News, March 8, 2021. Archived February 1, 2022. Archive URL: Multi-millionaire property investor Richard Tice is the leader of Reform UK, with Farage serving as the party’s Honorary president.4Nigel Farage. “As Honorary President of Reform UK, I will be speaking at 11am. You can watch on the livestream.,” tweet from user @Nigel_Farage, March 20, 2023. Retrieved from Archived June 28, 2023. Archive URL:

He became a presenter of his own news and opinion show, Farage,5Farage,” GB News. Archived June 27, 2023. Archive URL: on GB News in July 2021, a channel which, according to a DeSmog analysis, platformed climate denial and opposition to climate action across one third of its shows.6Adam Barnett. “Revealed: 1 in 3 GB News Presenters Spread Climate Denial On Air in 2022,” DeSmog, May 26, 2023. Archived May 26, 2023. Archive URL: Farage has used his GB News platform to launch a “Net Zero Referendum” on the UK’s climate targets under the name of his new group “Vote Power Not Poverty,” co-founded by Reform UK’s leader Richard Tice.7Adam Barnett. Nigel Farage’s ‘Net Zero Referendum’ Drive is Steeped in Climate Science Denial,” DeSmog, March 10, 2022. Archived March 10, 2022. Archive URL:

Farage has cast doubt on climate science on a number of occasions and both UKIP and the Brexit Party have fielded numerous climate science denying candidates.8Karl Mathiesen. “How fast is Arctic sea ice melting?The Guardian, September 18, 2013. Archived February 25, 2019. Archive URL 9Rich Collett-White. “Election 2019: Here Are All the Brexit Party’s Climate Science Deniers,” DeSmog, May 1, 2019.

Farage was Vice-chairman of Leave Means Leave, a campaign group set up after the EU referendum to advocate a “hard” Brexit. He led the group with Chairman Richard Tice and former head of the British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth.10Who we are,” Leave Means Leave. Archived February 4, 2019. Archive URL:

Other members of Leave Means Leave included figures that have cast doubt on the veracity of climate science and the seriousness of climate change including Owen PatersonChristopher ChopeJacob Rees-Mogg and Peter Lilley.11Who we are,” Leave Means Leave. Archived February 4, 2019. Archive URL:

Leave Means Leave was based at 55 Tufton Street, home to several organisations pushing for a hard Brexit as well as the UK‘s principal climate science denial group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Prior to the EU referendum, Farage led the UK Independence Party (UKIP), of which he was a founder member, until July 2016. 12Godfrey Bloom. “When we founded Ukip, Brexit was a lost cause. Nigel Farage changed all that,” The Telegraph, July 4, 2016. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL: 13Shehab Khan. “Nigel Farage ‘will stand’ for new Brexit Party if Britain leaving the EU is delayed,” The Independent, February 9, 2019. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL:

UKIP’s party manifestos for the 2015 and 2017 elections both pledged to undo green initiatives, analysis by Carbon Brief showed.14Simon Evans. “Election 2015: What the manifestos say on climate and energy,” Carbon Brief, April 21, 2015. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL: In 2015 it stated “the Climate Change Act is doing untold damage. UKIP will repeal it.” It also argued that “coal must be part of the solution” for cheap energy security and that it’s “time to get fracking.” These themes were repeated in 2017 when the party manifesto called again for the UK Climate Change Act to be repealed while pledging to “withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and the EU Emissions Trading scheme.”15Simon Evans. “Election 2017: What the manifestos say on energy and climate change,” Carbon Brief, June 16, 2017. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL:

UKIP’s primary goal was to seek the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, and Farage stepped down as party leader following the EU referendum in June 2016, saying his “political ambition [had] been achieved.” During the Brexit campaign, Farage was a leading member of the unofficial pro-Brexit groups Leave.EU and Grassroots Out.16UKIP leader Nigel Farage stands down,” BBC News, July 4, 2016. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL: 17Jim Pickard. “EU vote: Brexit camps set to merge but rifts remain,” Financial Times, February 10, 2016. Archived February 13, 2019. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.

Since then Farage has toured the US and Australia, visiting like-minded conservative groups and appearing as a commentator on Fox News.18Ben Jacobs. “Nigel Farage gets warm welcome at gathering of US right wing,” The Guardian, February 23, 2018. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL: 19Naaman Zhou. “Nigel Farage tour: five arrested in protest outside Melbourne hotel,” The Guardian, September 7, 2018. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL: 20Joe Concha. “Fox News signs Nigel Farage, backer of Trump and Brexit,” The Hill, 20 January, 2017. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL:

Farage left UKIP in December 2018, saying the party’s leader Gerard Batten was “obsessed” with the issue of Islam and the ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.21Former leader Nigel Farage quits UKIP,” BBC News, December 4, 2018. Archived April 16, 2019. Archive URL

From 2017-2020, he was the host of the “Nigel Farage Show,” a radio phone-in on the London-based national radio station, LBC.22Nigel Farage leaves radio station LBC,” BBC News, June 11, 2020. Archived August 30, 2020. Archive URL:

Stance on Climate Change

June 13, 2023

Farage posted a video on Twitter in which he argued that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s calls to reduce air pollution by cutting car engine use, would pave the way to ‘climate lockdowns’:

“Mark my words this isn’t going to end with 20mph zones and low-traffic neighbourhoods. No no. This is the beginning of climate lockdowns. We will have, in years to come, days where we’re told we can’t drive, we can’t do this, you can’t do that while Sadiq Khan is leading the way. Remember you heard it here first. Climate lockdowns.”23Nigel Farage. “Sadiq Khan’s climate crackdowns are about controlling our lives,” Tweet by @Nigel_Farage, June 13, 2023. Retrieved from Archived .png on file at DeSmog.

Three days later on June 16, Farage tweeted “Sadiq Khan’s climate crackdowns are about controlling our lives.”24Nigel Farage. “Climate lockdowns are coming!,” Tweet by @Nigel_Farage, June 16, 2023. Retrieved from Archived .png on file at DeSmog.

August 31, 2021

In an appearance on a GB News segment titled “How far should we go to tackle Climate Change?”, Nigel Farage said to fellow presenter Alex Phillips: 

“I’m very much an environmentalist Alex, I have been for 40 years […] I’m all for sensible environmentalism, I can’t abide things like plastics in our seas, pollution in our rivers and I want things done about it and I’m pleased to say that in some cases things have been done. Certainly our rivers are much much better than they were 20, 40 years ago. What annoys me though, is this complete obsession with carbon dioxide almost to the exclusion of everything else, the alarmism that comes with it, based on dodgy predictions and science, and somehow this, ‘If you don’t agree with us that CO2  is the great evil, you’re against the planet and you’re a denier’. I mean it’s complete and utter rubbish. Does man have an impact on the world? Well, with a global population of now seven and a half billion compared to two and a half billion when I was born, of course man has an impact. But it’s not just man, and what man does that changes climate or the world: it’s volcanic activity, it’s sun spots, it’s so many other things. So look, I want us to have proper, sensible environmental policies but I think this focus on CO2, and this commitment to effectively tax poor people, to give money to rich people and big corporations whilst China’s gonna ignore it all, is gonna leave us in a very uncompetitive position and it’s very unfair on ordinary people.”25Nigel Farage. “How far should we go to tackle Climate Change?,” YouTube video uploaded by user GBNews, August 31, 2021. Archived February 5, 2023. Archived .mp4 on file at DeSmog.

January 23, 2020

Presenting a phone in on LBC during the Davos gathering of world leaders, Farage claimed that Donald Trump was taking a positive approach to climate action and criticised Prince Charles and Greta Thunberg for promoting “alarmism.”26Nigel Farage compares President Donald Trump and Prince Charles on climate change,” YouTube video uploaded by user LBC Radio on on January 23, 2020. Archived .mp4 on file at DeSmog.

Farage suggested that population growth was the greatest driver of environmental impacts, including carbon emissions, saying:

The real problem we’ve got here, I’m going to put this to you, in my view, the real problem we’ve got here with loss of habitat, the destructive effects on biodiversity and all of these problems with carbon emissions or whatever else you want to worry about in the world, is simply because the global population is exploding, it’s the biggest problem that we face.”

November 2015

In an interview with Spiked online:27Ed King. “Nigel Farage on climate change: in his own words,” Climate Home News, March 11, 2015. Archived February 18, 2019. Archive URL:

I haven’t got a clue whether climate change is being driven by carbon-dioxide emissions.”

I think wind energy is the biggest collective economic insanity I’ve seen in my entire life. I’ve never seen anything more stupid, more illogical, or more irrational.”

June 2013

In an interview with Edie:28Leigh Stringer. “UKIP‘s Nigel Farage on wind farms, global warming and Charles Darwin,” Edie, June 4, 2013. Archived February 18, 2019. Archive URL:

I am not saying that man is having no influence on the climate, although as the years go by it looks increasingly unlikely. To be told that the science is settled [on global warming] is hard to accept. Where I grew up, our back wall joined onto Down House where Charles Darwin wrote [On the Origin of Species] and 150 years on, the science isn’t settled over Darwin and I can tell you science is never settled.”

It’s odd to focus on carbon dioxide. I’m an environmentalist; I’m against carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide and toxins in our rivers. Yes, I’m all for pollution controls but to obsess with carbon dioxide, which as I understand it, is a perfectly natural occurring phenomenon, strikes me as strange.”

September 2013

Speaking in the European Parliament:29What EC President Barroso really said in the European Parliament on 11 September,” European Commission, September 12, 2013. Archived February 18, 2019. Archive URL:

We may have made one of the biggest and most stupid collective mistakes in history by getting so worried about global warming.”

Key Quotes

April 18, 2023

Appearing on Sky News Australia, Farage called Just Stop Oil activists, who interrupted the UK Snooker Championship in March 2023, “a new student cult” who have “been indoctrinated” and are “overprivileged middle class kids.”30Snooker climate protestors not ’persuading anybody of anything’,” YouTube video uploaded by user Sky News Australia on April 18, 2023. Archived .mp4 on file at DeSmog.

He said: “we’ve got to reach a point with these people where their intolerance is met by our intolerance.”

February 20, 2023

Farage tweeted a link to a Times article which called for pro-climate ‘rationing,’ arguing in the caption that measures to reduce climate impacts were akin to “crackpot ideas”:

“Academics propose the rationing to combat climate change! Flights, meat, petrol and even clothing should have a non-transferable token, tracked by a “carbon card” instead of bank card Worst part is these crackpot ideas will soon be mainstream.”

February 7, 2023

In a news bulletin, GB News host Nigel Farage claimed that energy security and net zero were “completely and utterly incompatible”, adding that to meet net zero the UK would have to “produce none of our own energy and get rid of pretty much every manufacturing job in the country”.31UK would need to get rid of every manufacturing job to reach NetZero,” YouTube video uploaded by user GB News on February 7, 2023. Archived .mp4 on file at DeSmog.

January 9, 2023

In a GB News segment with Alan Miller from the Together campaign – titled “Britain has GIVEN UP on Christianity and embraced the new religion of Greta Thunberg” – Farage said:32Nigel Farage. “Britain has GIVEN UP on Christianity and embraced the new religion of Greta Thunberg,” GB News, January 9, 2023. Archived February 22, 2023. Archived video on file at DeSmog.

“If people want this, they can have it, this is being imposed without any proper debate between parties. Final thought, the proposals in Canterbury and Oxford that you basically would not be allowed to drive your car out of a very local neighbourhood without a form of charge, this almost feels like a sort of climate lockdown, or am I exaggerating?”

Concluding the segment, Farage reiterated: “If people want these things, that’s fine, they can have them, but it’s just being imposed, it’s crackers, it is the new religion as we give up on Christianity and we embrace the new religion of Greta Thunberg.”

December 15, 2022

In a GB News appearance, Farage labelled HSBC’s decision to no longer provide finance for “projects pertaining to new oil and gas fields and related infrastructure” a “self-inflicted act of lunacy” on the part of the UK.33George McMillan. “Nigel Farage labels HSBC’s decision to no longer finance new oil and gas fields a ‘self-inflicted act of LUNACY’,” GB News, December 15, 2022. Archived December 21, 2022. Archive URL:

He said: 

“HSBC will stop funding future oil and gas exploration and development projects. They’re doing it because they want to help us meet our environmental targets. Oh aren’t they so virtuous and wonderful?”

He later added: “This is the madness that has gripped the corporate world. It’s damaging our country.”

November 7, 2022

Farage tweeted: “Ed Miliband’s “climate reparations” shows that people like him on the left have lost their marbles. #COP27.”34“Ed Miliband’s “climate reparations” shows that people like him on the left have lost their marbles. #COP27,” Tweet by @Nigel_Farage, November 9, 2023. Archived November 7, 2022. Archived .png on file at DeSmog.

September 7, 2022

In a tweet, Farage argued that UK government should not be imposing a windfall tax on oil and gas companies operating to tackle the energy crisis but rather should: “Make the oil and gas companies  reinvest profits to make Britain energy self-sufficient. #pmqs.”35Nigel Farage. “Make the oil and gas companies reinvest profits to make Britain energy self-sufficient. #pmqs,” Tweet by @Nigel_Farage, September 9, 2023. Archived November 9, 2022. Archived .png on file at DeSmog.

August 8, 2022

On an airing of his own show on GB News, Farage questioned the link between extreme weather and climate change, saying: “Which is it? Is climate change giving us floods in the [US] midwest or drought in southern England? I’m confused.”36Heatwaves: Meteorologist tells Nigel Farage the cause is ‘climate change’,” YouTube video uploaded by user GBNews, August 8, 2022. Archived May 15, 2023. Archived .mp4 on file at DeSmog.

April 26, 2022

In response to a contributor arguing that net zero policies have received support from both Labour and Conservative voters, after a poll found that the Conservatives may lose 1.3 million voters if net zero targets aren’t met, GB News presenter Nigel Farage suggested it was because “they don’t know the racket, do they, they don’t know what they’ve been charged”.37You’ve seen support from both Labour and Conservative voters. That’s because they don’t know what they’ve been charged,” Tweet by @GBNews, April 26, 2022. Archived March 1, 2023. Video on file at DeSmog.

August 12, 2019

In a speech to the Australian Conservative Political Action Conference reported by the Guardian, Farage made comments about the UK‘s Royal Family, saying:38Michael McGowan, Ben Doherty. “Nigel Farage attacks Harry and Meghan, jokes about ‘overweight’ Queen Mother,” The Guardian, August 12, 2019. Archived August 20, 2019. Archive URL:

“When it comes to [the Queen’s] son [Prince Charles], when it comes to Charlie Boy and climate change, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Her mother, Her Royal Highness the Queen’s mother was a slightly overweight, chain-smoking gin drinker who lived to 101 years old. All I can say is Charlie Boy is now in his 70s … may the Queen live a very, very long time.”

Commenting on the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he said:39Michael McGowan, Ben Doherty. “Nigel Farage attacks Harry and Meghan, jokes about ‘overweight’ Queen Mother,” The Guardian, August 12, 2019. Archived August 20, 2019. Archive URL:

“Terrifying! Here was Harry, here he was this young, brave, boisterous, all male, getting into trouble, turning up at stag parties inappropriately dressed, drinking too much and causing all sorts of mayhem. And then, a brave British officer who did his bit in Afghanistan. He was the most popular royal of a younger generation that we’ve seen for 100 years.

“And then he met Meghan Markle, and it’s fallen off a cliff. We’ve been told in the last week that Meghan and Harry will only have two children … and we’re all completely ignoring, the real problem the Earth faces, and that is the fact the population of the globe is exploding but no one dares talk about it, no one dares deal with it, and whether Prince Harry has two kids is irrelevant given there are now 2.6 billion Chinese and Indians on this Earth.”

February 28, 2018

Farage said on Twitter:40Large parts of central London have no salt on the roads. Perhaps they are all so convinced by global warming they never thought any would be needed.” Tweet by @Nigel_Farage, February 28, 2018. Retrieved from Archived .png on file at DeSmog.

Large parts of central London have no salt on the roads. Perhaps they are all so convinced by global warming they never thought any would be needed.”

Key Actions

July 17, 2021

Farage is given his own Monday-Thursday show on GB News called Farage.41Lizzie Edmonds. “Nigel Farage to join GB News as channel continues to suffer low viewing figures,” Evening Standard, July 17, 2021. Archived July 17, 2021. Archive URL:

June 20, 2021
Farage joins GB News to host the Sunday show The Political Correction.42Neil Wilkes. “Nigel Farage joins GB News to host Sunday morning show,” MediaMole, June 20, 2021. Archived June 21, 2021. Archive URL:

May 4, 2021

Farage joined Amsterdam-based carbon offset company Dutch Green Business, which aims to reduce carbon emissions by planting trees, as an adviser and spokesperson. He told Reuters: “I think people will want to plant trees and increase biodiversity through DGB who are actually quite sceptical about climate change. Equally there will be others who are very concerned about it.” He also said: “If their motivations are more about biodiversity than they are about climate change, so what?”43Susanna Twidale. “Nigel Farage: Brexiteer, scourge of the woke – and eco-warrior?Reuters, April 30, 2021. Archived May 4, 2021. Archive URL:

According to The Guardian, Dutch Green Business is part owned by businessman John Mappin, a supporter of the conspiracy theorist QAnon movement.44Jasper Jolly. “Nigel Farage’s green employer is part-owned by QAnon believer,” The Guardian, March 29, 2021. Archived May 4, 2021. Archive URL:

December 7, 2020

Farage stated that his new party, Reform UK, would recruit candidates to stand against “any and every” politician who backed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution,’ Breitbart reported. Farage also reportedly described Johnson’s policies to convert streets into cul-de-sacs as “madness,” and an opportunity for the government to “virtue-signal and show off its eco-credentials.”45Kurt Zindulka. “Nigel Farage to Field Reform Party Candidates Against BOJO’s Anti-Car ‘Madness,’” Breitbart, December 7, 2020. Archived December 8, 2020. Archive URL:

November 2, 2020

An interview with Farage by talkRADIO’s Mike Graham discussing the 2020 U.S. Presidential election was quoted in The Daily Express. In response to Graham claiming that “in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden’s home state, Biden has said he wants to do away with the oil business and fracking”, and “that is not going to play too well for one of the world’s centres for oil and fracking”, Farage responded: “these are blue-collar jobs, these are communities who traditionally vote Democrat but under Joe Biden they will lose their jobs”, continuing: “I think you are right, I think that is an absolute key for Pennsylvania”.46Gerrard Kaonga. “Nigel Farage convinced Trump will win the US election as Biden makes errors in Pennsylvania”, The Daily Express, November 2, 2020. Archived November 3, 2020. Archive URL:

July 4, 2019

Farage paid tribute to the late Christopher Booker in an interview with the right-wing website Breitbart, describing how Booker campaigned with him for the UK to leave the European Union in the 1990s. Farage also said during the interview:47Oliver JJ Lane. “Exclusive: Nigel Farage’s Tribute to British Eurosceptic ‘Literary Giant’ Christopher Booker,” Breitbart, July 4, 2019. Archived December 2, 2019. Archive URL

“[Booker] questioned whether CO2 was actually leading to climate change, he questioned all the attempts to shut down free speech and open debate.”

May 16, 2019

A Channel 4 News investigation revealed that Farage’s close ally, Arron Banks, had spent approximately £450,000 funding a lavish lifestyle for Farage in the year following the 2016 EU referendum.48Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed,” Channel 4 News, May 16, 2019. Archived June 20, 2019. Archive URL:

April 12, 2019

Farage launched the Brexit Party ahead of the European Union elections in May. Among the 70 candidates selected to stand was Annunziata Rees-Mogg, sister of the pro-Brexit, climate science denying Conservative MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg. Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Farage said his former party, UKIP, had allowed “the far right to join it and take it over and I’m afraid the brand is now tarnished,” while claiming that there was “no difference” in terms of policy between the two parties. Three UKIP MEPs announced they had defected to the party four days later.49Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party ahead of European elections,” BBC News, April 12, 2019. Archived April 16, 2019. Archive URL 50Samuel Osborne. “Ukip MEPs quit to join Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party,” The Independent, April 15, 2019. Archived April 16, 2019. Archive URL

February 9, 2019

It was announced that Farage would run in the upcoming European Parliament elections for a newly-registered Brexit Party, if Britain had not left the EU by this point.51Shehab Khan. “Nigel Farage ‘will stand’ for new Brexit Party if Britain leaving the EU is delayed,” The Independent, February 9, 2019. Archived February 13, 2019. Archive URL:

November 2016

Farage claimed the distinction of being the first British politician to meet with Donald Trump after the US presidential election.52Farage: ‘Real opportunity’ for UK business with Donald Trump,” BBC News, November 13, 2016. Archived February 18, 2019. Archive URL: A photo taken on November 12 shows the two men standing in front of Trump’s golden elevator in New York City alongside millionaire UKIP and Brexit-backer Arron Banks, Breitbart UK editor Raheem Kassam, unofficial Brexit campaign group Leave.EU pollster Gerry Gunster, and Andy Wigmore, communications director of Leave.EU.53Jon Stone. “Nigel Farage branded ‘poppy-less popinjay’ for skipping Remembrance Sunday to visit Donald Trump,” The Independent, November 14, 2016. Archived February 18, 2019. Archive URL: 54Andrew Pierce, James Tapsfield. “Your gold door’s worth more than my house! The riotous inside story of Farage and his Ukip posse’s astonishing coup as he became the first foreign politician to meet President-elect Trump,” Daily Mail, November 14, 2016. Archived February 18, 2019. Archive URL:

July 2016

Farage attended the Republican National Convention during the 2016 presidential race which led to the election of Donald Trump. His goal was to spread the “Brexit gospel,” as Politico reported at the time. “I think there are a lot of Republican strategists who are looking very closely at what we did and how we did it,” Farage told Politico, adding “All I can do is to come and tell my story.”55Benjamin Oreskes. “Nigel Farage preaches Brexit gospel in Cleveland,” Politico, July 19, 2016. Archived February 18, 2019. Archive URL:

July 2015

Farage delivered a speech to the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. where he made the case for the US to support Brexit. The Heritage Foundation is a conservative “free enterprise” group with a history of promoting climate science denial.56FARAGE FOR BREITBART: A Letter to America, On How You May Lose Your Greatest Ally,” Breitbart, July 17, 2015. Archived February 28, 2019. Archive URL:


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