Proposed Pipeline Expansion Could Upend Three States’ Climate Plans

Protestors in front of a Chase Bank hold a sign reading "No Northwest Fossil Fuel Pipeline Expansions! Stop GTN Xpress"

California, Oregon, and Washington have all passed laws and enacted policies that require utilities to dramatically cut carbon pollution over the next decade.  But TC Energy, the Canadian owner of a major regional gas pipeline, has asked federal regulators to approve a plan that would dramatically expand the line’s capacity, flooding the region for decades […]

Doctors File False Advertising Complaint Over Hidden Health Risks of Gas

A false advertising complaint is taking aim at a sponsored post in the Globe and Mail from April 4, 2022, as well as other claims made by the Canadian Gas Association. Source: CAPE complaint

Dr. Melissa Lem was shocked when she saw an advertisement from a major Canadian fossil fuel lobby group showing young parents and their two children happily cooking a meal over a brand new gas stove. 

The Vancouver-based physician said that ad is “terrible and misleading” because dozens of scientific studies suggest that children who grow up breathing the fumes from gas stoves have a heightened risk of asthma — a potentially 42 percent increased risk, according to one meta-analysis.