Mark Renburke


Mark Renburke is an expert on EV consumer education & outreach, policy, and transportation efficiency. Prior to launching Drive Electric America, he founded Drive Electric Cars New England and Drive Electric RI in 2013. He is also a member of the MA ZEV Outreach committee and RI ZEV Working Group, and collaborates with the leading state, regional and national organizations in the EV space. He has a BS in Transportation from the University of Maryland. Mark drives a 2012 Chevy Volt with over 100,000 EV miles which he mostly charges overnight at home from a standard electrical outlet (Level 1) using the car’s standard adapter.


The American Energy Alliance (AEA), a free market group with close ties to the Koch brothers, just released misleading results of a poll asking voter opinions on electric vehicles (EV) and car fuel...

As the House and Senate develop their respective versions of a tax reform bill, the $7,500 federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit is positioned to be a potential bargaining chip. The House’s vers...