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William Walter (or Bill) Kay is the manager of, a website which describes its purpose as to “expose both the similarities between environmentalism and fascism and the connections between environmentalism and modern fascistic, or arch-conservative, individuals and groups.” The website appears to focus on issues affecting Alberta and BC, Canada.1Welcome to the Environmentalism is Fascism website,” Environmentalism is Fascism. Accessed January 23, 2012.

Stance on Climate Change

“[I]t is impossible to determine how much, if any, appreciable warming can be attributed to fossil fuel burning because the current warming trend began prior to any possible influence from the Industrial Revolution. […]  there is a direct relationship between increases in the sun’s heat output and the temperature here on Earth. […]  Human activity has nothing to do with this relationship. […] Hence, many scientists argue that increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere are a consequence of “global warming” rather than a cause.”

“What is completely established science is that high levels of CO2 facilitate increased plant growth and, hence, increased animal life as well. CO2 is plant food. CO2 emissions are ‘fertilizer in the air’. In fact, some believe that this accelerated plant growth will ultimately suck up any surplus CO2 from the atmosphere, thus neutralizing any conceivable adverse climatic effects of human-caused CO2 emissions. Moreover, warmer temperatures also facilitate plant growth. All along the great belt of land stretching across the middle of the Eurasian and North American continents, where most of the planet’s agricultural activity takes place, the great nemesis has always been Jack Frost. And as the planet warms, the frost-free period widens and harvests increase. This too, is a good thing, not a bad thing.”2The Great Global Warming Hoax,” Environmentalism is Fascism, 2000.

Key Quotes

“Alberta is a cold place blessed with huge coal, oil, and gas resources. Regarding ‘global warming,’ Albertans are inordinately skeptical. Despite this, the Government of Alberta is so concerned with ‘global warming’ it spends $500 million a year assailing this phantom menace. […] Environmentalists claim wilderness parks preserve Alberta’s ‘natural heritage.’ In reality, Alberta’s environment has undergone so many natural transformations that any talk of preservation betrays an ahistorical, unscientific mindset.”3 William Walter Kay. “Of Buffalo and Biofuel – More Tales of Environmentalism in Alberta,” Environmentalism is Fascism.

“Environmentalists’ irrational love of vacant ground, their religious zeal for the ecology integrity of wilderness, and their infatuation with petite heritage farms on cities’ outskirts play crucial roles in this crusade to suppress land development.”4Environmentalism and Edmonton Land Use Politics,” Environmentalism is Fascism.

Key Deeds


William Kay publishes regular articles on, none of which have received any form of peer review, and most of which do not appear to be published elsewhere. For example, some of his more recent articles (arranged by year) include:




October 2011

According to WHOIS website registration data, William Kay registered the domain to the following address:5WHOIS Results for,” Network Solutions. Accessed January 23, 2013.

Administrative Contact:
    Kay, William  [email protected]
    2193 Charles
    Vancouver, BC v1a 1a1

 Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
 Record last updated on 17-Oct-2012.
 Record expires on 15-Oct-2013.
 Record created on 15-Oct-2001.

The website publishes regular articles and reviews equating the environmental movement with fascism.


Kay authored an article titled “The Great Global Warming Hoax” on The article describes global warming as an “eco-scare” among others including “overpopulation, energy crises, global cooling, ozone holes, desertification, deforestation, pesticide degradation, [and] topsoil depletion.”

According to Kay, “Fighting for the truth about ‘global warming’ is fighting for the overthrow of these liars [climate scientists and environmentalists] and the property regime upon which their power is based.”


  • Environmentalism is Fascism ( — Contributor and manager.


According to a search of Google Scholar, William Walter Kay’s articles do not appear in peer-reviewed journals, although they do appear on another anti-environmentalist website ( Apart from his publications at, William Kay has been a contributor to a number of conservative publications. For example:

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