Augusto Mangini

Augusto Mangini


Augusto Mangini is a paleoclimatologist and professor at the University of Heidelberg in Germany where he also directs the Research Centre of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences.

Mangini is one of the scientists listed in Senator James Inhofe’s list of “scientists” skeptical of climate change.

Stance on Climate Change

“It is still poorly understood, but our data show a correlation between solar activity and periods with warmer winters in the northern hemisphere. This correlation was confirmed by core samples taken place in the North Atlantic and Greenland.” [1]

Key Quotes

“I consider the part of the IPCC report, which I can really judge as an expert, i.e. the reconstruction of the paleoclimate, wrong,” Mangini noted in an April 5, 2007 article. He added: “The earth will not die.” [2]

Key Deeds

June 30, 2007

Mangini spoke at an Alumni Conference in Hamburg (PDF), on the subject of “The Global Ecology: Have we got the message and what should we do?” where he concludes that “temperature variations in the last [sic] are not wholly due to carbon dioxide emissions, but are more related to different ‘troia phases’, with some periods over the last 10,000 years being similarly warm or even warmer than today without the contribution of human-generated carbon emissions. [3]

Sponsors of the event in included BP petroleum and British American Tobacco.


  • Senator James Inhofe — Mangini is mentioned in Inhofe’s list of “scientists” skeptical of climate change, and is quoted in the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s report on scientists who “dissent” over the consensus on man-made climate change.



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