Instituto Juan de Mariana

Instituto Juan de Mariana (IJM)


The Instituto Juan de Mariana (IJM) is a private nonprofit group founded in 2005 by Gabriel Calzada, a climate change skeptic with connections to other conservative think tanks including the Ludwig von Mises InstituteCentre for the New Europe, and the Libertarian Alliance. [1], [2]

The Institute launched with a seminar opposing the Kyoto Protocol, attended by Christopher Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Calzada previously represented the Center for New Europe in Spain, a free-market Brussels think-tank that had received funding from ExxonMobil. In 2009, Calzada authored a report that claimed spending on green energy had destroyed 2.2 million jobs in a report commissioned by the US Institute for Energy Research (IER) — a group that had received over $300,000 in funding from ExxonMobil as well as funding from Koch Industries. [3]

The Institute is named after the Spanish philosopher Juan de Mariana, who defended private property and encouraged limits on government. [4]

The Institute’s original mission is “to investigate and make known to the public Spanish, European and Latin American, the benefits provided to the general interests of private property, free enterprise and limited scope of public authorities.” It claims no political affiliation. The Institute’s revised mission statement is “Deploying the Network of Freedom” through a “Freedom Network,” “Knowledge Network,” and “Broadcast Network.” [5], [6]

Stance on Climate Change

According to Gabriel Calzada, founder and president of IJM, there is no direct relation between CO2 emissions and “supposed global warming.” He believes Humans have no capacity to cause climate change. [3]


According to their website, “The Juan de Mariana Institute is a private non-profit organization without any political affiliation finances its activities thanks to the aid it receives from individuals, foundations and private institutions that share its objectives. The Institute does not accept grants or aid to political parties or government agencies.” [7]

A 2010 investigation (PDF) by Corporate Europe Observatory reports that Juan de Mariana has been shown to operate with money connected to Koch Industries.  [3]

In 2009, Mother Jones magazine reported that Institute Juan de Mariana received more than $100,000 from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, a group which has funded a large number of other groups skeptical of climate change. [8]

Key People 

As of October, 2015, Instituto Juan de Mariana listed the following “Team” members: [9]

  • Gabriel Calzada — President of the Instituto Juan de Mariana 
  • Juan Ramón Rallo — Director
  • Raquel Merino Jara — IJM deputy director and director of strategy
  • Ji Castillo — Academic Director of IJM
  • Inés Calzada Alvarez — Project Coordinator
  • Luis Alberto Iglesias — Training Coordinator
  • José Augusto Domínguez — Communications Coordinator 
  • Ignasi Bolto — Audiovisual coordinator


IJM listed the following “Contributors” on their website, as of October, 2015: [10]

  • María Blanco
  • José Antonio Baonza Díaz
  • Antonio José Chinchetru
  • Fernando Díaz Villanueva
  • Albert Esplugas Boter
  • León Gómez Rivas
  • Fernando Herrera
  • Alberto Illán Oviedo
  • Adolfo D. Lozano
  • Ángel Martín Oro
  • Pablo Martínez Bernal
  • Gonzalo Melián
  • Ignacio Moncada
  • Francisco Moreno
  • Juan Morillo Bentué
  • Adrià Pérez Martí
  • Daniel Rodríguez Herrera
  • Miquel Rosselló
  • Diego Sánchez De La Cruz
  • David Sanz
  • Domingo Soriano
  • Luis Torras


October 1, 2015

Instituto Juan de Mariana’s president, Gabriel Calzada, is regularly involved with Atlas Network events. For example, on October 1, 2015, he spoke on “financial and political threats to the United States, highlighting the role of the Chinese economy, and immigration from Latin America.” [11]

November 2010

Instituto Juan de Mariana got $10,000 from the Atlas Foundation as an award for their “Green Jobs and Green Energy Campaign,” reports the Corporate Europe Observatory (PDF). Atlas, who has received funding from Koch Industries and other corporate groups, supports lots of think tanks all over the world.  [3]

May 2010 

The Instituto Juan de Mariana was a co-sponsor (PDF) of the Heartland Institute’s Fourth International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago.  [12]

DeSmogBlog found that 19 of the conference’s 65 sponsors had received over $40 million from ExxonMobil since 1985. [13]

June 2, 2009

Instituto Juan de Mariana was a co-sponsor of the Heartland Institute’s Third International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC3) in Washington, DC. [14]

March 8-10, 2009

Instituto Juan de Mariana was a co-sponsor of the Heartland Institute’s Second International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC2) in New York. [15]

DeSmogBlog found that sponsors behind the conference had received a total of over $47 million in funding from energy companies and right-wing foundations, with 78% of that total coming from Scaife Family Foundations[16]

September 2009

Shortly after President Obama cited Spain’s success at creating green jobs, Republicans brought in Gabriel Calzada, president of Institute Juan de Mariana to present a study that claimed each green job in Spain destroyed 2.2 jobs as a result. The study bore the letterhead of the University of Rey Juan Carlos where Calzada is Associate Professor, but was co-commissioned by the Instituto Juan de Mariana.

According to the study, “the Spanish/EU-style ‘green jobs’ agenda now being promoted in the U.S. in fact destroys jobs. […] The study’s results demonstrate how such ‘green jobs’ policy clearly hinders Spain’s way out of the current economic crisis, even while U.S. politicians insist that rushing  into such a scheme will ease their own emergence from the turmoil.”

Calzada testified before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence, stating that “Europe’s experience actually suggests that this is precisely the wrong approach.” The study that Calzada referenced was debunked by the Spanish Government. Gabriel Calzada also appeared on Fox News to promote his study. [8], [17], [18]


When the IJM was launched in 2005, it began with a seminar against the Kyoto Protocol that was attended by climate change skeptic Christopher Horner from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Gabriel Calzada, the founder of IJM previously represented the Center for the New Europe in Spain. 

The seminar which examined Kyoto and the Spanish Economy attracted Alberto Recarte, president of Liberty Digital, who said that Spain would be the country to “Pay Kyoto in absolute terms.” IJM arranged the conference in collaboration with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the University of Rey Juyan Carlos. Juan Jose Toribio, President of IESE  in Madrid and former IMF Executive Director was also a speaker. [19]

Institute Juan de Mariana Contact & Location

As of June 2016, Instituto Juan de Mariana listed the following contact information on their website: [21]

Institute Juan de Mariana
Calle del Ángel, 2, 28005 (Madrid)
91 221 9824

The Acton Institute previously offered Juan de Mariana Scholarships for citizens of a “country with an economy deemed by the Acton Institute to be developing or transitioning.” [20]

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