McDonald’s Leads Lobbying Offensive Against Laws to Reduce Packaging Waste in Europe

McDonald’s is at the forefront of a campaign against new laws to reduce packaging waste in the EU, in what has been described by some insiders as the largest-scale lobbying effort they have ever witnessed in the European Parliament.  The fast food chain, alongside a number packaging producers and trade associations, wrote to European policymakers […]

The Former Extinction Rebellion Campaigners Rallying A Climate Majority

Governments show time and again they won’t deliver adequate climate solutions of their own accord. If the world is ever going to get serious on climate, it will be because a mass movement of citizen action insists on it.  Except, no such mobilisation of citizens yet exists across the global north. Accordingly, nothing like sufficient […]

Conservative Party Funds Anti-ULEZ Facebook Ad Blitz

The Conservatives deployed anti-ULEZ adverts on Facebook in March and April that were seen on more than three million occasions, DeSmog research has found.  The party has engaged in a concerted online campaign against the expansion of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which has been the subject of more than a […]

Telegraph Columnist Allison Pearson Becomes Director of Climate Science Denial Group

The Daily Telegraph’s chief interviewer and columnist Allison Pearson has joined the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), one of the UK’s principal climate science denial groups.  This appointment adds to the influence of the GWPF in the press and potentially the amount of sway that it holds over the Conservative Party.  Pearson, who has written […]

The Rise of the ‘Climate Friendly’ Cow

In early March, global food giant Tyson unveiled a new beef product line at the 2023 annual industry meat conference. Named “BrazenTM Beef”, it was the first ever product of its kind to receive the “Climate-Friendly” stamp from the US Department of Agriculture. The brand, which grew out of Tyson’s “Climate-Smart Beef Program”, reportedly earned […]

Tory MPs Accept £20,000 from Director of Climate Science Denial Group

Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt and Conservative MP Liam Fox have each received £10,000 from companies owned by a director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) – one of the UK’s leading climate science denial groups. New parliamentary records show that Mordaunt received £10,000 on March 28 from the management consultancy […]

‘Bombshell’ 1989 Shell Memo Features in New Court Filing Alleging Climate Deception

In October 1989, Shell researchers wrote a confidential report warning that climate-fuelled migration could swamp borders in the United States, Soviet Union, Europe, and Australia. “Conflict would abound,” the document said. “Civilisation could prove a fragile thing.”  Now, that memo — first reported by DeSmog and Dutch investigative journalism platform Follow The Money — features […]

World’s Biggest Banks Poured $673 Billion Into Fossil Fuels Last Year

While the window for avoiding the most catastrophic consequences of climate change narrows, the global banking sector continues to funnel huge sums each year into fossil fuels, finds a new report. Last year alone, the 60 largest banks financed fossil fuels to the tune of $673 billion. That’s according to a new analysis released today […]