Liz Truss Campaign Funded by Donors From Pro-Fracking Groups and Climate Denier

The leadership campaign of the UK’s new prime minister was partly funded by individuals involved in influential pro-fracking think tanks and a former Brexit Party MEP who has called climate change a “myth” and a “religion”. Two days after taking office, Truss gave the green light for new fracking projects, putting her at odds with […]

Liz Truss Hires Anti-Green Aides With Ties to Libertarian Think Tanks

The new UK Prime Minister has appointed multiple advisors with a record of opposing climate action, including a key aide from a think tank funded by oil giant BP.  Liz Truss’s team – who will advise her through the energy crisis – includes staff who have worked for anti-net zero politicians and opaquely-funded climate sceptic […]

Steve Baker Leaves Climate Denial Group for Ministerial Post

Steve Baker, the powerful backbench MP and fierce critic of government policies to cut emissions, has been handed a ministerial role in Liz Truss’s new Conservative government. Baker reportedly accused campaigners of “child abuse” for “terrifying children” with warnings about climate change at a meeting in parliament earlier in the summer. His appointment has been […]

Mapping the Hydrogen Lobby

We’re tracking global efforts to lobby for “blue hydrogen,” a form of the fuel that is made from natural gas and often described as clean because it uses carbon capture and sequestration — a technology that is still unreliable at scale — to offset some of its emissions. Behind this push for blue hydrogen, as […]

Biomass Lobby Makes ‘False’ Claims to Sway EU Law-makers

Campaigners have accused the biomass industry of making “false” and “misleading” claims to European members of parliament ahead of a crunch vote to tighten protections for precious forests. Biomass power stations, such as Drax in northern England, burn wood pellets to generate electricity – which is treated in the EU and UK as a renewable […]

Analysis: New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s Links to Climate Science Denial

Liz Truss

Liz Truss was announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party today after riding to power with the support of libertarian groups opposed to climate action.  A vocal advocate of free-market economics, during her campaign Truss called solar farms on agricultural land “depressing” and on Sunday claimed “gas is a very important transition fuel” […]

TalkTV’s Climate Expert Accused UN of Using ‘Nazi Methods’ to Back Green Action

Brian Catt on TalkTV

A climate pundit favoured by TalkTV has previously accused the United Nations and green campaigners of using the “methods of the Nazis” to impose a “Marxist dystopia”. Brian Catt, a business consultant with a bachelor’s degree in physics, appeared at least three times this month on the Rupert Murdoch-owned channel, where he was described as […]

Reality Is Not What It Seems. And That Might Just Save the Climate.

By Clara Vondrich As the world gasped in wonder at the first images of our infant universe from the James Webb Space Telescope last month, we were reminded that human beings are still capable of acts that elevate us all and advance our collective potential. “[When] my grandchildren … look up at a star, point […]