Jim Puplava

James Joseph “Jim” Puplava


  • Graduated cum laude in Political Science from Arizona State University. [1]
  • Master’s Degree in International Management, the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).[1]


James Joseph or “Jim” Puplava is an investment analyst and internet radio show host. He is president and CEO of Puplava Financial Services Inc., and Puplava Securities Inc, and host of the Financial Sense Newshour. His primary business experience is as a TV financial reporter and financial writer. He began hosting Financial Sense Talkradio on various San Diego radio stations in 1988, and he continues to contribute to weekly broadcasts as well as write commentary at Financial Sense Online. [1]

Jim Puplava is also a member of the Board of Directors for Kimber Resources, a gold-silver exploration and development company focused in Mexico with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. As of November 2012, Puplava was the second-largest shareholder with 6.0 million shares in the company (PDF). [2], [3]

Puplava has given a podium to a number of climate change skeptics on his Financial Sense Newshour webcast including Bjørn Lomborg and Ian Plimer. Both Puplava and his producer, John Loeffler are skeptical of man-made climate change, believing that the concept is a government conspiracy to promote higher taxes and increase government control. Puplava also believes that the world is cooling rather than warming. While Puplava is skeptical of man-made climate change, he does believe in the concept of peak oil. [4]

Stance on Climate Change

“Don J Easterbrook, PhD made the strong case for another cycle of global cooling. According to Easterbrook there have been 23 periods of climatic warming and cooling over the last 500 years. […] What is shaping up is the perfect energy trifecta: rising demand, declining supply, and cooling global temperatures.” [4]

Key Quotes

“History shows that depopulation, social disruptions, extinctions, disease, and catastrophic droughts take place in cold times yet life blossoms and economies bloom in warm times. If indeed there is a period of global warming, why are we afraid of it?” [5]

Key Deeds


Puplava regularly interviews and features articles by Evelyn Browning Garris, a historian and business consultant who believes that global warming is part of a natural cycle. Browning is the editor of The Browning Newsletter, which describes itself as “the best, most accurate source for long-term climate [forecast]” for over 35 years. [6], [7]

The following is from a sample article (PDF) of her newsletter, which costs $250 for a basic subscription: [8]

“There appears to be a long-term solar cycle that lasts for centuries creating the Roman Warm Period, the cold Dark Ages, the Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age and contributing to our current global warming. Models supplied with a century or less of data can’t cope.”

October 24, 2009

The Financial Sense Newshour went “in-depth” with climate change skeptic Ian Plimer, a geologist and mining/energy exploration company executive, about his book Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science in an  “Ask the Experts” session.

According to Ian Plimer, “my view shows us that in the past we’ve had massive climate changes far far bigger than anything we’ve measured today […]”

Puplava goes on to state that “history shows that depopulation, social disruptions, extinctions, disease, and catastrophic droughts take place in cold times yet life blossoms and economies bloom in warm times. If indeed there is a period of global warming, why are we afraid of it?” In response to this question, Plimer contends that increased carbon dioxide is a “gift” because it supposedly improves the production of crops. [5]


  • Puplava Financial Services, Inc. — President & CEO (since 1985), Chief Investment Strategist. [1]
  • Puplava Securities, Inc. — President & CEO (established, 1996), and Registered Representative. [1]
  • LPL Financial Services, LLC — Past Branch Manager. [1]
  • Financial Sense & Financial Sense Newshour — Author & Host. [1]
  • Kimber Resources — Member, Board of Directors. Major Shareholder (6.0 million shares). [2]

Social Media


According to Google Scholar, Jim or James Puplava has published articles on currency, inflation, and financial risk. He has not published articles in peer-reviewed journals.


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