Politeia is a free-market organisation established in 1995 that aims to act as “a forum for discussing economic, constitutional and social policy,” according to its website. [1]

It was listed as one of the organisations consulted prior to the publication of an “ideal” post-Brexit USUK trade deal by a group of free market think tanks and campaign groups led by the Cato Institute and Institute for Free Trade (IFT). [2]

Stance on Climate Change


David Howell, former Secretary of State for Energy under Margaret Thatcher, wrote a report on the EU’s energy policy for Politeia in 2014. In it, he wrote: [3]

Revolutionary changes in energy production and new climate questions have made redundant the EU’s energy and climate goals, to Europe’s severe disadvantage.”


The energy and climate policy of the EU has all along been dogmatically opposed to coal, gas and oil (until overwhelmed by facts to the contrary).”

In the report, he also described the “the climate policy-makers of Brussels” as “zealots.”


Financial Disclosures & Other Documents

Key People


Sheila LawlorYYYY
Brian Williamson YYY
Harold James YYY


Oliver Letwin YPresident
The Lord ParkinsonY Honorary President


George Robinson  Y
The Marquess of Salisbury Y 
Viscount CranborneY  

Consultant Directors

Richard Harris Y
Robin HarrisY 

Founding Directors (Listed 2006 through 2010)

Maurice Cowling
Sheila Lawlor
The Lord Pilkington

Academic Advisory Council

Harold JamesYYYYYYYY
David WilletsYYYYYYYY
Vito Tanzi     YYY
Brian WilliamsonYYYY  Y 
Francis MaudeYYYY    
Geoffrey LeighYYYY    
Oliver LetwinYYYY    
The Lord PilkingtonYYYY    
Stuart Wheeler  YY    
Maurice Cowling YY     
Michael Howard YY     
Paul Judge Y      

Westminster Advisory Council

Francis Maude Y
Frank FieldYY
John Mc FallY 
Lord Lexden Y
Lord Mcfall Of Alcluith Y
Michael GoveYY
Vince CableYY

Business Council

Anthony CoombsYYY
Carl LygoYYY
Chris KinderYYY
Dan Cutts  Y
Gerard LyonsYYY
Hugh SykesYYY
John HodgsonYYY
Lord BallyedmondY  
Russell Gould  Y

Emeritus (Listed in 2005)

  • Douglas Moore
  • The Lord Parkinson

Patron: George Robinson

Hedge fund manager Robinson is listed on Politeia’s website as its patron. He has donated over £400,000 to Conservative party and Tory politicians. He also gave £5,000 to Boris Johnson’s London mayoral campaign. He gave £10,000 to the No Campaign, which campaigned against electoral reform in the UK in 2011. Matthew Elliott – now of the Legatum Institute and Brexit Central, and formerly chief executive of the Vote Leave campaign – was Board Director of the No Campaign. [4], [5], [6]

Academic Advisor: Deepak Lal

Lal sits on the Academic Advisory Board of the UK climate science denial campaign group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation. He is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in the US with links to major climate science denier funder Charles Koch. He was also described as co-director of the Institute of Economic Affairs‘ “Trade and Development Unit.” IEA is a UK think-tank with strong affiliations to the Brexit campaign. [7], [8], [9]

Lal is or was also a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, created in 1947 by the free market economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek and advocates “classical liberalism,” an ideology classified by small government and minimal regulation of business. Many groups associated with the Mont Pelerin Society have ties to climate science denial, DeSmogBlog reported. [10], [11]

Westminster Advisors: Vince Cable, Michael Gove and Frank Field

Cable was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats in 2017. He is listed as being part of Politiea’s Westminster Advisory Council despite being staunchly pro-EU. Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who sits at the heart of a web of lobbyists and think tanks working out of offices on Tufton Street and pushing disinformation on climate change while advocating a hard-Brexit, is also listed as an advisor. Former Labour MP and arch-Brexiteer Frank Field, who resigned from the party after voting against the whip to support the Conservative government’s Brexit agenda, is also on the Advisory Council. [12], [4]


September 2018

Politeia was listed as one of the organisations consulted prior to the publication of an “ideal” post-Brexit USUK trade deal by a group of free market think tanks and campaign groups led by the Cato Institute and Institute for Free Trade. Other groups consulted included many residents of offices on Tufton Street, which act as the heart of a network of organisations pushing disinformation on climate change and for a hard Brexit.  [2]

Contact & Address

According to Companies House records, Politeia has the following registered office address: [13]

5 Fleet Place, London,

Social Media


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