Unplugged: The Gas Industry Is Fighting Efforts to 'Electrify Everything'

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In the U.S., several cities and states are moving to phase out direct use of fossil gas in buildings, opting for an “electrify everything” approach to addressing the climate crisis. But the gas industry and its trade associations are fighting back. This DeSmog investigative series examines the battle over efforts to ditch gas and electrify buildings across the United States.

We’ll explore the key industry players, including the American Public Gas Association (APGA), a national trade association for municipally owned gas utilities that is lobbying against electrification efforts, as well as various front groups tied to or funded by the gas industry. And we’ll highlight several cities that are actually funding gas industry trade associations like APGA, and unpack how that fossil fuel industry funding may be undermining these cities’ ambitious climate goals.

Image: Unplugged Credit: Lauren Walker / TruthoutCC BYNCND 2.0

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