Center for Energy and Economic Development

Center for Energy and Economic Development (CEED)


The Center for Energy and Economic Development (CEED) began in 1992 as a “partnership between the U.S. coal and rail industries.” The president of CEED was Stephen L. Miller and the founding chairman of the board was John Snow, President and CEO of CSX Corporation.

CSX Corporation is a major transporter of coal to electricity plants in the U.S.1About CEED: History,” Archived February 5, 2003. URL: 2Coal,” CSX. Archived August 4, 2017. URL:

CEED describes itself as “a non-profit group dedicated to protecting the viability of coal-based electricity.” It offered the following description on its website:3About CEED,”  Archived October 26, 2000. URL:

“Working at the local, state, and regional levels, CEED communicates the truth about coal—conducting research, dispelling falsehoods, and educating the public and government officials about coal-based electricity’s importance to our way of life.”

Snow has said that CEED was formed because, “our nation’s most abundant energy resource was under attack, placing our energy security in jeopardy. Something more had to be done.” According to an archive of the CEED website:4About CEED: History,” Archived February 5, 2003. URL:

CEED‘s early battles focused on plant siting and opposing state environmental externality initiatives. With early wins under its belt and new issues on the horizon, CEED proved to be an effective advocate on behalf of coal-based electricity generation.”5About CEED,”  Archived October 26, 2000. URL:

According to a 2006 press release, CEED joined with Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC) to form the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), a group of “more than 40 leading U.S. companies from the electricity generation, transportation, coal production, energy technology, and equipment manufacturing industries.”6New Multi-Industry Coalition Aligns to Advocate Energy Security and Environmental Stewardship,” BusinessWire, April 17, 2008. URL: The group would become “The driving force behind coal’s rebranding effort.”7Ari Berman. “The Dirty on Clean Coal,” The Nation, March 26, 2009. Archived August 1, 2017. URL:

Oregon Petition

CEED actively marketed the Oregon Petition and Tobacco Scientist Frederick Seitz

CEED called to the thoroughly discredited Oregon Petition as the “Seitz Petition” in reference to the originator of the petition, Dr. Fred Seitz. Prior to his work with conservative think tanks on climate change, Seitz was the prinicpal scientific advisor to the RJ Reynolds medical research program. But as far back as 1989, the tobacco industry believed that the elderly Seitz (who is now deceased) was “not sufficiently rational to offer advice.”

CEED archived webpage screenshot below:

Stance on Climate Change


According to an archive of CEED‘s website, one of its “major areas of engagement” has been the “Global Climate Debate”:8About CEED: Mission,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

Global Climate Debate. CEED is working to raise public awareness on this issue. CEED is opposed to the proposed U.N. Global Climate Treaty (the Kyoto Protocol), which will result in the loss of about 3.2 million American jobs and raise energy and consumer costs in all U.S. households for a treaty that scientists cannot even agree is necessary.”9About CEED: Mission,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

At the time, CEED also promoted a range of petitions under “Kyoto Science” including the Leipzig Accord,10Issues: Kyoto Science,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL: the Heidelberg Appeal,11The Leipzig Accord on Global Climate Change,” Archived October 28, 2000. URL: and the infamous “Oregon Petition.”12The Heidelberg Appeal,” Archived October 28, 2000. URL:

CEED called to the thoroughly discredited Oregon Petition as the “Seitz Petition” in reference to the originator of the petition, Dr. Fred Seitz. Prior to his work with conservative think tanks on climate change, Seitz was the principal scientific advisor to the RJ Reynolds medical research program. But as far back as 1989, the tobacco industry believed that the elderly Seitz (who is now deceased) was “not sufficiently rational to offer advice.”

September 6, 2000

In a digital newsletter, CEED President Steve Miller claimed that “”Research is not supporting apocalyptic predictions of climatic tragedies from global climate change.”13Digital Newsletter:  Global Warming Believers Change Their Tune Kyoto Protocol Takes Some Hits,”, September 6, 2000. Archived OCtober 26, 2000. URL:


The following is a screenshot from a 1998 PowerPoint presentation titled “Broken Promises-Shattered Dreams) by CEED: (View a PDF version here).14Issues: Gobal Climate: Slide 14 of 35,” CEED. Archived October 28, 2000. URL:


990 Forms

In 2008, CEED‘s 990 forms were posted under the “American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity” (ACCE), sharing the same EIN of 52-1799853. See 990s for both below:

Key People


The following names were listed in publicly available 990 forms, before CEED became ACCCE in 2008.

Anthony AhernYYYYDirector
John PaulYYYYVP – North Region
Philip T KlingelhoferYYYYSecretary-Treasurer
Rosemary L WilsonYYYYVP – Policy
Stephen MillerYYYYPast President & CEO
Terry RossYYYYVP – West Region
David RatcliffeYYYChairman
Brett HarveyYYVice Chairman
Mark OuradaYYVP – Central Region
Randy EmingerYYVP – South Region
Scott WisemanYYSenior VP – State Affairs
Bryan RonckYYYDirector
David SlumpYYYDirector
Don BlankenshipYYYDirector
Duane RichardsYYYDirector
Edward HambergerYYYDirector
Eric HennenYYYDirector
Frank Calandra JrYYYDirector
Garry DrummondYYYDirector
Gary RouletYYYDirector
Gerard AndersonYYYDirector
Glenn EnglishYYYDirector
Greg KraftYYYDirector
J.M. ShaferYYYDirector
James JuraYYYDirector
James RobertsYYYDirector
John Carroll JrYYYDirector
John GrishamYYYDirector
Joseph Craft IIIYYYDirector
L Earl Watkins JrYYYDirector
Matthew RoseYYYDirector
Michael WardYYYDirector
Nancy C MohnYYYDirector
Paul ThompsonYYYDirector
Randy HaymakerYYYDirector
Richard MidullaYYYDirector
Richard Walling SrYYYDirector
Ronald HarperYYYDirector
Steven F LeerYYYDirector
Thomas KuhnYYYDirector
Tom SchelatYYYDirector
Charles MoormanYYDirector
Christopher CurfmanYYDirector
Douglas McFarlanYYDirector
Ed PettigrewYYDirector
Gregory H BoyceYYDirector
Kraig NaaszYYDirector
Marcella SzelYYDirector
Mark NelsonYYDirector
Robert MurrayYYDirector
Scott MillerYYDirector
Steve SharpYYDirector
Colin MarshallYDirector
Dennis WelchYDirector
James YoungYDirector
John WendlingYDirector
Mark SmithYDirector
Mike McCallYDirector
Robert MarshallYDirector
Vicky WillYDirector
William BarbieriYDirector
Bret ClaytonYYDirector
Charles R EmingerYYVP – South Region
Charles WakildYYDirector
Clifford MiercortYYDirector
David WilksYYDirector
Dwight EvansYYDirector
J Brett HarveyYYDirector
Michael MenneYYDirector
Richard DavidsonYYDirector
Rick LancasterYYDirector
Rick ThomasYYDirector
Robert PowersYYDirector
Roy PalkYYDirector
Shelby Joe LucasYYSenior VP – Communications
Steven ParkerYYDirector
Theodore TobeckYYDirector
Fredrick KuesterYDirector
Kelly PrasserYDirector
Steve HollowayYDirector
Albert PitcherYDirector
D. MenziesYDirector
David GoodeYDirector
Irl F. EngelhardtYChairman
Jack CoffmanYDirector
Jack GerardYDirector
John GrubbYDirector
Kevin CrutchfieldYDirector
Richard BensonYDirector
Richard WhiteYDirector
Rick SalleeYDirector
Steven SharpYDirector

Leadership & Staff

As of 2000, CEED listed the following information on its “leadership”:15About CEED: Leadership,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

“Charles McCrary, President of Generation for Southern Company, serves as the Chairman of CEED‘s Board of Directors; and Steven Leer, President and CEO of Arch Coal, Inc., serves as Vice Chairmen.

Stephen L. Miller serves as CEED‘s President and CEO. He directs the CEED staff, which is comprised of 15 full-time employees, and oversees an annual budget of $5 million. CEED‘s National Office is located in Alexandria, Virginia, and four regional offices are located in New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, and Colorado.”16About CEED: Leadership,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

Some individual staff members were also listed on the CEED website:17Contact Us: Employee Directory,” Center for Energy and Economic Development. Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

Shirley AllenManager of Membership & Special Events
Shirley CrawfordManager of Human Resources and Administration
Randy EmingerVice President, South Region
Diann ForsheeProgram Coordinator, Midwest Region
Phil KlingelhoferVice President, Finance & Administration
Joe LucasVice President, Communications
Mary McWattersProgram Coordinator
Steve MillerPresident
John PaulVice President, North Region
Jennifer PetersonReceptionist, CEED National Headquarters
Terry RossVice President, West Region
Shani WattsTechnical and Information Specialist
Teri WernerProgram Coordinator
Rosemary WilsonVice President, Midwest Region

Member Companies (2000)

Board of Directors18About CEED: Member Information: Board of Directors,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL: 

Contributing Members19About CEED: Member Information: Contributing Members,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

Associate Members20About CEED: Member Information: Associate Members,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

  • Ailphatrac, Incorporated
  • Alabama Coal Association
  • Alabama State Energy Office
  • Alaska Miners Association, Inc.
  • Alberta Power Limited
  • AlphaTRAC, Inc.
  • American Commercial Barge Line Company
  • Arkansas Railroad Association
  • Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce
  • Bullock & Associates
  • Canadian Pacific Rail System
  • Charles S. McNeil & Company
  • Chriswell D. Langhorne, Jr.
  • Coal Association of Canada
  • Coal Sales Consulting, Inc.
  • Coal Operators & Associates, Inc.
  • Colorado Mining Association
  • Elkhorn-Hazard Coal Land Corporation
  • Energy Resources International, Inc.
  • Florida Electric Cooperatives Association
  • Georgia Industry Association
  • Hawaiian Electric Company
  • Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Hunton & Williams
  • Illinois Coal Association
  • Indiana Coal Council, Incorporated
  • Jack D. Lovely, Sr.
  • JML, INC.
  • John Van Gieson Media Relations
  • Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives
  • Kentucky Coal Association
  • Kentucky Coal Marketing & Export Council
  • Louisiana Association of Business & Industry
  • Maryland Coal Association
  • Maxie Davie, Consultant
  • Michigan Railroad Association
  • Missouri Basin Systems Group
  • Montana Coal Council
  • Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company
  • National Coalition for Public Lands & Natural Resources
  • National Energy Education Development
  • National Energy Foundation
  • Nebraska Railroad Association
  • Odyssey Strategies, Inc.
  • Ohio Coal Development Office
  • Ohio Mining and Reclamation Association
  • Oklahoma Railroad Association, Incorporated
  • Oklahoma State Chamber/Association of Bussiness & Industry
  • Oregon Railroad Association
  • Penn, Stuart, & Eskridge
  • Pennsylvania Coal Association
  • People for the USA
  • Pocahontas Coal Association
  • Quintain Development LLC
  • Retread Resources Ltd.
  • Roberts & Schaefer Company
  • Silver City Consolidated Schools
  • Specific Surface Corporation
  • Strategic America
  • Sullivan & Associates
  • Tennessee Valley Authority/Paradise Plant
  • The Coal Association of Canada
  • The Elk River Railroad, Incorporated
  • The Mining Record
  • United Mine Workers of America
  • United Transportation Union
  • Utah Mining Association
  • Venable, Baetjer, Howard, & Civiletti, LLP
  • Virginia Coal Association
  • Virginia Coal Council
  • Virginia Mining Association
  • West Virginia Coal Association
  • West Virginia Mining & Reclamation Assoc.
  • Western Coal Council
  • Western Kentucky Coal Association
  • Western States Coalition
  • Women in Mining: Battle Mountain Chapter
  • Women in Mining: Denver Chapter
  • Women in Mining: National Organization
  • Women in Mining: Ohio Chapter
  • World Coal Institue
  • Wyoming Mining Association
  • Young Law Offices



As of 2001, CEED was still promoting the message that there was a high degree of uncertainty around climate change. See archived screenshot:

According to DeSmog‘s assessment of archived web data, CEED continued to spread the message that the realities of climate change were in doubt amongst scientists and that it would not be prudent to introduce greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies until the end of 2006.

Up until 2006, the CEED website stated on climate change that:

“We’ve all heard of climate change or global warming. Many of us even have our own opinion about whether this is a serious problem or an exaggerated concern.
If predicting the weather were easy, we’d never be caught in the rain without an umbrella. Predicting weather conditions a day or two in advance is hard enough … so just imagine how hard it is to forecast what our climate will be 75 to 100 years in the future.”


“Some scientists believe that the one degree of warming that has taken place over the past 100 years is evidence that potential catastrophic climate change is an imminent threat. However, other equally-qualified experts are not so sure. They point to the fact that most of the warming that occurred in the 20th century happened prior to the 1920’s – when manmade emissions began a rapid increase.”

CEED archived webpage screenshot:

CEED claimed in the “global climate change” section of their website that:

“More than a decade ago, global climate change emerged from the realm of science into the world of politics. Global climate change refers to the theory that certain emissions of “greenhouse gases” (including carbon dioxide or CO2) will, over time, contribute to a dangerous warming of the Earth’s climate. Unfortunately, when climate change entered the political arena, political agendas trumped scientific inquiry in addressing the issue.”

Archived screenshot:

June–December 2021

On June 2, 2021 CEED member Basin Electric Power Cooperative filed an Amici Curiae brief in West Virginia v. EPA, a U.S. Supreme Court case that reduced the EPA’s ability to regulate power plants under the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The brief was filed by the Washington D.C. based law firm Holland & Hart LLP. 21BRIEF OF RESPONDENT BASIN ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE IN SUPPORT OF THE PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI in STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, ET AL., Petitioners, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY AND MICHAEL REGAN, ADMINISTRATOR OF THE U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, Respondents,” Supreme Court of the United States Docket No. No. 20-1530. 22Re: West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, et. al., No. 20-1530” (PDF), Holland & Hart LLP, November 24, 2021. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog. 23BRIEF OF RESPONDENT BASIN ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONERS in STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, et al., Petitioners, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents. | THE NORTH AMERICAN COAL CORPORATION, Petitioner, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents. | WESTMORELAND MINING HOLDINGS LLC, Petitioner, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents. | NORTH DAKOTA, Petitioner, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents,” Supreme Court of the United States Docket Nos. 20-1530, 20-1531, 20-1778, 20-1780. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog. 24REPLY BRIEF OF RESPONDENT BASIN ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONERS in STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, et al., Petitioners, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents. | THE NORTH AMERICAN COAL CORPORATION, Petitioner, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents. | WESTMORELAND MINING HOLDINGS LLC, Petitioner, v. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents. | NORTH DAKOTA, Petitioner, v U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, et al., Respondents,” Supreme Court of the United States Docket Nos. Nos. 20-1530, 20-1531, 20-1778, 20-1780. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.


The CEED members on the filing brief were: 

  1. Lignite Energy Council,
  2. Illinois Coal Association,
  3. Kentucky Coal Association,
  4. Montana Coal Council,
  5. Pennsylvania Coal Alliance,
  6. Utah Mining Association,
  7. West Virginia Coal Association,
  8. Wyoming Mining Association

The brief was filed by the Texas law firm Jackson Walker LLP. In June 2022, the court ruled 6-3 against the EPA.26West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency,” NRDC, July 7, 2022. Archived April 6, 2023. Archive URL:


CEED produced two “educational” videos on climate change. The first was called “America Speaks Out” which promised to “tell the personal stories of real-life Americans who will be negatively affected by this flawed treaty that even the world’s scientists can’t agree is necessary.”27Resources: CEED Videos,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

The second video was called “A Flawed Treaty Impacts America” that claimed to show how a “flawed international negotiations process produced a flawed treaty—the Kyoto Protocol” and described how, “if implemented, the Kyoto Protocol, or Global Climate Treaty, could negatively impact our economy and sovereignty.”28Resources: CEED Videos,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

November 1998

CEED released a statement following the Clinton Administration’s signing of the Kyoto Protocol, claiming the act “shows once again that this Administration is more interested in promoting a political agenda than protecting the future of American working families, small businesses, and senior citizens.”29CEED Responds to Clinton Administration’s Signing of the Kyoto Protocol – A Flawed Treaty that Impacts America,” Archived October 28, 2000. URL:

July 31, 1998

CEED published a presentation titled “Broken Promises-Shattered Dreams30Broken Promises–Shattered Dreams,” 8/31/98. Archived October 27, 2000. URL: which it claimed “walks you through the flaws of the United Nations Global Climate Treaty – the Kyoto Protocol.”31Issues: Global Climate,” Archived October 27, 2000. URL:

The report argued that the Kyoto Accord is “just plain wrong: wrong in its science, wrong in its approach, wrong to surrender, wrong for America.” It also made a range of common arguments made by industry to oppose the regulation of greenhouse gases—for example, it claims:

  1. CO2 only makes up about 3% of the atmosphere and therefore cannot play a significant role in climate change.
  2. C02 is a basic building block of life, so how could it be considered a pollutant.
  3. Scientists predicted global “cooling” before they predicted global “warming.”
  4. Climate change is nothing more than natural variations in temperature.

View the presentation as a PDF here.

Digital Newsletter

CEED formerly released a digital newsletter on its website. Archived pages below:

Companies listed in CEED‘s archived directory of “Board Members” are:

List of Companies listed under a category called “Contributing Members (additional financial contributors):

Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc.

The American Coal Company


Ausley & McMullen

Coyle Kelly & Associates

Empire District Electric Company

Executive Associates, Inc

Friedlob Sanderson Raskin Paulson & Tourtillott, LLC Law Firm

John T. Boyd Company

Joy Mining Machinery

KenAmerican Resources, Inc.

Kentucky River Coal Corporation

Kurt Brenner, P.E.

Lignite Energy Council

Lloyd, Gosselink, Blevins, Rochelle, Baldwin & Townsend, P.C.

Maple Creek Mining, Inc.

Minnkota Power

Northwestern Resources

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Services

PennAmerican Coal Company

Red River Coal Company, Incorporated

Savage Industries, Incorporated

Shook, Hardy, & Bacon, LLP

Tidewater Coal Inspection Bureau, Incorporated

Trapper Mining Incorporated

United Utility Supply Cooperative Corp.

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative

Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP

Western Pocahontas Properties

Contact & Address

CEED listed the following address on its website as of October, 2000:33Contact US,” Archived October 26, 2000. URL:

National Office, CEED
1800 Diagonal Road
Suite 370
Alexandria, VA 22314    

703-684-6292 (phone)
E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media

CEED was not active on social media. ACCCE, however, can be found here:

Other Resources


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