D. James Kennedy Ministries

D. James Kennedy Ministries


D. James Kennedy Ministries, formerly known as Coral Ridge Ministries and Truth in Action Ministries, was founded in 1974 by the late D. James Kennedy.

Kennedy was also the founder of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Evangelism Explosion International, the Westminster Academy in Fort Lauderdale, the Knox Theological Seminary, and the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, a socially conservative political group. [11]

Coral Ridge Ministries initially produced a weekly religious television program, The Coral Ridge Hour, that was carried on various networks and syndicated on numerous other stations with a peak audience of three million viewers in 200 countries, and is still aired on radio today. [11]

As of 2017, D. James Kennedy Ministries’ media outreach includes weekly television programs “Kennedy Classics with Dr. D. James Kennedy and Truths That Transform; Truth In Action,” as well as a weekly half-hour radio program “with Dr. Michael Milton,” and the monthly Impact Magazine and Devotional, among other print and video resources. [11]

According to its website, D. James Kennedy Ministries’ aims to “through this church, the Gospel of Jesus Christ might be radiated through television and radio, motion pictures and cassettes, books and clinics, and by ways yet undreamed of unto the entire world, that the command of Christ to go and proclaim the Gospel to every creature might be fulfilled in our generation.” [1]

Stance on Climate Change

December 2016

D. James Kennedy Ministries’ senior producer and host Jerry Newcombe is also a columnist for its website. In a December 2016 article he wrote: [12]

“Meanwhile, the theory of man-made global warming is a myth. For example, the worldwide average temperature has not risen in the last 18 years. So the theorists changed the name to “climate change.” Well, to borrow a line from Marco Rubio, there’s always climate change—it’s called ‘the weather.’”

April 2014

Truth in Action Ministries released a short that endorsed and included the following quotes from climate change deniers: [28]

Environmentalism has become a religion. These are recycled communists, recycled socialists, recycled collectivists who are trying to use a flawed theory of environmentalism to bring about the collectivist society they were unable to bring about politically through socialism and through communism.”

One of the ways we can commit idolatry is by substituting ourselves as the creature for God, that’s what many of these scientists and bureaucrats are trying to do.” 

We need to be very careful about not turning over our freedom and liberty to a bunch of bureaucrats in the name of saving the planet.”


D. James Kennedy Ministries, then called Coral Ridge Ministries, produced a video in 2011 called “Global Warming: A Scientific and Biblical Expose’ Of Climate Change.” [2]

The following quotes are from a description of the video:

“Global Warming addresses subjects that most others won’t touch, including misinformation which is contained in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.”

“Global warming is real, but it is not primarily man-made. This biblically-based and thoroughly balanced view of climate change reveals that global warming is not a black & white issue. Viewers will see why well-meaning Christians need to be extremely careful when advocating environmental policies.” [2]


Conservative Transparency summarizes D. James Kennedy Ministries Media funding. Note that not all individual funding values have been verified by DeSmog. [13][14]

View the attached spreadsheet for details on D. James Kennedy Ministries Funding by year (.xlsx)

Recipient and YearDeVos Urban Leadership InitiativeNational Christian Charitable FundOrville D. and Ruth A. Merillat FoundationBill and Berniece Grewcock FoundationSchwab Charitable FundGrand Total
Coral Ridge Ministries $752,744 $27,000 $779,744
2000   $2,000 $2,000
2001 $16,600 $5,000 $21,600
2002 $21,643 $5,000 $26,643
2003 $85,750 $5,000 $90,750
2004 $271,525   $271,525
2005 $157,701 $5,000 $162,701
2006 $43,500 $5,000 $48,500
2007 $25,900   $25,900
2008 $19,559   $19,559
2009 $20,766   $20,766
2010 $60,950   $60,950
2011 $22,750   $22,750
2013 $6,100   $6,100
Coral Ridge Ministries Media  $1,215,000  $1,215,000
1999  $400,000  $400,000
2001  $300,000  $300,000
2002  $300,000  $300,000
2003  $75,000  $75,000
2004  $85,000  $85,000
2005  $25,000  $25,000
2006  $30,000  $30,000
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church$15,943,800$749,724   $16,750,326
2000$1,760,000    $1,760,000
2001$960,000$52,500   $1,012,500
2002$750,000$36,600   $786,600
2003$600,000$24,805   $624,805
2004$1,510,000$12,500   $1,522,500
2005$1,810,000$1,000   $1,811,000
2006$2,040,800$25,000   $2,065,800
2007$1,760,000$50,000   $1,810,000
2008$1,965,000$19,550   $1,984,550
2009$1,278,000$102,645   $1,380,645
1998$1,510,000    $1,510,000
2010 $102,305   $102,305
2011 $79,153   $79,153
2013 $36,078   $36,078
2012 $34,228   $34,228
2014 $6,000   $6,000
2015 $167,360   $167,360
2016 $56,802   $56,802
D James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship    $8,500$8,500
2006    $3,000$3,000
2007    $3,000$3,000
2008    $2,500$2,500
D James Kennedy Leadership Council $750   $750
2002 $750   $750
Knox Theologal Seminary $71,181   $71,181
2008 $17,000   $17,000
2009 $27,403   $27,403
2010 $26,778   $26,778
Truth in Action Radio Ministries $27,550   $27,550
2011 $350   $350
2013 $6,100   $6,100
2012 $14,200   $14,200
2015 $6,900   $6,900
WAFG 90 3 FM $15,960   $15,960
2008 $12,250   $12,250
2009 $1,650   $1,650
2010 $1,860   $1,860
2011 $200   $200
Grand Total$15,943,800$1,617,909$1,215,000$27,000$8,500$18,869,011

DeVos Funding

Rolling Stone’s Bob Moser reported that former Amway CEO and co-founder Richard DeVos is connected with the Dominionist political movement in the United States. Moser states that DeVos was a supporter of the late D. James Kennedy, giving more than $5 million to the cause. [3], [4]

Some background on DeVos, via an article at The Daily Kos: [5]

DeVos was also a founding member and two-time president of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing Christian-focused organization

High-ranking Amway leaders such as Richard DeVos and Dexter Yager were owners and members of the board of Gospel Films, a producer of movies and books geared towards conservative Christians, as well as co-owners (along with Salem Communications) of a right-wing, Christian non-profit entity called Gospel Communications International.

In July 1996, Amway co-founder Richard DeVos was honored at a $3 million fundraiser for the Republican Party, and a week later, it was reported that Amway had tried to donate $1.3 million to pay for Republican “infomercials” and televising of the GOP convention on Pat Robertson’s Family Channel, but backed off when Democrats criticized the donation as a ploy to avoid campaign-finance restrictions.

In April 1997, Richard DeVos and his wife, Helen, gave $1 million to the Republican National Committee, which at the time was the second-largest soft-money donation ever, behind Amway’s 1994 gift of $2.5 million to the RNC.

Key People

Brian E. FisherY      President (2009)
Carmen Pate   Y   Chief Communications Officer
Charles White   Y   Board of Directors
Dan Scalf YY    President (2011, 2012), Former Executive VP (1988 to 1993, possibly longer)[22],[24]
David P. Russ Y     Interim Executive VP[23]
Francis W. Wright Y    YPresident (2017 to present); Board of Directors (2012)[24]
Frank Johnson   YY   Executive Vice President (2012 to 2013)
Gladys Israels   YY  Secretary
Hector L. Padron Y     Executive Vice President (2011)
James Carlson   YYYYChairman; Executive Vice President (2015); President/Executive Chairman (2017 to present)
Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy YYYY  Board of Directors
Jerry Newcombe YYYYYYSenior Producer (until 2013; 2016 to present) and Host, Spokesperson (2014 to 2016)[25],[26]
Lawrence L. Eldridge   YY  Board of Directors
Michael A. Milton    Y  Board of Directors
Mike Whitten   Y   Board of Directors
Rodney A. Cox    Y   Chief Strategy Officer
Steve Kahlke   Y   Chief Financial Officer/Director of Finance
William T. Allen   YY  Vice Chairman


April 2014

Truth in Action Ministries released a short in which it called the climate change community a “cult of socialists and idolaters that, if left unchecked, could ultimately lead to the rise of communist dictatorships around the globe.” [28]


Coral Ridge Ministries made a documentary titled “SOCIALISM: A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER … A Biblical Response.” [7]

The documentary asserted the claims that socialism denies god, is against Christian principles and that government social programs led to the destruction of the economy of Detroit, Michigan. [7]

Full video below: [30]

April 22, 2009

Coral Ridge Ministries produced a video titled “Global Warming: A Scientific and Biblical Expose of Climate Change.”

The video claims that “Global warming is real, but it is not primarily man-made. This biblically-based and thoroughly balanced view of climate change reveals that global warming is not a black & white issue. Viewers will see why well-meaning Christians need to be extremely careful when advocating environmental policies.” [2]

Numerous well-known climate change skeptics were featured in the video including E. Calvin Beisner, John Christy, and George Taylor. You can watch the video here.

August 26 – 27, 2006

Coral Ridge Ministries aired a “documentary” featuring Ann Coulter that attributes Adolph Hitler’s atrocities to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy” was aired during “Coral Ridge Hour” and accompanied by a book titled “Evolution’s Fatal Fruit: How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions.”

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute for the NIH, said that he “would not have agreed to participate if I had understood that the program would promote the concept of a direct connection between Darwin’s theory of evolution and the evils of the Holocaust and the massacre at Columbine High School,” and said he was “absolutely appalled” at how his comments were used in the film. [8]

You can view the “documentary” here.

Coral Ridge Ministries Contact & Address

As of May 22, 2016 the main contact address for the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church was: [10]

5555 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 USA

Social Media


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