Joanne Nova

Joanne Nova


  • Joanne Nova holds a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from the University of Western Australia. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Science Communications from the Australian National University. [1], [2]


Joanne Nova (real name Joanne Codling) has been described as “one of Australia’s more prominent ‘climate change sceptics’.” She believes that carbon may have “little effect” on the atmosphere. [3], [4][5]

After graduating from the University of Western Australia, Nova joined the Shell Questacon Science Circus, a Shell-sponsored program that employs university students to travel around Australia teaching interactive science programs to children. Currently, Nova works as a professional speaker, the director of Science Speak, and the writer and creator of the blog, JoNova[3]

Joanne Nova is known for publishing “The Skeptic’s Handbook (Part I and Part II)” which asserts global warming is not caused by greenhouse gases, “the world has not warmed since 2001,” and any global warming is a natural process. DeSmog, among other sources, has debunked the handbook (here, here, and here, for example). [6], [7], [8], [9]

Joanne Nova runs Science Speak with her partner David Evans. ScienceSpeak describes itself as “a small private scientific modeling and mathematical research company” that also speaks “about some science and economic issues.” Science Speak does not appear to accredit Nova with any of its research in the area of global warming.  [10]

With the exception of “The Skeptic’s Handbook,” Nova’s written commentary on the failures of science communicators and journalists on the issue of global warming has been relatively limited to her personal blog,, and local Australian newspapers. [11], [12]

Stance on Climate Change

August 25, 2016

“Global warming started 200 years ago, but human emissions of CO2 were bugger-all-of-nothing until after World War II. Humans have put out nearly 90% of all our CO2 molecules ever since the War started. We’ve put out 30% of all our emissions ever since the year 2000. The message hammered home over and over, is that temperatures don’t correlate at all well with our CO2 emissions and never have,” Joanne Nova wrote at her blog[13]

September 2010

“And as far as evidence goes, surprisingly, I agree with the IPCC that carbon dioxide warms the planet. But few realize that the IPCC relies on feedback factors like humidity and clouds causing a major amplification of the minor CO2 effect and that this amplification simply isn’t there. […] Without this amplification from water vapor or clouds the infamous ‘3.5 degrees of warming’ collapses to just a half a degree—most of which has happened,” Nova wrote at ABC News[5]

March 4, 2008

The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) lists Joanne Nova as a “qualified endorser” of the Manhattan Declaration. The ICSC defines a qualified endorser as an individual that is “well-trained in science and technology or climate change-related economics and policy.” [14]

Those who sign the Manhattan Declaration must agree, among other things, that “global warming is not a global crisis” and that “attempts by governments to legislate costly regulations on industry and individual citizens to encourage CO2 reduction will slow development while having no appreciable impact on the future trajectory of global climate change.” [15]

Key Quotes

November 2018

Citing a graph posted in an advert the Institute-of-Public-Affairs-connected Climate Study Group, calling it “death to climate models,” Nova declared on her blog: [52]

“Good people of Earth are spending thousands of billions of dollars to prevent a future predicted by models that we know don’t work. The debate is over, climate spending is an unscientific, pagan, theological quest to change the weather. Just another iteration of what Druids and Witchdoctors have been promising for eons.”

September 16, 2016

“The real story is that everyone wants a nicer climate, but most people know it’s a waste of money. That’s why this is a dead topic in the election,” Nova declared at her blog. [16]

August 29, 2016

Speaking about the Paris climate accord:

“What they need right now is a game-changer, and if they can’t get it then, true to form, they will manufacture the illusion of it.” [17]

July 31, 2015

Commenting on a study, which had itself noted that climate sceptics may have been over-represented given the pool of responses, Nova said

“Finally there is a decent survey on the topic, and it shows that less than half of what we would call ‘climate scientists’ who research the topic and for the most part, publish in the peer reviewed literature, would agree with the IPCC’s main conclusions. Only 43% of climate scientists agree with the IPCC ‘97%’ certainty.” [18]

August 25, 2012

“There is a good reason the club of climate scientists are failing to convince other scientists — their evidence is weak — and any good scientist can see that,” Nova wrote at The Australian.[19]

July 30, 2011

“If, hypothetically, there are scientific gaps in the theory of man-made global warming, for the most part we are leaving it up to volunteers to find them. It’s as if the government has funded a team of QCs for the prosecution, but spent nothing on legal aid for the defence,” Nova wrote at The Australian[20]

December 18, 2010

“The swelling ranks of sceptical scientists is now the largest whistle-blowing cohort in science ever seen. It includes some of the brightest: two with Nobel prizes in physics, four NASA astronauts, 9000 PhDs in science, and another 20,000 science graduates to cap it off. A recent US Senate minority report contained 1000 names of eminent scientists who are sceptical, and the term professor pops up more than 500 times in that list,” Nova wrote at The Australian. [21]


Nova made the following claim in the second volume of her “Skeptics Handbook”:

“In the head-spinning cosmos of climate change, everyday hundreds of people claim there are ‘thousands of papers’ in support of a theory, yet no one can actually name one single paper with empirical evidence that shows carbon dioxide emissions are the main cause of global warming.” [22]

Key Deeds

September 24, 2020

Appearing in Marc Morano’s 2020 film Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy, produced by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), Nova asserted there was bias against climate sceptics in academia, stating: [53]

So we had a monopoly in science. Everyone was saying, let’s find out the risk. No one was paid to say, let’s find out if there’s no risk. No one was paid to say, it isn’t really the sun driving climate change?”

November 23 – 24, 2018

Nova was listed on the program for the 12th conference of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), also billed as the Heartland Institute‘s 13th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC13). According to a translation of the agenda, she spoke on “How to destroy a power grid in three easy steps Current Climate and Energy Policy in Australia” on November 23. [51]

February 4, 2018

In January 2018, more than 200 scientists endorsed an open letter calling on the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) to remove climate change denier Rebekah Mercer from its board and to “end ties to anti-science propagandists and funders of climate science misinformation.” The New York Times reported that those among the AMNH letter calling for Mercer to step down were Michael E. Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, and Katharine Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University. [44]

Nova was among a group of climate change deniers who responded with their own open letter, calling for the AMNH “not to cave in to this pressure.” The letter was signed by numerous individuals with ties to groups funded by the Mercer Family Foundation such as Will Happer of the CO2 CoalitionRichard Lindzen, a fellow at the Cato InstituteCraig Idso, the chairman of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. There are a number of signatories affiliated with the Heartland Institute, which has received over $5.78 million from the Mercer Family Foundation since 2008. [45]

The letter reads: [46]

The Earth has supported abundant life many times in the geological past when there were much higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is quite likely that future generations will benefit from the enrichment of Earth’s atmosphere with more carbon dioxide.

Make no mistake, the agitators are not defending science from quackery — quite the contrary!”

February 15, 2018

When a libel claim against Tim Ball was dismissed, Nova’s blog was one of several that presented is a victory for free speech. “Congratulations to Tim Ball today, but most of all, a big thank you. Thanks for taking the harder road. We, all of us who value free speech, are sorry you had to do it, but so grateful you did,” Nova wrote. [49], [50]

Canadian climate scientist Andrew Weaver launched the suit against Ball in 2011, and arose from an article Ball had written at Canada Free Press titled “Corruption of Climate Science Has Created 30 Lost Years” where Ball had alleged Weaver’s incompetence as a scientist. [50]

In the judgement, the Justice criticized Tim Ball’s article, suggesting it “is rife with errors and inaccuracies, which suggests a lack of attention to detail on Dr. Ball’s part, if not an indifference to the truth.” The Judgement suggested that a “thoughtful and informed person who reads the Article is unlikely to place any stock in Dr. Ball’s views, including his views of Dr. Weaver as a supporter of conventional climate science.” [50]

July 25, 2017

Nova was listed as a contributor to Climate Change: The Facts 2017, a book released by the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) and edited by Jennifer Marohasy. While investigating the authors, DeSmog noted that one of the IPA‘s listed “leading experts” involved in the book is New Zealand’s Ken Ring, who in addition to being a described “long range weather forecaster” has written “two, possibly three, books about cats” including Pawmistry: How to Read Your Cat’s Paws in 1998. [40][41]

According to the IPA‘s media release, “Climate Change: The Facts 2017 contains 22 essays by internationally-renowned experts and commentators, including Dr Bjorn Lomborg, Dr Matt Ridley, Professor Peter Ridd, Dr Willie Soon, Dr Ian Plimer, Dr Roy Spencer, and literary giant Clive James. The volume is edited by Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. Fourteen of the contributors currently hold or have held positions at a university or a scientific research organisation.” [43]

According to the book description[42]

Climate Change: The Facts 2017 brings together contributions on the latest climate science from some of the world’s leading experts in the field including John Abbot, Sallie Baliunas, Paul Driessen, Tony Heller, Craig Idso, Clive James, Pat Michaels, Jo Nova, Ian Plimer, Tom Quirk, Peter Ridd, Ken Ring, Nicola Scafetta, Willie Soon, Roy Spencer, and Anthony Watts.

There are also essays by Matt Ridley, and Bjørn Lomborg on the economics of climate change, and by Simon Breheny on how the freedom to discuss climate change science is under threat.”

Prior versions of the book featured contributions from a range of prominent climate change deniers, and describes mainstream climate change research as “pseudo-science.” [31]

August 2016

Joanne Nova is listed as a “Founding Member” of a group named Climate Exit (Clexit) led by climate change denier Christopher Monckton. According to Clexit’s founding statement (PDF), “The world must abandon this suicidal Global Warming crusade. Man does not and cannot control the climate.” [23][24]

Desmog reports on how the group grew in the wake of the UK‘s decision to leave the EU. A key member of Clexit’s “60 well-informed science, business and economic leaders” is Hugh Morgan, a former board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia and former CEO of Western Mining Corporation with close ties to Australia’s Liberal party. [25][26]

According to Clexit’s founding statement

If the Paris climate accord is ratified, or enforced locally by compliant governments, it will strangle the leading economies of the world with pointless carbon taxes and costly climate and energy policies, all with no sound basis in evidence or science […]” [24]

November 2015

Joanne Nova used her blog as a platform for a series of blog posts by her partner, David Evans, on a “climate model architecture.” Project details are laid out at their website, [27]

Accoring to the ScienceSpeak website, “The alarm over carbon dioxide can be traced back to an erroneous assumption implicitly made in 1896 and never corrected—that there are no significant feedbacks in response to increasing carbon dioxide rather than to surface warming.”

The media release reports that Evans offers an “improved model” that  found “future warming due to carbon dioxide was found to be a fifth to a tenth of official estimates” and that “Less than 20% of the global warming since the 1970s was due to increasing carbon dioxide.” [28]

March 2015

Joanne Nova is one of several climate change skeptics cc’d on an email from S. Fred Singer in hopes of countering the documentary film “Merchants of Doubt,” which exposes the network of climate change skeptics and deniers trying to delay legislative action on climate change. [29]

The October, 2014 email was leaked to journalists before the documentary was released. “Can I sue for damages?” Singer asked in the email. “Can we get an injunction against the documentary?”

InsideClimate News reports in their article “Leaked Email Reveals Who’s Who List of Climate Denialists,” how “Many of those copied on the email thread, such as Singer and communications specialist Steven Milloy, have financial ties to the tobacco, chemical, and oil and gas industries and have worked to defend them since the 1990s.” [29]

InsideClimate News also documented all those who were cc’d on the email, including the following skeptics and groups:

DeSmogBlog covered the emails here: “Merchants of Doubt Film Debuts, Textbook Denial Attack Campaign Led By Fred Singer Ensues” and DeSmogBlog also archived a full copy of the Singer email thread (PDF).

December 2014

Nova is a contributor to the book Climate Change: The Facts published by the Institute of Public Affairs and featuring “22 essays on the science, politics and economics of the climate change debate.” The Institute of Public Affairs, while not revealing most of its funders, is known to have received funding from mining magnate Gina Rinehart and at least one major tobacco company. [30]

The book includes essays and articles from a range of climate change skeptics, with contributors including the following:

According to Editor Alan Moran in a post at Catallaxy Files blog on Climate Change: the facts 2014, Jo Nova “points out that, globally, renewables investment reached $359 billion annually while the EU says it will allocate twenty per cent of its budget to climate-related spending. All this is based on a naive modelling of the atmosphere that employs amplifications of water vapour’s influence by enhanced levels of carbon dioxide.” [31]

May 28, 2012

A YouTube account for David Evans, presumably Nova’s partner, published a video entitled “Joanne Nova: The Other Side of Climate.” In the video, Nova claims that climate change deniers are not “the fierce oil-funded deniers” but rather the “little guys,” the “grassroots movement” made up of retired scientists who are “mostly unpaid […] taking on giant institutions.” [48]

October 1, 2010

Nova was a speaker at the Heartland Institute‘s fifth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC5) in Sydney, Australia. [47]

Research done by DesmogBlog found that 17 of the 43 sponsors of the Heartland Institute’s Sixth International Conference on Climate Change, including the Heartland Institute itself, have collectively received over $46 million from either Scaife Foundations, Koch Foundations, or ExxonMobil and its foundation.

Nova’s speech, titled “Defeating the Witchdoctors of the 21st Century and why Global Warming is about Power, Money and Sex” can be viewed below. 

July 21, 2009

Joanne Nova authored an “original paper” for the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) titled “Climate Money” (PDF)[32]

In the SPPI paper, Nova contends that “Monopolistic funding creates a ratchet effect where even the most insignificant pro-AGW* findings are reported, repeated, trumpeted and asserted, while any anti-AGW results lie unstudied, ignored and delayed” while auditing of global research is “so underfunded that for the most part it is left to unpaid bloggers” like herself. [32]

March 8–10, 2009

Nova was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s second International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC2) in New York. Her speech was called ”The Great Global Fawning: How Science Journalists Pay Homage to Non-Science and Un-Reason.” [33]

DeSmogBlog found that the sponsors of the 2009 conference had collectively received over $47 million from major oil companies and right-wing foundations. [34]


Joanne Nova published a booklet titled “Skeptic’s Handbook” (PDF). The booklet claims to be a guide to “Rise above the mud-slinging in the Global Warming Debate.” [6], [35]

It summarizes many arguments popular with climate change skeptics including how greenhouse gases haven’t caused any warming, that temperature has led changes in CO2 emissions, that “Temperatures are not rising,” and that “Carbon dioxide is already doing almost all the warming it can do. [35]

“The Skeptic’s Handbook” has been debunked numerous times by DeSmogBlog and also by John Cook of Skeptical Science who wrote an article titled “A Scientific Guide to the ‘Skeptic’s Handbook’: The evidence that humans are causing global warming.” [7], [8], [9], [36]

Nova has also published a sequel, “The Skeptic’s Handbook II” (PDF), subtitled “Global Bullies Want Your Money.” This handbook accuses “Big Government” of squandering money on climate change. [22]

Nova also published a lengthy paper for the Science and Public Policy Project (SPPI) titled “Climate Money” which appears to be an extended version of her second handbook. The SPPI article contends that the government has wasted money by pursing climate policy, and that climate science is generally one-sided and inaccurate, at least when it agrees that humans are causing global warming. [32]

December 2007

In 2007, the Heartland Institute arranged for and funded a group of scientists to be sent to Bali to challenge and protest the annual conference of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Included in this team of “scientists” was Joanne Nova, as well as other prominent skeptics Christopher Monckton, Vincent Gray, Will Alexander, and David Evans.  [37]


Social Media


Although Joanne Nova has not published any research in peer-reviewed journals, she is often presented as an expert in the area of climate science.  The Science & Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) describes Joanne Nova as holding a PhD in meteorology. [39]

ScienceSpeak details Nova and her partner’s recent publications in newspapers including The Spectator and The Australian. [12]


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