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Naomi Seibt



Naomi Seibt is a German YouTube “influencer” who has been described in the media as the “anti-Greta,” in reference to Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Thunberg was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and has become the face for youth climate action. Naomi Seibt joined the Heartland Institute‘s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy in February 2020 in order to spread her message. She reportedly chose not to renew her contract with Heartland in April 2020 after facing potential fines from a regional broadcasting authority. [2], [31]

The Heartland Institute is one of the most notorious climate science denial groups in the United States, and has received funding from ExxonMobil and large conservative foundations. Most of Heartland’s income comes though Donors Capital Fund and its sister organization DonorsTrust, two groups that have been described as the “dark money ATM of the conservative movement” for their ability to obscure the identity of donors. [3]

The Heartland Institute introduced Seibt as follows: “Unlike the global legacy media’s favorite young climate communicator, Greta Thunberg, Naomi doesn’t want you to ‘panic.’ She wants you to ‘think’ – the way she did to free herself from the climate alarmist indoctrination.” [2]

Anthony Watts also promoted Seibt as “the antidote to @GretaThunberg” at his blog, Watts Up With That, in December 2019. [4]

Alternative for Germany (AfD), White Nationalism

While Seibt has denied being a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), some reports suggest she has been a member of the party’s youth wing, as reported at The Independent. The Independent also notes Seibt has spoken at events run by AfD, while her mother is a lawyer who has reportedly represented AfD politicians in the past. [16]

Young Alternative for Germany (German: Junge Alternative für Deutschland or JA), introduced Seibt as a member in a June 9, 2019 Facebook post. Young Alternative for Germany has been described as the youth wing of AfD. [18][17]

In March 2020, Greenpeace’s Polluterwatch project compiled reports that suggested Seibt had attended “a 2018 anti-abortion march that involved a contingency of Neo-Nazis, including Robert Malcoci of the Neo-Nazi Malcoci family.” [25]

Images were also published showing what appeared to be Seibt in attendance at a “1,000 White Crosses” rally, or 1000 Kreuze Marsch, in German. While the White Crosses rally was not organized by Neo-Nazis, “it included at least one bloc of people from such groups,” according to Polluterwatch, based on the photo showing Seibt at the event. [26], [27][25]

A March 2020 post from Münsterland rechtsaußen, translated via Google Translate, noted: [27]

“All rhetorical whitewashing put aside, Seibt’s concept of nationalism resembles the concept of ‘ethnopluralism’ which is the main concept of the ‘Identitarian Movement’, a far-right group from Europe. It is based on the racist conspiracy theory of the “great replacement” by the French far-right academic Renaud Camus. The far-right terrorists who carried out the attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, and in Halle, Germany, partially based their manifestos on this racist, anti-Semitic and anti-feminist theory which is also popular amongst the politicians, members and supporters of the ‘Alternative for Germany’ and other far-right movements in Germany.” [27]

That post also describe an AfD event featuring Seibt and a speaker who appeared to express pride for his parents’ “achievements” during the Nazi Germany era (see Google translation):

“[Naomi Seibt] was invited as a speaker to the New Year’s welcome event of the local branch of the far-right party ‘Alternative for Germany’ in February 2020 [7]. Rüdiger Lucassen, one of the speakers at the event stated that ‘we are proud of the achievements of our mothers and fathers and not ashamed of them’. [8] Since Lucassen was born in 1951, his parents were part of the generation that enabled, supported and committed crimes during the reign of the Nazis in Germany.”

On February 28, 2020, Seibt denied having attended any Neo-Nazi rallies when questioned on camera by Jamie Corey at Documented.  

The Guardian’s earlier reporting included a comment made by Seibt in an online video following a shooting at a Synagogue in Germany during Yom Kippur. [20]

“In a YouTube discussion last year that was highlighted in a report by the German broadcaster ZDF, Seibt discussed an attack on a synagogue in Halle that killed two people who were outside the temple, and said Jews were considered to be ‘at the top’ of groups who were seen as being oppressed. ‘Ordinary Germans’, she said, were ‘at the bottom’. Muslims, she added, were somewhere in between.

The remarks were part of a video discussion that appears to have been deleted. They were seen by some experts as saying that Germans had less pity for “ordinary German” victims of crime than for Jews and Muslims. A portion of the discussion was included in a report by ZDF and is still available online,” Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Emily Holden reported at The Guardian.

Jennifer Dhlouy at Bloomberg provided a longer translation of Seibt’s quote:

“‘The normal German consumer is at the bottom, so to speak. Then the Muslims come somewhere in between. And the Jew is at the top. That is the suppression characteristic,’ she said in comments first reported by The Guardian.”

As noted at Polluterwatch, acknowledgement of Seibt’s support for White Nationalism was picked up by the Washington Post, the New York Times, HuffPost, and global outlets like the UK Daily Mail and Yahoo! News Australia.

Key Part of Heartland Institute’s Media Strategy

Research by CORRECTIV and Frontal21 in Germany uncovered how the Heartland Institute was coordinating with climate change denial groups in Germany including the European Institute on Climate and Energy (EIKE) to advance its agenda. During the undercover investigation, published in German and also translated into English, reporters spoke with Heartland director James Taylor who revealed some of Heartland’s strategies. [5], [6]

James Taylor revealed to the undercover journalists that the best way to give money would be to funnel it through Donors Trust.

“Donors Trust is now directing between two-thirds and three-quarters of its budget to Heartland to support its climate-skeptical positions, says Taylor,” according to their report, which German news site CORRECTIV published online in English as well as German.

The German reporters went “undercover” and presented themselves as Berlin PR executives representing clients from the automotive and energy industries. As part of the process, they received a funding proposal from James Taylor that outlined a plan to fight “restrictive environmental programs” in Germany. Part of Heartland’s proposal included Naomi Seibt. She was described in their plan as follows:

“The Heartland Institute in December 2019 began working with popular young German YouTube personality Naomi Seibt,” the funding proposal states.

“Funding for our Germany Environmental Issues project will enable Heartland to provide Naomi with the equipment and resources she needs to present a series of effective videos calling attention to the negative impacts of overreaching environmental regulations.”

As Taylor said to the undercover reporter during the conference, “We’re looking to bring [Seibt] on board … To do some videos for us. Presenting to young people.”

In a follow-up call between the reporter posing as an interested party and Taylor, the reporter asked whether content could be bought if he were a donor to Heartland. Taylor highlighted the 19-year-old Youtuber from Germany as a promising social media strategy. When asked if a customer would be able to have their content appear in her videos, Taylor hesitated “but doesn’t say no,” reported CORRECTIV:

“Of course, she would have to agree with and feel comfortable with what is going to be said. And he’s pretty sure that everyone involved wants the same thing.

Mathias: ‘Perhaps we could agree on certain buzzwords. Disseminate certain information.’

Taylor: ‘Absolutely. Key points, keywords, the way to present something.'”

In response to the article, Seibt published a video with the Heartland Institute’s “Flashes of Freedom” banner titled “how dare you” where she responds to what she describes as “the mainstream media misrepresentation of myself and the Heartland Institute.” In the video, she notes: “I am now a member of the Heartland Institute which is an American think tank. And I know, that sounds a little ominous, as though there’s some kind of conspiracy behind it all.” However, she adds that her speeches were “not thoroughly prepared, and with no financial incentive behind them.”[7]

Stance on Climate Change

February 27, 2020

Seibt discussed her views on climate change during her first interview on Fox News (Emphasis added): [22]

SEIBT: “I absolutely believe that climate change is real. You shouldn’t ask the question ‘is climate change real,’ because climate change has always been real. The climate has been changing for millions and billions of years. But what you should actually be asking is are humans actually destroying the planet with man-made CO2 emissions.”

PERINO (Host): “And your position on that is what?”

SEIBT: “My position on that is no, CO2 emissions are not actually harmful to the planet. Because if you want I can talk about it more thoroughly –“

PERINO: “No, that’s OK. We don’t have enough time to get into all of it, I just wanted to make sure. It’s not that you think that climate change is not real, but you believe that humans have no contribution to climate change?”

SEIBT: “They might contribute slightly, but I think it is so insignificant that we shouldn’t focus on that. Especially we should not rush to solutions that are really not sustainable in the long term. Yeah.”

February 2020

The following is from her video introducing herself on the Heartland Institute’s YouTube channel: [8]

“I’ve got very good news for you. The world is not ending because of climate change. In fact, 12 years from now we will still be around casually taking photos on our iPhone 18s. …

“We are currently being force-fed a very dystopian agenda of climate alarmism that tells us that we as humans are destroying the planet. And that the young people, especially, have no future – that the animals are dying, that we are ruining nature.

“I really believe that many [members of left-wing environmental groups] have good intentions, that they are genuinely scared of the world ending, and that they are scared that their parents and grandparents are ruining the planet. It’s breaking relationships. It’s breaking up families. And we at The Heartland Institute, we want to spread truth about the science behind climate realism, which is essentially the opposite of climate alarmism.

“Many people are now actually developing mental disorders and referring to them as eco-anxiety and eco-depression. I believe it’s important that we act now and change this entire mainstream narrative of fear-mongering and climate alarmism, because it’s basically just holding us hostage in our own brains.

“Don’t let an agenda that is trying to depict you as an energy-sucking leech on the planet get into your brain and take away all of your passionate spirit. I don’t want you to panic. I want you to think.”

View the video below:

On Feminism

“Feminism in the 21st century is attacking the confidence of young women,’ Seibt declared in a YouTube video on her channel. “By spreading allegedly well-intentioned propaganda, young women and girls are being held captive in a cocoon of despondency and the sexes are being stirred up against one another.” [9]

“If you yourself are a girl or a woman, don’t let feminist messages intimidate you! That way they are merely trying to maintain a societal victim culture. Competition is no longer a question of the greatest performance, but a question of the most amount of ‘oppressiontraits’. The more oppression you are, the more chances you shall be given. …”

“With this conclusion, I will not make an attempt to start a hashtag, #FierceWithoutFeminism.”

Comments Surrounding 2021 Capitol Insurrection

Naomi Seibt was among dozens of the individuals and organizations profiled in DeSmog’s Disinformation Database who posted online or gave interviews about the events surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection. Some posted claims of election fraud, similar to those that drove the Stop the Steal rally on Jan. 6. Some circulated dubious information about the insurrection itself. DeSmog has preserved a selection of notable posts related to the events of Jan. 6, 2021, including some that were later deleted or removed. Examples below.

In reference to the above tweet, Seibt added:

Seibt also expounded on the theme of a social media “purge” in a YouTube video, where she said: [45]

[00:14:24] “Now they can abuse this crisis, basically. This crisis of the whole lockdown situation and that is exactly why I think there’s a huge incentive behind the lockdown and that is very dangerous because what they’re going to do is extend it as long as possible.” [00:14:25]

[00:35:16] “Call it the new Great New Reset, New World Order, whatever you want to call it, they are using the new world order term now anyway. So come on, it’s not a conspiracy theory. I’m allowed to say that. Don’t throw me off the platform because I say New World Order. I’m not implying any conspiracy.” [00:35:31]

[00:35:32] “I’m just saying I’m saying what it is. The Great New Reset. The new normal that is is what it is. So governments, elites of all nations are going to work together. It’s no longer one country against another country. It’s no longer nations against each other. It’s the people, the people who strive for freedom, us, against the people who want to oppress us.” [00:36:01]

[00:49:30] “I think we have hit a critical point where it’s so bad and the censorship is so obvious and so ridiculous and so disgusting that now I think we are really going to see who is going to stand up for us and who is a traitor or a coward. And there are many conservatives and I made a tweet about that, too, and I said the ones, the Republicans who are now going back to their, I don’t know, their tiny cages and are just conceding, retracting their support for Donald Trump. They are cowards, they are traitors and they are cowards. And we who are really striving for freedom. We know what is right and we know that we are keeping our integrity and that we are not inciting violence. We are not pro, I don’t know, rioting. We are not the rioters. Isn’t that funny? Black Lives Matter and antifa have been rioting for months and they still do. And yet we are the ones who are now charged with thought crimes because we are rioters and our thought crimes allegedly are inciting violence.”[00:50:46]

Key Quotes

May 24, 2020

Speaking about the coronavirus pandemic to, Seibt said: [33]

“As a climate realist, I don’t deny that we don’t have some negative impact on the planet. But I don’t think that it’s related to CO2 emissions.” [33]

February 28, 2020

Seibt spoke on a Q&A Session following a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Some notable quotes below: [23]

[2:36] “I’ve been following other YouTube channels for ages for many years, and I’ve been looking up to so many other people online on YouTube like Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, and many scientists and other people talking about politics about libertarianism.”

[11:54] “I see a socialist agenda at the root of all of this very totalitarian and dangerous narrative. And that’s why climate change became so important to me. …”

Seibt listed some of the individuals, in addition to Richard Lindzen, who inspired her when she decided to “immerse” herself in the topic of climate change and “what’s really behind the CO2 fear mongering.” (Related DeSmog profile links have been added)

Nir Shaviv, and Henrik Svensmark, they do lots of research on the solar cycles, the impact that the sun has on the climate. I spoke to Susan Crockford who does research on the polar bear extinction, which is not actually happening. What many people from the Heartland Institute of course. I spoke a lot with Lord Christopher Monckton, who is an amazing individual who has taught me so much and was given me so many opportunities to do more research on many topics.”

When questions were directed to the audience, Anthony Fisher of Business Insider asked Seibt if she was still a fan of Molyneux after describing “his pivot towards white nationalism:

Anthony Fisher: [45:17] “Hi, my name is Anthony Fisher. I’m a columnist at Business Insider. I had a question about your inspiration to start making YouTube videos you had mentioned you were a fan of Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux. In 2018. Stefan Molyneux said, ‘I’ve always been skeptical of the ideas of white nationalism, identitarianism and white identity. However, I’m an empiricist, that I could not help but notice that I could have peaceful, free, easy, civilized and safe discussions in what is essentially an all-white country.’ Were you aware of his pivot towards white nationalism? And are you still a fan of Molyneux?”

Seibt: [45:47] “Okay. Yes, I am still a fan of both of them. Of Stefan Molyneux as well. Because I know that this statement, taken out of context, sounds incredibly racist to many people. To me, it does not because he is not devaluing other races. Not at all. He’s just describing his experience in western countries.

“And I agree with that, to the extent that, for example, I know for a fact that if I was in a country, for example of, I don’t know, in, in countries where the Sharia is more present, I know that I would not be able to speak as freely as I can in western countries. And so that’s the point that I want to make about that.”

December 3, 2019

Seibt spoke at the Heartland Institute’s “Climate Realist Forum” where she outlined “her journey to climate realism.” While she describes being called a climate change denier as “an atrocious insult” now, she goes on to describe herself as such during her formative period:

“In 2015, roughly, I became a skeptic. And at first, not with regards to climate science, but rather with regards to the migration crisis in Germany. And once you start exploring these political topics that are more on the right, I guess, or in the libertarian department, things spiral out of control and you go down the path of understanding that many topics such as feminism, gender, socialism, post-modernism, and climate change hysteria, they’re all related in some way, and paved the way for a very bad kind of totalitarianism. And I’d always loved science as well. So, naturally, I had to become a climate change denier. A skeptic.” [10]

In a later interview around that conference, she spoke with Keean Bexte of the conservative Rebel News, and said she doesn’t like the term “anti-Greta”: [11]

“The reason I don’t like the term ‘anti-Greta’ is because it suggests that I myself am an indoctrinated puppet, I guess, for the other side.”

June 19, 2019

On YouTube, Seibt said she believed coming out as conservative or libertarian could be just as difficult as a person coming out as gay: [12]

“Coming out can still be a very tough thing to do. However, I’m not talking about coming out as gay, but coming out as non-leftist, coming out as conservative, or libertarian even. Coming out as a voter for a specific party, or a supporter of particular people in the political sphere. Coming out as a severe critic of the migration crisis, the welfare state, or coming out as a climate change skeptic. People like us tend to be shunned as evil and heartless immediately. …”

Key Actions

April 30, 2021

Seibt tweeted: “The YouTube channel Naomi Seibt has been deleted. I’m sorry.” [47]

YouTube’s official Twitter account responded: “we’ve confirmed that the strikes were applied correctly due to violations of our Community Guidelines on Misinformation and Harassment. As such, your channel will remain terminated.” [48]

January 25, 2021

Seibt was quoted in The Daily Express, criticising newly-elected US President Joe Biden’s green spending plans, days after his inauguration of January 20, 2021. She stated: “The Green New Deal is made up of empty promises with no actual benefit for the planet or the people, and it will further destabilise the fragile economy,” adding: “Bitcoin is standing in the way between Biden and a centrally planned economy – full-blown socialism!” [44]

 January 19, 2021

Seibt was quoted in The Express, criticising Prince Charles’ “Terra Carta” initiative aimed at “harnessing the power of nature, and the power, innovation and resources of the private sector.” Seibt described the initiative as “climate alarmism,” and a “blueprint for a centrally planned economy and the invasion of the private citizen’s lifestyle.” [43]

November 2, 2020

Seibt co-published a letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen entitled ‘Apocalypse? No!” with Clintel President Guus Berkhout. The letter described divestment from fossil fuels as a “false prospectus”, calling on EU governments and officials to “stop corrupting the goodwill and hope of the people by pressuring us with panic. Stop pretending that modest natural changes in the weather constitute an ‘emergency’. Stop putting the blame on the miners, refiners, motor manufacturers and electricity generators whose contributions to the improvement of life on Earth have been immeasurably net-beneficial”. [35]

The letter also described renewable energy as “unreliable, intermittent and environmentally-damaging”, and wind turbines as “a fourteenth century technology to address a twenty first century non-problem”. It also castigated the “hypocrisy of ‘environmentalists’ who conceal the destructive impact of windmills on the eco-system”, calling on EU politicians to “fine windmill corporations heavily for each bird, bee or bat they kill per megawatt-hour generated, and heavily punish solar-panel corporations for exploiting slave and child labour in the lithium and cobalt mines. You ought to know that the environmental footprint of ‘renewables’ is crippling”. [35]

The article concluded by dismissing the causal link between carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and climate change, asking: “how much of the total warming before 1850, the natural greenhouse effect, was not caused by feedback response to greenhouse gases but by the fact – which climate scientists’ calculations overlook – that the Sun produces a far larger feedback response?” [35]

October 10, 2020

Seibt tweeted she was giving a speech at German Parliament with UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin, known online as Sargon of Akkad. The YouTube video was privately listed. [36]

Benjamin’s account on YouTube was previously downgraded following remarks he made in a YouTube video about Labour MP Jess Phillips. [37]

The Guardian reported Benjamin had also sent a tweet to MP Jess Phillips in 2016, saying “I wouldn’t even rape you.” In a now-removed April 2019 YouTube video, he added “With enough pressure, I might cave.” West Midlands police launched an investigation “to establish if an offence has taken place.” [38]

Vice has described Benjamin as “One of those confused controversialists who denies any ties to the alt-right, while publicly espousing many of the same views as the alt-right.” He was among reported “activists with links to the alt-right” who joined the UKIP party in the summer of 2018. [39][40]

He stood for the pro-Brexit UKIP party in the 2019 European Parliament Elections, where he undertook a tour titled “Carl Benjamin’s anti-fascist parade” of the South West. Exeter Cathedral banned Benjamin from European election hustings, giving a statement that his presence may “cause a risk to public order, given a number of incidents over the last few weeks.” [41], [42]

September 25, 2020

Seibt accused Greta Thunberg of falsely connecting problems such as racism and economic disparity to climate change in an interview with the Daily Express, stating that Thunberg, “has to promote everything … but it’s all for show. It’s not linked”. Seibt stated that, “most children didn’t even have school over the last couple of months so they did their online climate strikes, which was again really just something to pose for on Instagram or Twitter, and to show off their climate virtuosity.” Seibt also claimed that: “nobody cared about that, it was just a distraction from everything else going on.” [34]

May 18, 2020

Prolific climate change denier Christopher Monckton wrote at, the website run by Steve Milloy, claiming that Seibt “needs your urgent financial help” after supposedly being fined by German officials, directing readers to her new Patreon account. [28]

“Without a hearing, German officials have fined her and demanded costs on the ground that in her devastatingly effective videos she has dared to question the Party Line about what officialdom profiteers by presenting as ‘dangerous’ manmade global warming,” Monckton claimed at JunkScience.

As a result of this arbitrary and capricious prosecution and conviction without trial, Naomi has had her earnings cut off. Please donate securely and directly to her Patreon account at May I suggest at least $10 per month? That would be a real life-saver, and would enable Naomi to continue her valuable work.”

Monckton added that “Naomi has engaged a lawyer pro bono.”

The fine arises from Seibt’s work with the Heartland Institute. Daily KOS outlines Monckton’s claims of how Seibt’s YouTube channel was demonetized in addition to a $400 fine by the local Media Authority for promoting the Heartland Institute. Daily KOS wrote: [29]

“Given that he doesn’t provide links to any of the original materials, it’s hard to tell the difference between the dramatic hyperbole of Monckton’s writing — which is basically how an arrogant and lazy British person thinks a witty and brilliant British professor-turned-thesaurus-salesman talked in 1820 — and what’s actually happened here in 2020. But it sounds like the German state in which Seibt lives has a new law regulating media that lobbies for or against specific policies, and that includes some sort of product placement, which her videos apparently do.”

Monckton went on to write to the German Ambassador in London over the supposed “Suppression of free speech by German officials” over Seibt’s videos. [28]

“I recommend that the Landesregierung should give Fräulein Seibt immediate, full and unreserved apology on behalf of the defalcating Authority, together with substantial compensation – I suggest $10,000, with $2500 costs – for the distress and alarm to which its misconduct has unjustifiably subjected her and her family,” Monckton wrote in the letter. [28]

Reuters performed a fact check on “The claim that social media platforms have deleted [Seibt’s] accounts for the views she has expressed is untrue” that has been spreading on social media. [30]

Naomi Seibt Facebook Post

Independent Reuters fact checkers found that “The claim that social media platforms have deleted her accounts for the views she has expressed is untrue” and that as of May 21, her social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) were all active. [30]

In an April video, Seibt had posted a YouTube video explaining, in German, that she had chosen not to renew her three-month contract with the Heartland Institute as her affiliation had “resulted in the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW (Nordrhein-Westfalen) — a regional supervisory authority for private broadcasting — threatening to delete her YouTube account and her videos, alleging that through her collaboration with the American think-tank, she was spreading U.S. conspiracy theories in Germany ( here ). Seibt claimed that the allegation was not true, and that it violated her freedom of expression.” [30]

A fundraising page on the CLINTEL website asks for support for Seibt and claims “the authorities ‘demanded a fine of about $400 and costs on top, and instructed Naomi that she must not mention the Heartland Institute in her videos. The insubstantial ground for this attempt at silencing Naomi was that such mentions constituted unlawful product placement under a recently-enacted law of the North-Rhine Westphalia region.’” [30]

The Landesanstalt für Medien NRW confirmed to Reuters via email that it did not yet issue a fine to Seibt: [30]

“Ms. Seibt was requested to delete two YouTube videos because they violate German law. The basis of our decision is the prohibition of third party influence on the editorial content in audiovisual media according to articles 7 para. 7 sentence 1 in connection with 58 para. 3 sentence 1 of the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag-RStV).

“Ms. Seibt was heard on the facts of the case. Her statement was not able to invalidate the accusation of illegal thematic placement (in German ‘Themenplatzierung’). Unlike in America, in Germany it is prohibited by law to provide media content, if a third party has exerted influence on it and if the cooperation is based on a compensation. Unlike in America, in Germany Freedom of speech is not touched by this ban.”

Seibt’s legal representative told Reuters that Seibt had requested an extension of time to respond to the Allegations and had not received a reply. The Landesanstalt für Medien NRW maintained to Reuters that Seibt was given sufficient time to respond. Seibt later appealed against the decision and a court is set to decide if her videos must be deleted or if she would pay a fine. [30]

April 2020

Seibt chose not to renew her contract with the Heartland Institute, she claimed in the description of a recent YouTube video[31], [32]

“To assure you and the media that I am NOT funded by the oil and gas industry to spread certain views, I have decided to become 100% INDEPENDENT. I did not extend my freelancer contract with Heartland and although I will continue to work WITH them (as I still consider them wonderful true friends), I am currently not being paid for my work. I now rely on DONATIONS ONLY (see below),” Seibt wrote. [32]

According to Reuters, Seibt later claimed her affiliation with the Heartland Institute was the reason the regional broadcasting authority  Landesanstalt für Medien NRW (Nordrhein-Westfalen) had threatened to delete her YouTube account and her videos, alleging that through her collaboration with the American think-tank, she was spreading U.S. conspiracy theories in Germany. [30]

March 3, 2020

Naomi Seibt was interviewed by RT International, which she used as a “platform to speak about climate realism.” During the interview, Seibt repeated some common climate change myths. For example (links added in-text to refutations at Skeptical Science): [24]

Naomi Seibt: [00:03:30] The climate has been changing for millions of years. But we need to be more precise in our questions and ask things like are CO2 emissions actually that destructive to the planet? Are they really the cause of global warming or are there other factors playing into this, like, for example, the impact that the sun has on the climate and water feedback, water feedback, water evaporations, there are so many other factors that are way stronger than just CO2 emissions. So it is ridiculous to believe that humans could have such a big impact on the climate. We cannot mess with nature in that way. At least that’s the conclusion that I’ve come to.  [00:04:10]

Naomi Seibt: [00:04:10] I’m doing my own research and the claims that the IPCC puts out there are mostly just based on climate models. So really just computer models, computer games that they came up with themselves. [00:04:20][9.4]

Naomi Seibt: [00:04:51]  I would say that actually most scientists belong to this alleged consensus, they don’t really know about the CO2 emissions science themselves, but those are just scientists who work in different fields. [00:05:06]

Naomi Seibt: [00:05:33] But first of all, it is just a very minor greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Most agree most people don’t know that’s the main greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is actually water, water vapor and then the manmade emissions, CO2 emissions are making just making up just a tiny fraction of CO2 emissions in general. [00:05:55]

Naomi Seibt: [00:06:16]  And the problem with those models is that basically just computer games and that’s not based on real world data.  [00:06:24]

Seibt, who promised she is “not against Greta,” commented:

Naomi Seibt: [00:08:06] It’s just that she is not about the science. She’s basically just about spewing panic and telling people to change their lives entirely, demanding that governments control the lives of the people on those earth everywhere. And that belief has nothing to do with science and skepticism anymore. [00:08:27]

On CO2, Seibt said she disagreed that CO2 increases are having a negative impact:

Naomi Seibt: [00:11:03] Well, I don’t actually agree that it’s having a negative effect on the planet. It’s just a natural phenomenon. So the climate has always been changing. And of course, we will always experience natural catastrophes. And what can we do about them? Certainly not reducing CO2 emissions. That’s the wrong way to deal with natural catastrophes.  [00:11:26]

She also repeated a commonly used industry talking point that cheap fossil fuel energy will combat poverty:

Naomi Seibt: [00:12:07] There are so many countries that are really poor third world countries. And those people, they really need access to cheap and reliable energy sources. And that will help them get out of poverty. [00:12:18]

February 28, 2020

Seibt spoke on a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). She was on a panel titled “Energy, Costs and Defeating the Climate Delusion.”

During Q&A following the panel, a Business Insider reporter asked Seibt if she was still a fan of Stefan Molyneux. She responded: [19]

“I am still a fan, absolutely.”

Shortly before, The Guardian published a piece describing Seibt’s past praise for Molyneux, whom she called one of her “inspirations.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has described Molyneux as an “alleged cult leader who amplifies scientific racism, eugenics and white supremacism.” [20], [21]

Molyneux said in a statement to the Guardian: “I have always opposed the idea of racial superiority/inferiority.” [20]

In 2019, Molyneaux said: “I’ve always been skeptical of the ideas of white nationalism, of identitarianism, and white identity. However, I am an empiricist, and I could not help but notice that I could have peaceful, free, easy, civilized and safe discussions in what is, essentially, an all-white country.” [20]

At CPAC, Seibt was asked specifically about comments Molyneux made where he claimed Poland was “peaceful, free, easy, civilized and safe” because it is “essentially an all-white country.” Seibt claimed Molyneux’s comments only sounded racist when “taken out of context.” [20]

During the full panel discussion (video no longer available on YouTube) Seibt, along with Heartland’s James Taylor, responded to a variety of questions.

February 27, 2020

Seibt appeared on Fox News for the first time, prior to her appearing at CPAC. During her interview, she repeated what Media Matters described as “long-debunked misinformation” For example, she downplayed the severity of recent warming and said “the climate has been changing for millions and billions of years” — A common argument present by climate change denial groups and individuals. [22]

View the video below and the transcript via Media Matters:

DANA PERINO (HOST): “Pretty much everybody knows who Greta Thunberg is by now, but you might also be reading about a fellow teenager making a name for herself in the political world, one who is set to take the stage at CPAC. Let’s bring in Naomi Seibt. She is a 19-year-old from Germany whose willingness to ask questions has earned her spot at CPAC tomorrow. It’s good to have you here, Naomi. So you have been hired by the Center for Climate and Environmental Policy, and you have just a different view about climate. What is it about the current narrative that kind of drives you crazy?”

NAOMI SEIBT (HEARTLAND INSTITUTE): “Well, it is mostly that there is so much fearmongering going on about this entire climate change propaganda that is being put out there. And I hate to see so many young people especially panicking about climate change, about a topic that they haven’t even done their research about. Because many young people, they claim to know a lot about the science, but they really don’t. And I tried approaching those young people in my own town and from all over the world, and most of them don’t really know what they are talking about. And they are just so fearful of what is to come. And I want to give them back their hope.”

SEIBT: “I absolutely believe that climate change is real. You shouldn’t ask the question ‘is climate change real,’ because climate change has always been real. The climate has been changing for millions and billions of years. But what you should actually be asking is are humans actually destroying the planet with man-made CO2 emissions.”

PERINO: “And your position on that is what?”

SEIBT: “My position on that is no, CO2 emissions are not actually harmful to the planet. Because if you want I can talk about it more thoroughly –“

PERINO: “No, that’s OK. We don’t have enough time to get into all of it, I just wanted to make sure. It’s not that you think that climate change is not real, but you believe that humans have no contribution to climate change?”

SEIBT: “They might contribute slightly, but I think it is so insignificant that we shouldn’t focus on that. Especially we should not rush to solutions that are really not sustainable in the long term. Yeah.”

PERINO: “I hear you.”

SEIBT: “That is the main issue.”

February 8. 2020

Seibt was interviewed by Sky News Australia to discuss her story. “What the climate skeptics, or climate realists say, makes a lot of sense to me, scientifically,” Seibt said in the interview. “And that’s how I became really passionate about the topic.” [13]

“I think this entire climate mainstream narrative is not about science at all. Because I would say that more than 90% of the people, especially the young people, who go to those Fridays for Future protests, they have no clue what they’re actually talking about. They don’t know anything about the science behind it. All they know is, this is the mainstream, and they are actually scared many of them I think that the planet is going to end like 12 years from now. And so, this is not about science. This is about politics. This is about controlling us.” [13]

In the interview, Seibt also commented on the CORRECTIV investigation of the Heartland Institute: “Just recently there was a huge mainstream media outlet that wanted to make a really slanderous TV show and article on the Heartland Institute, which is an American think tank that I’m working with right now. And they, they spied on us.” [13]

In summary, she framed the issue as “about taking away our freedom of speech” and “pushing some kind of totalitarian narrative.” [13]

January 4, 2020

Naomi Seibt was a guest on Tom Harris’ podcast “Exploratory Journeys” to discuss “her and many of her contemporary’s views on climate alarmism from the perspective of a young person.” Some excerpts of the full interview below: [46]

Tom Harris: [00:02:35]  What was it that prompted you to become an activist and speak out about libertarian ideas?  [00:02:41]

Naomi Seibt: [00:02:44] Well, I’ve been researching lots of topics from all kinds of corners of politics, basically for a couple of years now, and yeah, I became quite obsessed with libertarianism and Austrian economics and later climate change as well. [00:03:05]


Naomi Seibt: [00:03:34] I started to understand that economics and politics was not just about the government or was not just science on its own, but was fundamentally a huge philosophical question. It was basically I finally understood that really everything that we’re talking about in politics and economics and even the climate change topic, in the end, it’s all about liberty versus authoritarianism.  [00:04:12]

Seibt discussed some of her earliest influences including work by Nir Shaviv, Henrik Svensmark, the Heartland Institute and Christopher Monckton[46]

Tom Harris: [00:11:05] If you were to recommend to young people, which scientists do you think had the most influence on you? Is there some that you would recommend that young people listen to? [00:11:13]

Naomi Seibt: [00:11:15] Oh, definitely. I was fascinated, for example, by the works of Nir Shaviv and Svensmark, Lomborg. Yeah, many people from the Heartland Institute. I also love the speech by Lord Christopher Monckton.  [00:11:34]

Harris asked Seibt about her position on fossil fuels: [46]

Tom Harris: [00:16:07] You said, for example, that fossil fuels have a great benefit to humankind. Now, that would surprise a lot of listeners. What do you think about that?  [00:16:15]

Naomi Seibt: [00:16:17] Yes, definitely, because we’ve been able to lift so many people out of poverty because we finally have access to to a fantastic energy source which provides us with so many opportunities. And the alternatives as of now are not sustainable enough to to do the same thing, to help so many people become more efficient in their everyday life. [00:16:48]

Naomi Seibt: [00:16:56] The climate alarmists keep talking about ridiculous tiny issues like plastic bags and plastic straws. [00:17:04][8.0]

Naomi Seibt: [00:17:32] We just have to realize that it is absolutely, well, disgusting, to be honest, to claim that we have only we’ve we’ve not benefited from fossil fuels at all and that really they’re just destroying the planet because, no, they are making our lives not only easier, but way safer than if we were just running around in nature.  [00:17:57]

Naomi Seibt: [00:21:41] They [Liberals] portray us as the Nazis and they say that we will be the ones who promote dictatorships, which is absolutely ludicrous. We are the ones really fighting for freedom here. And the increase of taxes is a direct path to more socialism, of course, and more authoritarianism. But we have started to believe the government that they will protect us from harm.  [00:22:13]

Seibt said at the time her work with the Heartland Institute had recently begun: [46]

Naomi Seibt: [00:26:14] My work for the Heartland Institute just started on January 1st. And so I will be publishing articles and videos and that. [00:26:23]

December 3, 2019

Seibt spoke at The Heartland Institute’s “Climate Realist Forum” from Madrid, Spain during the United Nations’ COP25. [10]

Daily KOS noted that she did not appear on the official agenda—which included prominent climate change deniers Christopher Monckton, Tom Harris, Will Happer, and Anthony Watts among others—and was only given “the final 6 minutes of the 5 and a half hour stream.” [14]

“These days, our climate change science really isn’t a science at all,” Seibt declared in her talk. “Those self-proclaimed scientists—we’ve heard it today—draw their conclusions before even testing the hypothesis and they base their assumptions on completely incoherent models, which is just an insult to science itself. [10]

And I asked myself: what is the goal of all of this? And I believe, unfortunately, that the goal is to shame humanity. Climate change alarmism, at its very core, is very, a despicably anti-human ideology. And we are told to look down on our achievements with guilt, with shame, and with disgust. And not even to take into account the major benefits we have gained from using fossil fuels as our main energy source.” [10]

Seibt met with the conservative Rebel News outlet outside of the conference for an interview. [11]

November 2019

Seibt attended the EIKE (European Institute on Climate and Energy) conference in Munich. View video (in German) of her presentation below: [15]


*The Independent reported that Seibt has denied being a member AfD. The Independent also notes Seibt has spoken at events run by AfD, while her mother is a lawyer who has reportedly represented AfD politicians in the past. Young Alternative for Germany (German: Junge Alternative für Deutschland or JA), the youth wing of AfD, introduced Seibt as a member in a June 9, 2019 Facebook post. Young Alternative for Germany has been described as the youth wing of AfD. [16][18][17]

Social Media


Seibt has primarily published YouTube videos on her channel and has also been interviewed by a number of conservative news sources. Her videos are listed below (primarily in German):

Seibt’s YouTube Channel

Sample Interviews


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