Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL)

Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL)


The Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL) is a Netherlands-based climate science denial group founded in 2019 by retired professor of geophysics Guus Berkhout and journalist Marcel Crok. Its principal view is that “there is no climate emergency”. [1], [2], [3]

According to Dutch broadcaster Pointer (KRO_NCRV), the 800 “scientists, scholars, and professionals” that support CLINTEL have “conducted little to no climate research”. DeSmog analysis has found that the list of signatories includes a commercial fisherman, a retired chemist, a cardiologist, and an air-conditioning engineer, alongside a number of retired geologists. [4], [5]

The organisation has close ties to Forum voor Democratie, the main nationalist party of the Netherlands, and its leader Thierry Baudet, who has quoted statements by CLINTEL in the country’s House of Representatives. [6]

Various members of CLINTEL’s list of ambassadors, and its extended list of signatories, have connections to libertarian free-market groups with a history of climate science denial, including the Heartland Institute, the Cato Institute, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. All three organisations are members of the Koch-funded Atlas Network. [5], [7], [8]

In September 2019, DeSmog obtained leaked drafts of letters scheduled to be sent to leaders of EU and UN institutions, insisting that “there is no climate emergency”. The letter was eventually sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the end of the month. [9], [10]

The organisation also had representatives at a European Parliament press conference hosted by the European Conservatives and Reformists group where CLINTEL argued against the mainstream consensus on climate science. [11]

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CLINTEL published an open letter titled “Fight virus not carbon”, where it described climate change as a “non-problem”. [7], [12]

Stance on Climate Change

CLINTEL’s “World Climate Declaration”, a document which the organisation describes as a “summary of the view of many climate realists,” states that “there is no climate emergency”. It lists six main points, all of which are familiar climate science denier tropes that have been widely debunked: [5], [13]

  • Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming;
  • Warming is far slower than predicted;
  • Climate policy relies on inadequate models;
  • CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth;
  • Global warming has not increased natural disasters;
  • Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities.

leaked draft of a letter to be sent to EU leaders and UN institutions also said there was “no proof” that carbon dioxide was a major cause of global warming. [9]


CLINTEL is largely funded by real estate millionaire Niek Sandmann, who has invested half a million euros in the organisation, and real estate entrepreneur Cor Verkade. [14], [15]

Additionally, research by Follow the Money and the Platform Authentic Journalism, two Dutch investigative journalism sites, and data-journalism broadcaster Pointer (KRONCRV), found that oil money built up from the 1990s has filtered its way into the foundations of CLINTEL. [16]

An article on Follow the Money’s site explains that Guus Berkhout founded the Delphi Consortium, a company that develops geo-imaging technology for the oil and gas industry, in 1982. Over 30 fossil fuel organisations were committed to paying €30,000 to €55,000 per year to have access to Delphi’s research, including Shell, BP and Chevron. [16]

In 2014, Berkhout started another research project called the Center for Global Socio-Economic Change (CFGSEC), with €1.2 million of funding coming from the Delphi Consortium. With a network he built from this project, Berkhout founded CLINTEL. [16] 

Both Berkhout and Crok have denied that there is any oil or gas funding behind CLINTEL. [16]

Key People

Guus Berkhout is the co-founder of CLINTEL. He began his career working at Shell and later set up the Delphi Consortium, which develops geo-imaging technology for the oil and gas industry. Berkhout has also written a report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the UK’s most prominent climate science denial group. [17], [18], [19]

Marcel Crok is the co-founder of CLINTEL. On Twitter he describes himself as a “science writer, ecomodernist, climate optimist” and writes that he is based in Amsterdam. In 2019 he gave a speech at a TEDx event called “Climate cannot be experimented on”. The talk was subsequently reviewed by TED, which claimed it fell outside of TEDx’s curatorial guidelines. [20], [21]

According to its website, CLINTEL’s ambassadors are: [7]

A number of CLINTEL’s ambassadors have been involved in groups, like the Heartland Institute and the Cato Institute, which reject mainstream climate science. [7]


November 2, 2020

Clintel President Guus Berkhout co-published a letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen entitled “Apocalypse? No!” with German climate science denier Naomi Seibt. The letter described divestment from fossil fuels as a “false prospectus”, calling on EU governments and officials to “stop corrupting the goodwill and hope of the people by pressuring us with panic. Stop pretending that modest natural changes in the weather constitute an ‘emergency’. Stop putting the blame on the miners, refiners, motor manufacturers and electricity generators whose contributions to the improvement of life on Earth have been immeasurably net-beneficial.” [39]

The letter also described renewable energy as “unreliable, intermittent and environmentally-damaging”, and wind turbines as “a fourteenth century technology to address a twenty first century non-problem”. It also castigated the “hypocrisy of ‘environmentalists’ who conceal the destructive impact of windmills on the eco-system”, calling on EU politicians to “fine windmill corporations heavily for each bird, bee or bat they kill per megawatt-hour generated, and heavily punish solar-panel corporations for exploiting slave and child labour in the lithium and cobalt mines. You ought to know that the environmental footprint of ‘renewables’ is crippling”. 

The article concluded by dismissing the causal link between carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and climate change, asking: “how much of the total warming before 1850, the natural greenhouse effect, was not caused by feedback response to greenhouse gases but by the fact – which climate scientists’ calculations overlook – that the Sun produces a far larger feedback response?” 

October 28, 2020

Clintel President, Professor Guus Berkhout, wrote a letter to Dickon Pinner, who leads management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company’s sustainability practice. The letter criticised the “lack of objectivity” in McKinsey’s publications on climate change, stating that “we therefore see no climate emergency whatsoever”. The letter concluded that, “in addition, we are very concerned of a gigantic misallocation of global economic resources, as your publications seem to suggest, to an exaggerated climate threat. Why does an ethical company such as McKinsey, we wonder, take such an extreme position?” The group Friends of Science publicised the letter on their website. [37], [38]

March 23, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CLINTEL published an open letter titled “Fight virus not carbon”, demanding world leaders to “stop immediately with the Green New Deal plans”, referring to proposed legislation to address climate change. [12], [7]

Describing climate change as a “non-problem”, the letter claimed that although there was a deadly global emergency, “it is NOT the climate”, and was signed by CLINTEL’s 22 “ambassadors” including various individuals in DeSmog’s Climate Disinformation Database. [7]

Friends of Science, a Canadian non-profit with numerous links to climate change deniers, subsequently reported on the letter. [22]

March 19, 2020

CLINTEL co-founder Marcel Crok tweeted that all saunas should reopen “as soon as possible” because “20 minutes of breathing in the hot air seems to be enough to kill the coronavirus”. [36]

February 24, 2020

CLINTEL announced that it was planning to host a “grand climate debate” to coincide with the COP 26 UN climate summit, focusing on the six central issues as outlined in its World Climate Declaration. [23]

Berkhout said: “CLINTEL will organize a constructive high-level meeting between world-class scientists on both sides of the climate debate… we plan to repeat such a landmark event each year! In this way we start a serious global depolarising initiative that could be the beginning of a new era.” [23]

The UN has since decided to postpone COP26 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [24]

January 24, 2020

CLINTEL published a YouTube video where Berkhout explained CLINTEL’s principal aims and its World Climate Declaration. In the clip, Berkhout says: “there is not the slightest evidence for any fear or panic” and described CO2 as “a great blessing for our planet”. [25], [26]

In a corresponding essay titled “There is no Climate Emergency”, Berkhout wrote that “preaching doom and gloom is an irresponsible act against the young generation”, repeating his claim that there was no evidence of a climate crisis. [27]

January 20, 2020

CLINTEL sent a letter to Borge Brende, the president of the World Economic Forum, urging world leaders to “accept the reality that there is no climate emergency”. The letter also proposed to organise a “constructive, open meeting between world-class scientists on both sides of the climate debate”. [28]

November 28, 2019

CLINTEL sent a letter to members of the European Parliament stating that climate models used in European policy are “unfit for their purpose”. The organisation also claimed that climate policies undermine economic systems and “put lives at risk in member states”. [29], [30]

November 20, 2019

Berkhout and Crok spoke at a European Parliament press conference hosted by the European Conservatives and Reformists group, of which the UK Conservative Party is a member, arguing against the mainstream consensus on climate science. [11]

In a video shared by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Crok claimed that recent reports by the IPCC stated there was “no [upward] trend in hurricanes and droughts and floods”. [31]

This was despite a major IPCC report last October stating that “trends in intensity and frequency of some climate and weather extremes have been detected” since 1950. [32]

September 23, 2019

CLINTEL sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres arguing that “current climate policies pointlessly and grievously undermine the economic system, putting lives at risk in countries denied access to affordable, reliable electrical energy.” [10]

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Contact & Address

According to its website in April 2020, CLINTEL can be contacted here: [1]

Zekeringstraat 41

1014BV Amsterdam

The Netherlands

[email protected]

Social Media

  • CLINTEL do not seem to be on social media.


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