Sir James Spooner (Deceased)

Sir James Spooner (Deceased)



Sir James Spooner was an honorary treasurer and trustee of the UK think tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), a group founded by climate science denier Nigel Lawson with the purpose of combating what Lawson has described as “extremely damaging and harmful policies” designed to mitigate climate change.2Sir James Spooner (1932-2019),” Global Warming Policy Forum. Archived March 5, 2020. URL: 3Ed Miliband clashes with Lord Lawson on global warming,” BBC News, December 6, 2009. Archived August 17, 2015.

Spooner was also previously chairman of Barclays Bank and Sainsbury’s supermarket. He was also once the chairman of the Royal Opera and a variety of other groups.4James Douglas SPOONER,” Companies House. Archived December 14, 2018. URL: 5Royal Opera board offer to resign,” BBC News, December 4, 1997. Archived December 14, 2018. URL:

Stance on Climate Change

The Global Warming Policy Foundation, of which Spooner was a trustee, has released reports contending that policies to mitigate climate change are “based on climate models that completely failed to predict the lack of warming for the past two decades” and that “Carbon dioxide has been mercilessly demonized as ‘carbon pollution’, when in fact it is a benefit to the planet.”6Andrew Montford. “Unintended Consequences of Climate Change Policy,” Global Warming Policy Foundation, January 2015. Archived August 17, 2015.

Key Quotes

Speaking to the Guardian about donating to the GWPF, Spooner said:7Leo Hickman. “Global Warming Policy Foundation donor funding levels revealed,” The Guardian, January 20, 2011. Archived December 14, 2018. URL:

“I’m a very small contributor – a four-figure number at the most.” He added that the foundation received “no money from companies whatsoever, nor from anybody anywhere near the energy industry in its broadest sense. The foundation is funded by individuals, foundations and trusts, but their identity is confidential.”

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January 2011

The Guardian revealed Sir James Spooner as a GWPF funder following the think tank publishing its annual accounts listing Spooner as the honorary treasurer.8Leo Hickman. “Global Warming Policy Foundation donor funding levels revealed,” The Guardian, January 20, 2011. Archived December 14, 2018. URL:


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