TaxPayers’ Alliance

TaxPayers’ Alliance


The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) is a UK lobby group that campaigns for low taxes, less government intervention and greater transparency with taxpayer money.

The TPA was founded in 2004 by Matthew Elliott, subsequently Chief Executive of the official pro-Brexit campaign Vote Leave, and Andrew Allum, a partner at L.E.K Consulting.1Our history,” Taxpayers’ Alliance. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL: 2Matthew Elliott,” Brexit Central. Archived December 7, 2018. Archive URL: Alongside climate science denial thinktank the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the TPA is part of the network of libertarian lobby groups and thinktanks based in and around 55 Tufton Street.3Andrew Allum,” L.E.K. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL: 4Contact us,” TaxPayers’ Alliance. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL: Other members of the Tufton Street network include the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), the Adam Smith Institute (ASI), and the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

The TPA claims to have the support of over 90,000 grassroots activists campaigning for public spending cuts, and was described by Atlas CEO Brad Lips as having become “a force of nature in a relatively short amount of time.”5Our history,” Taxpayers’ Alliance. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL: With close links to senior Conservatives and business leaders, a number of TPA policy recommendations have been taken up, such as reforming stamp duty, cutting beer duty, and cutting public spending.6Policy victories,” TaxPayer’s Alliance. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL: 7Beer Duty,” UK Parliament Hansard Volume 592 (Feb 5, 2015). Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL:

The group has traditionally opposed government measures to combat climate change, supporting the abolition of the Climate Change Levy, which incentivises businesses to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, and Air Passenger Duty, the UK‘s only tax on air travel.8RT if you want the following taxes scrapped: TV Licence Fee Capital Gains Tax Corporation Tax Vehicle Excise Duty Stamp Duty Land Tac Apprenticeship Levy Inheritance Tax Soft Drink Industry Levy Air Passenger Duty Climate Change Levy,” Tweet by @the_tpa, July 23, 2019. Retrieved from Archived .png on file at DeSmog. The group has also campaigned against increases in fuel duty,9Annual Review 2019,” TaxPayers’ Alliance. Archived June 30, 2020. Archive URL and in favour of fossil fuel exploration, including fracking for shale gas.10David Taylor. “Rishi’s energy cost strategy is proven to fail,” TaxPayers’ Alliance, June 8, 2022. Archived August 23, 2023. Archive URL:

The TPA previously belonged to an international coalition of anti-tax, free-market campaign groups called the World Taxpayers Associations.11About us,” World Taxpayers Associations. Archived May 20, 2019. Archive URL Other members have included the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, Americans for Tax Reform, the Austrian Economics Center and the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation. In 2015, it was listed as a member of the Cooler Heads Coalition, a climate science denial organisation run by the US-based Competitive Enterprise Institute, but no longer appears on its website.12Contributors,” Cooler Heads Coalition. Archived November 27, 2015. Archive URL:

Politics and Economics Research Trust (PERT)

The TPA has received a significant amount of its funding through a charity called the Politics and Economics Research Trust, founded by Matthew Elliott in 2004. By 2009, PERT had donated more than £500,000 to the TPA and an investigation was launched by the Charity Commission following allegations that PERT was channelling funds tax-free to a political group in possible breach of charity law. The investigation did not find evidence to support the allegation but warned that its reputation risked being damaged “if its relationship with the [TPA] is not properly managed”.13Robert Booth. “Taxpayers’ Alliance receipt of £500,000 donation leads to Charity Commission warning,” Guardian, February 23, 2011. Archived October 22, 2019. Archive URL:

In 2015, PERT was found to have given 97 percent of its grants to pro-Brexit groups, principally the TPA and Business for Britain, also founded by Elliott. The TPA received £300,000 from the charity in 2013 alone.14Daniel Boffey. “Charity alleged to have illegally funded Brexit campaign groups,” Guardian, December 12, 2015. Archived October 22, 2019. Archive URL: A further Charity Commission investigation was launched which concluded that PERT had failed to put “formal grant agreements in place, and did not have processes to monitor research projects the charity had funded”.15Case Report: Politics and Economics Research Trust (1121849),” Charity Commission, February 9, 2017. Archived October 22, 2019. Archive URL:

Stance on Climate Change

October 13, 2023

According to reporting by libertarian news site Guido Fawkes, the TaxPayers’ Alliance included jobs related to climate, net zero, and sustainability in its analysis of “woke” jobs posted by the Welsh government.16Welsh government spending £9 million on woke jobs,” Guido Fawkes, October 13, 2023. Archived January 23, 2024. Archive URL:

Conor Holohan at the TPA told the outlet: “Hard-pressed taxpayers in Wales expect their cash to be focused on key services, not on an in-house team of race and gender campaigners.“

September 20, 2023

Responding to the prime minister’s announcement that he would be rolling back key net zero policies,17Helena Horton. “UK net zero policies: what has Sunak scrapped and what do changes mean?,” The Guardian, September 20, 2023. Archived February 23, 2024. Archive URL: John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:18TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to the prime minister’s announcements on net zero,” TaxPayers’ Alliance, September 20, 2023. Archived December 30, 2023. Archive URL:

“Brits will be relieved by these sensible moves to take the heat off household budgets.

“Families and businesses want solutions to the real problem of climate change that go beyond asking them to dig ever deeper into shrinking pockets.

“The prime minister is right to approach this issue with hard-pressed households in mind.”


The TaxPayers’ Alliance Manifesto, published shortly before the 2010 General Election, includes the following recommendation:19“TaxPayers’ Alliance Manifesto” (PDF)TaxPayers’ Alliance. Archived .pdf on file at DeSmog.

Abandon the wasteful 2020 renewables targets and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme so that families aren’t hit with big rises in energy bills.”


The Taxpayers’ Alliance does not disclose its exact funding sources but some details have emerged over the years. In 2018, for example, the Guardian revealed that the group’s US-based fundraising arm had provided it with at least $286,000 from unknown donors between 2013 and 2016. $100,000 of funding had come from a “billionaire-founded religious trust incorporated in the Bahamas”.20Rob Evans, David Pegg, Felicity Lawrence. “Taxpayers’ Alliance received over £223k in foreign donations,” Guardian, November 20, 2018. Archived October 22, 2019. Archive URL:

In 2009, a Guardian investigation found that the Midlands Industrial Council, a longstanding group of wealthy, Brexit-supporting Conservative Party donors, had donated around £80,000 to the group.21Robert Booth. “Who is behind the Taxpayers’ Alliance?The Guardian, October 9, 2009. Archived March 18, 2020. Archive URL The MIC currently has included Lord Bamford, chair of JCB, and Lord Edmiston, chair of the car importer International Motors.22Christopher Hope, Peter Dominiczak. “Conservative donors prepare to sink £5million into Brexit campaign amid anger about pro-EU leaflet,” Telegraph, April 12, 2016. Archived March 18, 2020. Archive URL

Other donors have included Malcolm McAlpine, director of the construction giant Sir Robert McAlpine, and David Alberto, who founded the serviced offices company Avanta and has provided the group with office space on Tufton Street.23Robert Booth. “Who is behind the Taxpayers’ Alliance?Guardian, October 9, 2009. Archived March 18, 2020. Archive URL

As of December 2023, the TPA has received an ‘E’ rating – the lowest possible rating – in openDemocracy’s ‘Who Funds You?’ analysis of Westminster thinktank transparency.24UK think tanks and campaigns rated for funding transparency,” openDemocracy. Archived March 26, 2024. Archive URL:

The Taxpayers’ Alliance financial filings history can be found via Companies House UK.

Key People

Staff & Board

Mike Denham   YYYYYYYYYYYYEconomist
Lee Rotherham    YYYYYYYYYYYResearch Fellow
Emma Bennett     YYYYYYYYYYFinance Director
John O’Connell     YYYYYYYYYYChief Executive
Rory Meakin        YYYYYYYResearch Fellow
Dominique Lazanski      YYY YYYYYLast Press Label and GSMA
Mark Wallace   YY     YYYYYResearch Fellow
Milly Skriczka          YYYYYDevelopment Manager
Simon Cook          YYYYYResearch Fellow
Sara Rainwater    YY YYY  YYYOperations Director
Ben Ramanauskas             YYPolicy Analyst
Chloe Westley             YYCampaign Manager
Duncan Simpson             YYPolicy Analyst
Harry Fone             YYGrassroots Campaign Manager
Andrew AllumYYYYYYYYYYYYY YChairman
James Roberts              YPolitical Director
Jeremy Hutton              YPolicy Analyst
Phil Basey              YEditorial Director
Steven Edginton              YDigital Campaign Manager
Alex Wild        YYYYYY Research Director
James Price            YY Campaign Manager
Jan Zeber            YY Policy Analyst
Theo Hutchinson             Y Policy Analyst
Harry Davis           YY  Campaign Manager (Communications)
Meg Hanks            Y  Operations Manager
Shahmir Sanni            Y  Campaign Manager (Digital)
Jonathan Isaby       YYYYY   Chief Executive
Lee Canning        YYYY   Wales Coordinator
Dia Chakravarty         YYY   Political Director
Harry Fairhead          YY   Policy Analyst
Jordan Devi Taylor          YY   Campaign Manager (Digital)
Katherine Gray          YY   Operations Manager
Jennifer Salisbury Jones          Y    Policy Analyst
Matthew ElliottYYYYYYYYYY     Founder
Tim Newark       YYY     Bath & South West Coordinator
Andy Silvester         Y     Campaign Manager (Communications)
Sonia Khan         Y     Campaign Manager (Grassroots)
Matthew Sinclair  YYYYYYY      Chief Executive
Andrew Allison      YYY      National Grassroots Coordinator
Robert Oxley       YY      Campaign Manager
Eleanor Mc Grath        Y      Campaign Manager
Henry Zarb        Y      Islington Coordinator
Emma Boon     YYY       Campaign Director
Chris Daniel      YY       Policy Analyst
Maria Fort    Y  Y       Scheduling and Outreach Director
Florence HeathYYY YYY        Co-Founder
Sara Rainwater-Lane      Y        Operations Director
Fiona McEvoy  YYYY         West Midlands Campaign Agent
Jennifer Dunn     Y         Policy Analyst, Transport and the Environment
Tim Aker  YYY          Grassroots Coordinator
Ben Farrugia   YY          Policy Analyst, Public Services
Susie Squire    Y          Campaign Manager
Eben WilsonYYYY           Managing Director, Main Communications Ltd
Saul RoweYYYY           Volunteer
Corin Taylor  YY           Research Director
Neil BoothYY             Graphic design

Advisory Council

David B. SmithYYYYEconomist and Author
Eamonn ButlerYYYYDirector of the Adam Smith Institute
James TooleyYYYYProfessor of Education Policy at Newcastle University
Kevin DowdYYYYProfessor of Finance and Economics at the Durham University Business School
Patrick MinfordYYYYProfessor of Applied Economics at the Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
Ruth LeaYYYYEconomic Adviser at Arbuthnot Banking Group
Stephen DaviesYYYYHead of Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs
Tim CongdonYYYY 
Dominique Lazanski   YLast Press Label and GSMA
Emma Dean   YPolitical consultant
James Bartholomew   YJournalist & Author of The Welfare State We’re In and The Welfare of Nations; director of the Museum of Communist Terror
Jordan Williams   YExecutive Director of the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union
Mike Denham   YEconomist
Stephen Herring   YHead of Taxation at the Institute of Directors
Tim Andrews   YExecutive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance
Troy Lanigan   YPresident and CEO of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Charles HansonYYY Economic Consultant
Dennis O’KeeffeYYY Formerly University of Buckingham (now deceased)
Elaine SternbergYYY University of Leeds
Gabriel SteinYYY Lombard Street Research
John BlundellYYY Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute of Economic Affairs
Keith BoyfieldYYY Keith Boyfield Associates
Keith MarsdenYYY Economic Consultant, United Nations
Kenneth MinogueYYY London School of Economics
Madsen PirieYYY Adam Smith Institute
Michael MosbacherYYY Social Affairs Unit
Helen Evans  Y Director, Nurses for Reform
Tim Evans  Y Former President, Libertarian Alliance
Alan WaltersYY   
Norman BarryYY  Formerly University of Buckingham (now deceased)
James SprouleY   Head of Research, Augusta & Co. plc

Business Supporters

According to an archive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance website, between November 2004 and December 2005, “just under 150 businessmen and opinion formers signed two TaxPayers’ Alliance letters to the Financial Times, and to the Daily Telegraph. The Financial Times letter concluded that Britain “cannot afford not to cut taxes – and to discipline spending growth accordingly”:25The TaxPayers’ Alliance – About,” The TaxPayers’ Alliance. Archived April 4, 2008. Archive URL

A.R. TannerChairman, Tanners Wines Ltd
Adam Afriyie 
Alistair CraigCPS Research Fellow
Allen SykesFormer MD, Consolidated Gold Fields
Andrew AllumChairman
Andrew LangleyManaging Director, Juniper Products Ltd
Andrew RobertsHistorian
Anthony CoombsGroup Managing Director, S&U Plc
Anthony de NormannManaging Director, Aldenham Ltd
Anthony FullerChairman, Fuller Smith and Turner Plc
Anthony GoodChairman, Cox & Kings
Ashley UnittChief Technical Officer , NewVoiceMedia Ltd
Benjamin SladeChairman, Shilstar Holdings
Brian GoswellChairman, ISS Group Plc
Brian PettiferChairman and Chief Executive, Pettifer Group Ltd
Cameron BuchananManaging Director, Harrisons of Edinburgh Ltd
Charles CameronManaging Director, Jefferies International Ltd
Chris KellyChairman, Keltruck Ltd
Chris WoodheadFormer HM Chief Inspector of Schools
Christopher FoyleChairman, Air Foyle Ltd
Christopher ShaleChief Executive, Oxford Resources
Constantine FolkesChairman and Chief Executive, Folkes Holdings Ltd
Damon de LaszloChairman, Economic Research Council
Dan LewisDirector of Environmental Affairs, Stockholm Network
David BriggsManaging Director, Dawson Music
David HarveyChairman, Small Business Council, Centre for Policy Studies
David MyddeltonCranfield School of Management
David NewlandsChairman, Tomkins Plc
David OrdManaging Director, The Bristol Port Company Ltd
David ShawChairman, Sabrelance Corporate Partners Ltd
David SoskinChief Executive Officer,
Don HansonChairman, Eiger Capital Ltd
Eben WilsonManaging Director, Main Communications Ltd
Edgar MillerManaging Director, Palladian Ltd
Edmund GartsideChairman, Shiloh Plc
Elaine SternbergUniversity of Leeds
Eric Nichols 
G GrimstoneChairman, Grimstone Foundation
G H C WakefieldFormer Chairman of J & H Marsh & McLennan
Gabriel SteinLombard Street Research
Gary MondManaging Director, Redcliffe Training Associates Ltd
Gary RamseyDirector, Jefferson Engineering Ltd
George GuisePrime Minister’s Policy Unit, 1986-90
Gerald FrostEditor, eurofacts
Gerald KayeDevelopment Director, Helical Bar Plc
Gerard LyonsCity Economist
Giles ShepardChairman, Searcy Tansley & Co. Ltd
Graeme LeachChief Economist, Institute of Directors
Grahame BerkeleyChairman, Berkeley Burke Holdings Ltd
Henry AngestChairman and CEO, Arbuthnot Banking Group plc
Howard FlightDirector, Investec Asset Management Ltd
Hugh Trevor-JonesChairman, Lowe & Fletcher Ltd
Iain BreeseChairman, Westler Foods Ltd
Ian MilneDirector, Global Britain
James SprouleHead of Research, Augusta & Co. plc
Jamie BorwickChairman, Modec Ltd
Jeremy BradshawManaging Director, Gryphon Partners Ltd
Jill KirbyChair, Full Time Mothers
John BlundellDirector General, Institute of Economic Affairs
John CravenChairman, Lonmin Plc
John DembitzChairman, Dembitz & Associates
John HickmanChairman, Kingston Estates Ltd
John LittlewoodFormer Group Director, S G Warburg
John MarksDirector, Educational Research Trust
John TaylorChairman Taylors Bulbs
John W LeavesleyDirector, The Leavesley Group
John WilfordManaging Director, Rave Communications Ltd
Jonathan BassManaging Director, Incentivated Ltd
Jonathan HodgeManaging Director, Carlyle Trust
Keith BoyfieldKeith Boyfield Associates
Keith HodgkinsonChief Executive, Chloride
Keith MarsdenEconomic Consultant, United Nations
Kenneth MinogueLondon School of Economics
Kim JaberiChairman and Managing Director, Karins Group of Companies
Kit Hunter GordonManaging Director, The Summit Group Ltd
Laurence WilshereManaging Director, Quansboro Plastics Ltd
Lord BlackwellPresident, Blackwell Ltd
Lord ChadlingtonGroup Chief Executive, Huntsworth Plc
Lord DerwentDeputy Chairman, Hutchison Whampoa (Europe) Ltd
Lord Hodgson of Astley AbbottsChairman, Nova Capital Management
Lord KalmsPresident, DSG International plc
Lord Pearson of RannochChairman , PWS Holdings Ltd
Lord Salisbury 
Lord VinsonDirector, Fleming High Income Growth Trust plc
Malcolm H.D. McAlpineDirector, Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
Malcolm ScottChairman , Dunalastair Estates
Margot JamesEuropean President, Ogilvy Healthworld UK Ltd
Mark NicholsonAssociate Director, Fitch Ratings
Mark WeinbergPresident, St James Place Capital Plc
Martin McElweeHead of Research, Bow Group
Matthew ElliottFounder
Michael AmesChairman, Crimson Ltd
Michael BettChairman, Micro Technology Plc
Michael BrentManaging Director, Trimite Ltd
Michael CobhamPresident, Cobham Aerospace
Michael Craig-CooperFormer Director, National Bank of Kuwait
Michael HellerChairman, London & Associated Properties Plc
Michael ManderFormer Chairman, Institute of Directors
Michael MillerManaging Director, Harris & Sheldon Group Ltd
Michael WebsterDirector, Gorkana Ltd
Mike KillingleyChairman, Beale plc
Neville BaxterChairman, RH Freight Ltd
Nicholas FinneyChairman, Waterfront Partnership
Nick MarkhamChief Operating Officer, Top Up TV Ltd
Nick SeatonChairman, Campaign for Real Education
Nigel MobbsChairman, Slough Estates Plc
Oliver WrightFormer Ambassador in Washington
Patrick BarbourNon Executive Director, Microgen plc
Patrick EvershedChairman, New Star Fund Managers
Patrick MinfordProfessor of Applied Economics at the Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
Paul CarterManaging Director, Expocentric Ltd
Paul WeeksManaging Director, Wicken Fen Foods
Peter BakerThe Front Bench Club
Peter GrantNon Executive Director, Cadogan Estates Ltd
Peter K HargreavesCEO, Hargreaves Lansdown Plc
Peter KnightChairman, Phoenix plc
Peter LinacreChairman, Massive Ltd
Peter MorganFormer Director-General, Institute of Directors
Peter ShirleyManaging Director, Midland Chilled Foods Ltd
Robert DiamondChief Executive, Diametric Ltd
Robert WickhamSenior Partner, Ibbett, Moseley Group
Robin ClarkChairman Taylor Clark Plc
Rocco ForteChairman, Rocco Forte Hotels
Roger ScrutonPhilosopher
Ronald GriersonFormer Vice Chairman, GEG
Ronald HalsteadPresident, Engineering Industries Assocation
Rupert HambroChairman, J O Hambro Ltd
Ruth LeaEconomic Adviser at Arbuthnot Banking Group
Sara PearsonChief Executive, The SPA Way Ltd
Saul Haydon RowePrincipal, Devon Capital LLP
Sean O’BrienChairman, Telstar Music Group Ltd
Simon CamamileEuropean Director, Jones LaSalle
Simon HillChief Executive, Letterstone plc
Stephen CatlinChief Executive, Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited
Stuart LyonsChairman, The Wensum Company Plc
Stuart WheelerChairman, IG Group Plc
Tim Congdon 
Tim IngramChief Executive, Caledonia Investments
Toby BaxendaleChairman and CEO, Seafood Holdings Ltd
Tom CowieLife President, Arriva plc
Victoria MitchellConsultant Director, Savills Plc
W T J GriffinFormer Chairman, GT Management Plc
Walter EltisEmeritus Fellow, Exeter College
William HargreavesJoint Managing Director, Sisis Equipment
William S JamesLCF Rothschild Securities Ltd
Anthony BamfordChairman, J C Bamford Excavators Ltd
Keith C. Miles 


December 1, 2023

In a post for CapX, a blog run by the Centre for Policy Studies, TPA researcher Tom Ryan argued that “the hysterical rhetoric of UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres and alarming reports about demands for less meat-eating show that COP28 is unlikely to offer real solutions”.26Tom Ryan. “Fair COP? Or will the latest climate summit be another festival of eco-extremism,” CapX, December 1, 2023. Archived December 8, 2023. Archive URL:

He added:

“Some politicians might trick themselves into believing that enforcing privations on the British people will win them points abroad and enhance our global green credentials. But not only is this unlikely to convince anyone, considerable progress can be made on environmental goals without any punishing bans or new taxes.”

November 21, 2022

A TPA analysis of UK councils’ spending found that local authorities had spent £480,000 of public money on flights and hotels since 2019. Councillors and staff had “jetted off on jaunts including to countries as far away as Japan, China and Cuba with hundreds more flying to France, Belgium and Germany”, according to the Daily Mail.27Martin Beckford. “UK councils rack up TWO MILLION air miles and a bill of almost £500,000 for flights and hotels while lecturing taxpayers about climate change,” Daily Mail, November 21, 2022. Archived December 30, 2022. Archive URL:

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, told the paper: “Taxpayers will be furious at the foreign jollies they’ve been helping to fund. While councils hike up rates and lecture residents about a climate emergency, bureaucrats are sent on luxury trips round the world.” If officials can’t keep costs down they should be sent packing.'”

February 4, 2021

John O’Connell, Chief Executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, was quoted in The Daily Mail criticising reported new carbon taxes on meat, cheese and gas heating as part of the government’s pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. He said: “New eco taxes would leave slim pickings for struggling families, who rely on cheap energy and food to heat their homes and put dinner on the table,” adding: “Ministers must ease the burden on Brits before any green tax hikes.”28Martin Robinson. “Tax raid on your lifestyle! Boris Johnson is considering a new carbon tax that could see the price of mince rise 40% to more than £5, four pints of milk by 21% to £1.32 and push up the cost of gas heating,” The Daily Mail, February 4, 2021. Archived February 8, 2021. Archive URL:

The article also quoted a spokesperson from agribusiness lobbying group the National Beef Association, who claimed that “Britain’s meat industry is given a lot of unfair criticism over its environmental impact.” 

March 18, 2020

In a blog post titled “Why a carbon tax would be bad for Britain,” Sam Packer, the TPA’s media campaign manager wrote:29Sam Packer. “Why a carbon tax would be bad for Britain,” TaxPayers’ Alliance, March 18, 2020. Archived July 8, 2020. Archive URL:

The fact remains that the free market is the only feasible means of reducing carbon emissions. The magic of the market is that it adapts to what consumers want. As the public in the west has grown more wary of pollution, it has dropped drastically. The incredible tale of human development in the past two centuries is one in which consumer capitalism is the main character. Reductions in carbon usage is the next chapter, provided governments do not curtail these efforts with excessive interference.”

January 19, 2020

Taxpayers’ Alliance research director Duncan Simpson was quoted in a Sunday Times article on EU car emissions regulations. The article, which cited criticism from car manufacturer Volkswagen that the rules would lead to the demise of small, petrol-powered cars, quoted Simpson as saying: “It is a plainly unfair system that sees better-off electric vehicle owners getting a series of cross-subsidisations.”30Nick Rufford. “Electric vehicles: Small petrol cars set to vanish from Britain,” Sunday Times, January 19, 2020. Archived January 23, 2020. Archive URL

April 2018

In an article for CapX, an analyst for the TaxPayers’ Alliance dismissed fossil fuel divestment as harmful to the taxpayer and ineffective. Jan Zeber.31Divesting from oil companies is pointless posturing,” CAPX, April 23, 2018. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL: 32Opinion: Divestment is Not Just ‘Pointless Posturing’, It Will Save Taxpayers Cash,” DeSmog, April 30, 2018.

April 2017

The TaxPayers’ Alliance signed a letter published in The Telegraph calling for the removal of renewable energy subsidies by 2020 and the expansion of the shale gas industry, alongside other right wing think tanks also located in 55 Tufton Street.33Kyla Mandel. “Brexit Climate Deniers Launch Coordinated Attack Against Green Regulations Ahead of Election,” DeSmog, May 1, 2017.

October 2016

The TaxPayers’ Alliance attends the Conservative Party Conference, co-hosting a fringe event with American climate science denying pressure groups the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and the Heritage Foundation.34Victoria Seabrook. “Climate Science Denying US Neocon Groups Promote ‘Simple’ and ‘Freer’ Trade with UK at Tory Party Conference,” DeSmog, October 5, 2016.

The event was aimed at promoting a new and ‘freer’ trade deal between the UK and US once the UK has left the European Union, and hints at what the groups may lobby the British government for in the future.

August 2011

TaxPayers’ Alliance director Matthew Sinclair published the book Let Them Eat Carbon, claiming that climate policies in the UK are inefficient, and that money for such policies only funds special interests.35Let Them Eat Carbon,” Wall Street Journal, August 19, 2011. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL:

Early versions of the TaxPayers’ Alliance website described it as an “’umbrella group’ to a number of like minded organisations committed to lower taxes.” In 2008, those groups included Isitfair, Surrey Tax Action Group, Tax Relief, the Association for British Drivers, and Bruges Group.36Alliance Members,” The Taxpayers’ Alliance. Archived March 28, 2008. Archive URL:

Avanta (Supporter)   Y
Harrow Council Tax CampaignY YY
Is It FairYYY 
NewbridgeMatters   Y
Response2Route   Y
Save Bathampton Meadows   Y
Tax ReliefYYYY
The Association for British DriversYYYY
The Bruges GroupYY  
The Drivers’ Alliance  YY
The No to the Bike Parking Tax Campaign  YY
The Solihull Ratepayers Association  YY
The Surrey Tax Action Group (STAG)YYYY
Traveltax Y  

TaxPayers’ Alliance shares an address with a range of think tanks occupying 55 Tufton Street. Resident groups include or have included:

Contact & Address37Contact us,” TaxPayers’ Alliance. Archived January 18, 2019. Archive URL:

TaxPayers’ Alliance
55 Tufton St

Tel: 020 7998 1450
Media: 07795 084 113

Social Media


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