Heroes' History: From Neoliberalism to Climate Denial

About the Heroes' History: From Neoliberalism to Climate Denial Series

The climate denial movement is the anti-science wing of the neoliberal network, funded by oil and tobacco. Our 100-part series shows that many working in this world genuinely believe they are fighting for freedom, and against tyranny.

Antony Fisher dedicated his life to fighting for prosperity – and he believed free markets would be our salvation. The war hero unleashed a powerful political movement that attacked state control and regulation—including measures to stop climate change.

This is the 60-year saga proving that the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. Heroes’ History is the HBO-style 100-part webdoc series exclusive to DeSmog UK that charts the origins of climate denial through to its earliest roots in the neoliberal movement.

To challenge climate denial we must understand the cause. We see how the works of Friedrich von Hayek, the father of modern free market ideas, were co-opted and corrupted. We witness how all-powerful oil monopolies have gained control of our democracies.

And we watch as the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis have been wilfully ignored – and envision how the same mistakes will lead to the biggest environmental and social cataclysm of our time. Grab the popcorn.

SEASON ONE: September to November

Antony watches as his brother Basil tumbles out of his Battle of Britain fighter plane only to discover his parachute is alight. The grief and horror of war inspires Antony on a lifelong crusade to tear down the devastating power of the state. He establishes the neoliberal think tanks and allies with major corporations, including oil and tobacco.

Their powerful support elevates Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan to the highest seats of power. They change the course of British and American history—and lay the foundations for climate denial.

Coming Up: Season Two and Season Three.

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